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Every Queer Thing Collection Categories



A searchable database of 236 video works by queer producers. This list can be printed or downloaded as an Excel of PDF file.


A searchable database of 930 publications and/or articles (from 1971) about queer identity from our library. Includes rare international media festival and distribution catalogues. This list can be printed or downloaded as an Excel of PDF file.

Special Collections

Special Collections at the CDMLA of queer media collectives, organizations, initiatives, artists and activists.

Video Guide

A searchable database of articles from 24 issues of Video Guide magazine. Published 1978-1992 by the Satellite Video Exchange Society (VIVO), Video Guide chronicled the convergence of the Canadian west coast alternative video scene and its national and international counterparts.

How to view the materials covered in this guide

• Request online access via email. CDMLA staff may be able to provide you with a link to a digitized version of your requested materials (including video) online, dependent on copyright and distribution agreement restrictions. The fulfillment of such requests can take time, so please schedule ample response time into your research.

• Visit in person. Email to schedule a research appointment. When viewing print materials and special collections, an in-person visit will likely be necessary, and probably more fruitful/impactful.

• Email to work out other options.

• Digitized video and other materials by and about Gayblevision and Celebration ’90 Gay Games III can be found on this website through the  Fonds & Collections tab.

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