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PW Grant Heisler in “Magic Time”

Pacific Wave: Grant Heisler in “Magic Time”
Duration: 32:34
Airing date: c1983
Record date: c1983

Episode Producers: Not available
Accession: GV-056


Grant Heisler as Miss Victoria in “Magic Time”, a look at the Cold War.

Grant Heisler was a protégé of clown patron saint, Jacques Le Coq (France). He returned to Vancouver in 1980 where he created a group called “The Fool” where he taught “bouffon” and put on performances and Bouffon parties in a variety of venues – outdoors, in theatres, and in the underground scene. In 1983 he moved to Montreal where he formed a company – Bouffon de Bullion – with Bob Pott, who had also trained with Le Coq. He is credited with having brought Bouffon to Cirque de Soleil where he worked as an assistant artistic director.
“Magic Time” was teased in the November 1983 Gayblevision, however, no copy in our archive includes a slate with air dates or credits. We will be attempting to confirm if and when it was broadcast.