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Trans Archival Futures

June 1, 2019
Vancouver Independent Archives Week: Recollective [2019]
Artists Chase Joynt and Chris E. Vargas presentations of their recent archival and film projects MOTHA: Museum of Transgender Hirstory & Art  and  Framing Agnes. Respondent: Cait McKinney


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Pisces Midheaven

November 8, 2018
Respondents Elisa Ferrari and Casey Wei talk with the CDMLA’s Karen Knights about the Lenore Herb Archive and their project, Pisces Midheaven.

Elisa Ferrari is an artist and curator, who works with text, image, and sound. To consider acts and implications of retrieval, she produces projects that manifest as installations, sound walks, artist books, and performance; often addressing or incorporating archival fragments. She is part of – – / dashes, a sound performance collaboration with John Brennan.
Casey Wei is an artist, filmmaker, and musician In 2016, she began Agony Klub, a music and printed matter label that releases material under the framework of the “popular esoteric”. In October 2018, she completed a music documentary on the Vancouver music community, art rock? The Popular Esoteric. She plays in the musical projects Kamikaze Nurse and hazy and is the co-founder of Stills: A Moving Image Tract, with Steffanie Ling.


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Reenacting Histories: A Talk by Dr. Sara Diamond

October 12, 2018
Dr. Diamond examines docufiction, the work of the Women’s Labour History Project, and her video art works. In the 1980s and 1990s performance, re-enactment, the melange of fiction and documentary, and “bad acting” were tactics used by video artists to unsettle notions of documentary realism, provide alternate readings of histories, elicit or manifest subjective interpretations of events, or provide a feminist sense of time. The work of Sara Diamond and the early work of the Women’s Labour History Project used these tactics, which were drawn from film theory, feminist criticism and documentary practice. Sara Diamond discussed these roots and drew from her works of personal documentary/autobiographical narratives and early docu-fiction.

Sara Diamond was an educator and curator for a decade at VIVO Media Arts Centre before founding the Banff New Media Institute (1995). She is currently President of OCAD University.


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