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Swangard Stadium Relay Races/ Awards

Episode:  Swangard Stadium Relay Races/ Awards
Duration: 30:55
Record date: N/A
Accession: MAM-GG-061

00:01- 03:05 – Interview with women track runners, team composed of athletes from Ireland, Calgary, San Francisco and Tucson (ran the course in bare feet) talking about their experience at the Games

03:06-05:26 – Interview with Scott [Cantrell] from Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia – won gold in javelin and silver in the decathlon, speaking about his experiences at the Games

05:27-05:58 – Pan of spectators (audio of Scott and Mary Anne McEwen talking about the Games)

05:58 – 07:00 – Pan of spectators

07:01-09:11 – Men’s track relay racers, athletes on track after races

09:11-14:13 – Interview with Erik Graff, from Vancouver, talking about the Games, the competition and camaraderie, and Vancouver’s acceptance of gay culture

14:13-15:30 – Close up shots of shirts of various athletes

15:30-16:01 – Front Runners – New York banner

16:01-19:53 – Relay athletes on track, men’s track relay

19:53-21:33 – Speaking with Australian relay racer Jim Box about his race

21:33-24:01 – Peter, volunteering with security for the Games, talking about the passive protests outside of games (Christian groups praying outside the events), positive support from straight community

24:01-27:48 – Sound check at event at the Plaza of Nations, pan of audience and public

27:48-29:00 – Stall vendors, waffle stand

29:00-30:55 – Lavina Fox announced on stage, shots of the audience and public