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Jane Rule Writer’s Workshop – Press Conference

Episode: Jane Rule Writer’s Workshop – Press Conference
Duration: 31:10
Record date: August 6, 1990
Accession: MAM-GG-035


00:19-03:20 – Questions from the audience to the panel
03:20-10:50 – Question from Donimo, in regards to Queers in Art, Gay Games Board and censorship
10:56-13:24 Р Jane Rule Press Conference, introductions of press members
13:24-16:02 – Centennial Productions from Lancaster Pennsylvania – documentary on the olympics, regarding censorship within heterosexual law
16:02 – 17:27 – Questions surrounding censorship at the borders
17:27 – 18:35 – Jane Rule’s publications, hardback reissues
18:35-19:17 – Next projects
19:17-25:34 – Future plans to collaborate more with using her work in films – discussion of the production of a Memory Board film and the benefits of having her work made into films (book sales, translations)
25:34 – 31:10 – Are there subjects that Rule still feels compelled to write about, or subjects that she would like to cover?