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Trans-sexual LifestyleRoberta Kalargirou197101:00:00Cathy ; Linda ; Dick RulensIn Vancouver, a Canadian Gay Activist Alliance spokesperson introduces a discussion between two trans-sexual women and some local youths who had been attacking them.

Host: Dick Rulens
First transwoman: Cathy
Second transwoman: Linda
Canadian Gay Activist Alliance existed from February 1971 to autumn of 1971.
Moving Image0116
Gay Alliance MeetingMetro Media197401:00:00Pat Smith ; Jearld Moldenhauer ; Maurice Flood ; Jean Arrington ; Phillip HewettA discussion at UBC with gay people talking about their experiences. Questions are asked by the audience. Organized by the Gay People of UBC and The Gay Alliance Towards Equality.

Contemporary Society and the Gay Struggle
Panel discussion with:
Pat Smith - Women's Liberation Movement
Jearld Moldenhauer - Editor of The Body Politic
Maurice Flood - Gay Alliance Towards Equality
Jean Arrington - Vancouver Status of Women
Rev. Dr. Phillip Hewett - Minister Emeritus of the Unitarian Church of Vancouver
Moving Image0262
Homosexuality: Sex Issues on TrialRick Holyoke197401:00:00Rick Sullivan ; My LiptonGay activist, Rick Sullivan and lesbian feminist, My Lipton, defend their right to freedom of sexual expression. Their attacks cut across the grain of mainstream cultural morality and the institutions that reinforce and protect the dominant ideology.Moving Image0444
First National Lesbian ConferenceVulva Video197300:25:00General overview of the conferenceMoving Image0728
Script (Abe's)Paul Wong198000:29:00Deals with peer group pressure, social interaction, sexuality, working ethics, and the quality of human life. Real life saga featuring "Mainstreet" Moving Image0866
60 Unit BruisePaul Wong197600:05:00Kenneth FletcherOne of the first experiments with colour Portapaks in Canada. Fletcher draws blood out of his arm with a syringe and then injects it into the back of Wong, causing a random pattern of bruising to appear. This simple document captures a modern blood-brother ritual performed in innocence, startling to a post-AIDS audience.Moving Image0872a
Lesbians Against the RightAmelia Productions198100:45:00Is being a homosexual a personal or political choice? A panel at the 1981 lesbian conference discussed the attempts of the right to blame the ills of society on gays, lesbians, immigrants, unions and independent women. The workshop sparked the formation of many anti-right group across Canada.Moving Image0902
Lesbian MothersEllen Frank ; Billie Carroll198100:26:00Holly NearThrough interview with young people and their lesbian mothers, this tape explores the social stigmas of being a woman, a single mother and a social extreme - being a lesbian mother in today's society."Special thanks to Meridith Kimball and the Women's Studies Department of Simon Fraser University." Moving Image0934
Baby DollsRodney Werden197800:17:00Liz Nickson ; Shelagh Young ; Tom OatmanAn eighteen year old male talks of his upcoming sex change and how he imagines life as a woman.Moving Image1016
Prime CutsPaul Wong198100:20:00Elizabeth Chitty ; Patrick Ready ; Stokely Seip ; Annastacia McDonald ; Jeanette Reinhardt ; Ashley Walker ; Paul Winston ; Kevin Hatt ; Brad Gough ; Ewan McNeil ; Johnny Bellas ; Yvon Bourgeois ; Alister Brown ; Cornelia Wyngaarden ; Janet Dundas ; Francis Smiley ; Morning Star ; James OakleyA Western Front Video ProductionAbout style, technology and sexuality. Delivered in an unpolitical and distanced view, not unlike a commercial, we see life as an endless stream of sensuality. Complete with state-of-the-art accessories, beautiful young adults work out, make out, frolic in the sun, and dance until dawn.Moving Image1030
Homolief En ManneleedStichting Werkgroep Video198000:52:00This tape consists of a series of interviews with a variety of Dutch gay man. Septuagenarians and teeenagers, auto mechanics and ballet dancers discuss their experiences as gay men and their changing place in Dutch mainstream culture.Moving Image1124
Confused: The ControversyRobert Harvey ; Stokely Seip198400:45:00Television news footage, live coverage and excerpts from the work in question are combined to provide a media eye view of the events surrounding the cancellation of CONFUSED: SEXUAL VIEWS installation at the Vancouver Art Gallery.Moving Image1157
Crossing the 49thMark Verabioff198500:10:00Douglas Giles ; Micah Lexier ; Dan Olson ; Sherry Sparks ; Judy Cherwonka ; Darrell Martin ; Jan Peacock ; Pam PikeA tape about the redefining of national borders along sexual orientation. Verbioff fantasizes about founding an all gay nation north of the 49th parallel. The Canadian red and American blue lips of North American gays, and the two-tone lips of bisexuals struggling to choose sides, debate the logistics of such a desire in an ethereal, dream-like landscape.Moving Image1296c
As a Wife Has a CowCornelia Wyngaarden198500:40:00Keely Moll ; Alex Varty ; Colin Griffiths ; Chick Rice ; Sue JenkinsHaunting slow-motion images of cows being roped at a rodeo are juxtaposed with languid pans of rolling landscape and stories told by a lesbian rancher. Wyngaarden infuses this traditionally masculine preserve with the body, actions and experiences of an independent, transgressive woman. Available as a single channel video or installation.The Canada Council"Edited at the Video Inn, Vancouver, B.C."Moving Image1382
Moscow Does Not Believe in QueersJohn Greyson198600:27:00Michael Balser ; Colin Campbell ; Louise Garfield ; Duncan Keir ; Pat Wilson ; Rebel Type ; Charles St. VideoBased on the experience of attending the 1986 Moscow Youth Festival as an out gay delegate, this tape is an eccentric diary of those ten days. Reconstructions of adventures in Moscow's gay sub-culture are cut with lurid Rock Hudson headlines and scenes from his cold war classic Ice Station Zebra. A tape about the impossibility of escaping East/West redundancies, travelling, shaping a gay identity and politics from the contradictory fragments of homophobic culture.Moving Image1446
La CageMarc Paradis198300:20:00Benoit Lagrandeur ; Eric Duchesne ; Sylvain Ladouceur ; Yves Lalonde ; Gabriel Beauregard ; Simon B. Robert ; Bruno Duclo ; André Duchemin ; Alain Thiboutot ; Dominique Chartrand ; Rénald Bellemare ; Daïnn van Dourne Legris ; JohnnyVideographe ; P.R.I.M VideoThe titular metaphorical 'cage' connotes both artistic impasse and sexual resentment, through which interpersonal power dynamics come to play through Paradis's unflinching portrayal of gay sex. Narratively speaking, a homosexual writer visualises his fantasies and a collective joins what seems to be the story of an encounter between two men. Moving Image1455
Wild LifeJohn Goss198500:39:30Erika SuderburgA video portrait of two 15 year-old gay Latinos. The piece combines documentary-style interviews with fictional segments in which the young men act out their fantasized day in Los Angeles. As they talk about their lives, we see scenes of them changing into wild-style clothes on the street, cruising around Gay City, meeting their friends in the park, and throwing attitude. They are questioned about the nature of being gay, relationships with friends and lovers, style and image, and their use of gay language. As the tape progresses, the positions of fact and fiction overlap, highlighting the contradictions in their stories and in the video's method of constructing these stories."Special Thanks to: Lauren Zuckerman, Patrice Cammack, Garth Spruiell, Ed Heckerman, Robert Hori, John Dorr, Eztv"Moving Image1468
Holy JoeJoe Sarahan198700:10:36Blair Stapleton ; Mark Mushet ; Ann McDonald ; Cornelia Wyngaarden ; Michael Clark ; Gary Bourgeois ; Brian Bolton ; Doug James Brown ; Terry Ewasiuk ; Shelley Kean ; Patrick Hughes ; Liz Vander Zaag ; Deb Fong ; Suzzi Milne ; Bob Richardson ; Kye Goodwin ; Brian Howell ; Kris Bergthorson ; Grant MacDonald ; Carol HacketA Western Front Video ProductionA searing vision of mass culture in a contemporary society. Holy Joe is a fast paced collage that dislocates our pre-described fetishistic response to religion, ritual and vice. This tape also challenges the seduction of consumerism and the media's manipulation of the politics of sexual preference and class i.d. Carefully deconstructed to tackle each issue in a different way through dramatized scenes, interviews, staged poses; Sarahan's production never takes the easy way out.The Canada Council ; Western Front Video"Thanks to Kris Bergthorson, Shelley Kean, M + D, Charles Rea, John Anderson, Walter Gulezko. Post/Production Facilities: Video In, Western Front."Moving Image1483
Kipling Trilogy: Kipling Meets the CowboysJohn Greyson198500:22:00Intercut with scenes from the movie Red River starring John Wayne and Montgomery Cliff, this tape addresses issues of stereotyping, imperialism, macho fetishes, and role-playing. Greyson injects textural slogans throughout, as in the end, when he places the words "We can fight imperialism", which leave the viewer reeling in the vortex of these unresolved issues.Moving Image1511
Confused Sexual ViewsPaul Wong ; Jeanette Reinhardt ; Gina Daniels ; Gary Bourgeois198400:29:00A series of 27 interviews available as individual tapes, as a collection, or as an installation. A provocative, informative, and entertaining series of views on sexuality that include personal experiences, oblique references, underground theories, emotional recollections, and hilarious stories. Subject matter ranges from opinions of marriage, one night stands, masturbation, parents, love, money, religion, power, and sexual techniques. Ages range from 16 to 45 and includes both hetero and gay couples, singles, mothers, fathers, lesbians, homosexuals, bi-sexuals, asexuals, etc.Moving Image1589
"Out" TakesJohn Goss198900:13:00Robert HoriGay sensibility, homophobia and gender roles on broadcast television are outlined by juxtaposing scenes from two children's shows: Pee Wee's Playhouse and Maido Osawaga Seshimasu (We're Always Making Trouble), a prime-time sitcom from Japan. Rex Reed's outrageous critique of Pee Wee (Paul Ruebens) highlights the self-perpetuating closet of Hollywood and the perceived threat of the show's gay subtexts. Reed's opposition to Pee-Wee, and Reuben's technique of innuendo, double-entendre, and gender-switching, both appear equally repressed compared to the explicit frankness of the Japanese series.Moving Image1614
The World is Sick (Sic)John Greyson198900:38:00An eccentric documentation of the activist interventions at the 5th International Conference on AIDS in Montreal, 1989. A conservative CBC narrator sets the pretentious tone of the conference proceedings, but is eventually kidnapped by AIDS activists who take over her broadcast. Interviews with international grassroots activists and people living with AIDS from Thailand, Trinidad, Canada, the United States, South Africa, and Australia, are interspersed with demonstrations focusing on women's issues, testing, and an international bill of rights for people with AIDS.Moving Image1706
Threnody: A Wailing Song for CarlKen Anderlini199100:20:00A song in memory of a friend - Carl Watson - and an examination of the fear and anger associated with AIDS.Moving Image1809
History of the World According to a LesbianBarbara Hammer198700:12:00From the Platonic Cave to post-punk, this video traces invisible and visible references to women who love women from prehistory to contemporary times, accompanied by the sarcastic sounds of 50's lesbian quartet, The Sluts from Hell. Moving Image1822
WohosheniSusan Harman199200:07:00Nicole Thompson ; Jill Chrysler ; DonimoWohosheni (from the fictional language Laaden) means to feel joined to part of someone without resevations of barriers. The video simultaneously tries to discuss passion and affection, and how as spectators we view the imaging of the female body.Moving Image1832
Lest I BurnShani Mootoo199100:04:00Susan Polling ; Jennifer Watkinson ; Steven Tho ; Lorna BoschmanCommercial Drive is Vancouver's unofficial Lesbian neighbourhood. Dykes openly live on the strip before the dominant eyes of the straight macho culture of coffee bars and pool rooms. Mootoo's poetic voice stakes a claim through visual and aural signs: that... This is Amazon Land. Moving Image1846
Dead Man Was a WomanCornelia Wyngaarden199200:20:00Kim Blain ; Paul Lang ; Carla Wolf ; Chick Rice ; Lorna Boschman ; Michael Clark ; Gary Bourgeois ; Chris Rahim ; Lexie Montgomery ; Noam Gonick ; Kenna Fair ; Brice MacNeil ; Dave MacDonald ; Marc Johnston ; Ian Paterson ; Carolyn Potter ; Andrea Fatona ; Sophie Dikeakos ; Shawna Kinman ; Meredith Laycock ; Mary Alice ; Raven Courtney ; Daniel Collins ; Al BigA murder mysery gender bender set in the Vancouver lesbian/working class bar scene of the 1960's. A young woman dresses as a man to get a better job and finds herself wrapped up in drug deals and revenge. Though her misplaced identity she discovers a lost history, and confronts the laws that restrict her as a woman and a lesbian.The Canada Council ; B.C. Cultural Services"Editing facilities: Video In."Moving Image1851
Fresh Talk: Youth & SexualityCraig Berggold ; Teresa Marshall199101:27:00FRESH TALK: YOUTH & SEXUALITY SERIES - FRESH TALK turns on the power of young adults - challenging the censorship of their experience & expression. FRESH TALK is youth talking to youth - empowering communication by naming feelings sothat other young people may gain positive appreciation of their own sexuality. Thirty young people, ages 15-24 years, speak out with humor & insight on how their sexuality is influenced by family, gender roles, sexual orientation, economics, religion, media and more. A documentary in four parts:

1. IMAGE - issues include culture and media influence, gay identity, breaking stereotypes.
2. RESPONSIBILITY - gender roles, pregnancy and parenting, safer sex, HIV, STD s and AIDS.
3. POWER - sexisim, racism, homophobia and sexual abuse.
4. PLEASURE - masturbation, fantasies, eroticizing the whole body.

FRESH TALK began with an 8-day empowerment workshop facilitated by Headlines Theatre. Creating a safe community for themselves, 25 young people used role-playing games to examine their sexual experiences. Each young person was then asked to identify issues s/he wished to speak to on video.
Moving Image1855
Coming Out of the ClosetSusan Harman199300:04:00Carla Wolf ; Sharon Costello ; SD HolmanLeather, sports togs, party dress? What's a girl to wear? Coming out as a lesbian can wreak havoc on one's wardrobe, let alone all the more intimate details of one's life. Watch a young woman change her clothes, her hair, and even her dog as she rifles through the fabric of lesbian iconography.Moving Image1912
We're Here - We're Queer - We're FabulousMaureen Bradley ; Danielle Comeau199000:27:00Linda Dawn Hammond ; Christine Martin ; Ronit BalzeelWay Bonus ProductionsMontreal's Stonewall! In July 1989, riot police broke up a predominantly gay and lesbian party, assaulting party-goers and arresting eight people. Two days later, club-wielding police brutally attacked a mass demonstration in broad daylight, leaving dozens injured and 48 arrested. WE'RE HERE tells the story of communities coming together in the face of police brutality to organize, demonstrate and demand their rights as citizens."For Cicely Yalden, 1965-1990. Special thanks: Helen Bambic-Workman, MITE AVISTA, Concordia University. Thanks to Anne Golden, Nancy Marcotte, Anne Whitelaw, Dominique Bourque, Douglas Buckley."Moving Image1922
The Wild Woman in the WoodsShani Mootoo199300:14:00Jody Polowick ; Lorna Boschman ; Pankaj Bajpai ; Gael MacLean ; Bubble Gum Clothing Company of VancouverBeckett ProductionsA South Asian Lesbian who has adopted butch signifiers from white culture, tracks down the liberating possibilties of a femme persona. Her search for courage takes her into the mountains where she is confronted by a feisty goddess with no time for timidity, stereotypical roles or rules. In a swirl of colourful saris and jewels, she is led on a snowy adventure."Psst, Shauna! Thanks for all the extra miles and massages." Actor (Pria)- Shani Mootoo; Actor (Tara) Nita Varma; Actor (woman)- Shauna Beharry, Actor (Alexis) - Sandra Strange; Dancers Gitanjali; Nita Varma; Zainub Verjee; Production Manager - Vern Hume; Production Assistants- Ingrid Bachman, Marlene Klassen; Production Advisors - Sara Diamond, Willi Shmidt; Music - Field recording of Tassa drumming from Trinidad, W.I. (a Durga Pooja from Public Radio Broadcast, India); "That's Life" by Sue Medley; " A Garland of Gifts from the Goddess" by Jaspinder Nirula; Poem - "Are they lotuses" by Atukuri Molla (woman Telugu writer from the 16th century) ; Produced using the facilities of: The Banff Centre for the Arts; Video In, Vancouver; The Western Front, Vancouver ; Supported in par through the Video In Work Exchange ProgramMoving Image1926
Hogan's AlleyCornelia Wyngaarden ; Andrea Fatona199400:32:00Sara Diamond ; Nicole Thompson ; Joe Sarahan ; Pearl Brown ; Leah Curtis ; Thelma Gibson-Towns - Stuart M. Rankin ; Jan Levis ; Luke Van Dyk ; Paul Herspiegel ; David Findlay ; Willi Schmidt ; Joseph Lazore ; Deane Stiller ; Gordon TaitThis video documents the previously unrecorded history of Vancouver's Black community, specifically Hogan's Alley, between 1930 and the late 1960s. The tape examines the lives of three Black women.
Thelma Gibson is an African-Caribbean dance teacher who recalls the era with nostalgia. Pearl Brown is a well known local jazz singer who speaks about working in the chicken houses flanking Hogan's Alley. Leah Curtis is a lesbian in her mid-forties, whose history as an abused child is interconnected with her experience as a child worker in the gambling houses of Papa White.
The videotape investigates the identities of these women, as well as the identities of a disappeared community.
Canada Council - Exploration Program, B.C. Cultural Branch, Department of Multiculturalism and Citizenship Canada, National Film Board - Pacific Region - Tape Fund"Special Thanks: Video In, National Film Board - Studio D Equipment Loan Program, Emily Carr College of Art and Design, Matrix Professional Video Service, Barbara Binns. Post production: Video In, The Banff Centre for the Arts. Archival materials thanks to City of Vancouver Archives."Moving Image1933
Queer Across CanadaMaureen Bradley199300:10:00Sal Barrera ; Ann Marie McInnis ; Felecia WilliamsonGirl World ProductionsQueer in Vancouver, lesbian in Calgary, gay in Whitehorse and dyke in... Is identity attached to location and community? Maureen Bradley, on the road with CBC's Road Movies saw her identity being manipulated by the mainstream media. Who would have thought that an attractive young woman would want to call herself a dyke on national television?"Thanks to Constanza, Danielle Comeau, Nikki Forrest, Etoile Stewart, Zab. Extra special thanks to Ann Marie McInnins. This video was produced at Mite Avista, Concordia University."Moving Image1966
She Thrills MeMaureen Bradley199300:13:00Assar ; Charlene ; Chris ; Liliana ; Mary Lou ; Myroslava ; Nikki ; Robin ; SarahGirl World ProductionsMarilyn Frye says lesbian sex is inarticulate. Maureen Bradley says, Marilyn Frye should have been at my house on New Year's Eve. Sexy black and white images are mixed with frank talk about sex, love and girls, capturing that gritty space between what is politically correct and what takes your breath away."Xtra special thanks to Chris Mullington. Thanks also to Ngaire Blankenberg, Nikki Forrest, Pat Harrison, Megan Richards, Etoile Stewart, Myroslava Tyzkyj, Felecia Williamson, Elana Wright, Zab, and Ann Marie McInnis for inspiration..."Moving Image1970
West Coast Homo Love StoryJoe Sarahan199400:45:00Jeff Cowan ; Daniel Arseneau ; Cam Graves ; Mr. Smith ; Susi Milne ; Jonathan Wells ; Steven Anthony ; Ugo ; Paul McKenzie ; Mike Davies ; Richard Mayencourt ; Paul Lang ; Lorna Boschman ; Jennifer Abbott ; Mary Alice ; Réal Gauvreau ; Jeanette Reinhardt ; Steve Rosin ; Ross Redhead ; Zachery Longboy ; Randal Rogers ; Gavin Scott ; Kenneth Sherman ; Carla Wolf ; Emily Faryna ; Jack Lee ; Kelly Morris ; Bill Rennie ; The Club CrewVideo In ProductionFollowing a sailor's journey, this semi-narrative, way-out, psycho-drama flips homo-erotic stereotypes on their head while exploring detachment, silence and loss. A thoroughly campy west coast work by one of Vancouver s infamous queer artists.Canada Council ; B.C. Cultural Services ; Video In"Thanks: Daryl Akin, Daniel Arseneau, Michael Balser, Big Jim, Sara Diamond, Dufferine Hotel, Diane LeBlanc, Annastacia McDonald, Susi Mile, Bill Rennie, Gerard Robson, Tina Thompson, Nicole Thompson, Paul Wong, Parker Wong, Western Front. Catering by Happy Food and Friends."Moving Image1997
Wrecked for Life: The Trip and Magic of Trocadero TransferJohn Goss199300:60:00Exploring the importance of a club for local queer culture in San Francisco, this tape consists of interviews with patrons who recreate the excitement and exhilaration of dancing and queerness.Moving Image1998
Fantasmagoria: Sexing the Lesbian ImaginaryLock Up Your Daughters ; Maureen Bradley ; Carla Wolf ; Anne Golden ; Celine Godberson201901:00:00Compilation of THE WEIGHT OF WOMEN S EYES, Maureen Bradley, DANGEROUS BLISS, Carla Wolf, FAT CHANCE, Anne Golden, Celine GodbersonMoving Image2001
Weight of Women's EyesMaureen Bradley199400:10:00I know you want me. Eyes wander across bodies dancing in the bar, hinting at the surface, not touching. Forbidden desires become playful streetwise sex, exploring the dynamics of watching and being watched.Moving Image2001b
Pink in PublicAndrew James Paterson199300:20:00Almerinda Travassos ; Margaret Moores ; Holly Natall ; Jan Levis ; Kevin Dowler ; Robert Naismith ; Brent Cehan ; Martha Judge ; Evolithika Johnston ; Robert Lee ; John McLachlin ; Meita Winkler ; David Roche ; Paul Couillard ; Clare Lazenby ; Celina Carroll ; Myles Roberts ; Bernice Kaye ; Jonathan Thackray ; James MacSwain ; John Alcorn ; Blade Carson ; John Alcorn ; Ted Myerscough ; Van La PointeCharles Street Video ; Reel Sound and Video Production ; Reading Pictures ; Andrew Kowalchuk Productions ; Trinity Square VideoA gay male reporter is assigned to assemble tabloid-style news clip about a closeted entertainer living in the U.S. During the course of his investigation, the reporter become frustrated with the boundaries of his assignment and attempts to out his subject, until he is threatened with dismissal. Humorous yet poignant, this work weaves a complex course through the minefields of cultural critism and gay representation.The Ontario Arts Council"Special Thanks to Almerinda Travassos, Margaret Moores, James MacSwain, Michael Balser, Robert Flack, Judith Doyle, Van LaPointe, Randy Travis, Neil Sedaka, Demi Moore, Madonna."Moving Image2004
Peter Fucking Wayne Fucking PeterWayne Yung199400:05:00Glen WattsA queer love letter that uses poetry and sexual imagery to describe romantic tensions caused by differences in age, race and HIV status.Moving Image2010
Not Like That: Diary of a Butch-a-phobeMaureen Bradley199400:13:15Elaine Stef ; Salvatore Barrera ; Brae McFarlane-SwansonGirl World Productions ; Video In StudiosStarting with the footage of Annie Oakley and moving to clothing, hair and boots of the urban lesbian, this video explores the cultural signifiers of the outlaw woman. Looking at my own internalized fears of appearing butch, NOT LIKE THAT attempts to overcome this particular type of homophobia that is evident in queer culture.Video In Studios VIP Grant"We want your feedback! We invite you the viewer to cast the final vote!!!!!! Is she butch or not???? Phone in your vote now!!!!!!!!! Phone in your vote now!! ($1.00 user fee per call) If you think she's butch call 1-979-Be-Butch If you think she's femme call 1-979-FEMS-RUS. Scroll text excerpted from Gender Trouble by Judith Butler, Routledge, 1990. Special Thanks: Nicole Thompson, Paul Lang, Staff at Video In, Laurel Swenson, Carla Wolf, Angelique Crowther, Minty Fowness, Nikki Forrest, Annie Martin, Fanny Obadia, Myroslava Tyzkyj, Emily Paradis; Really BIG thanks to Anne Marie McInnis."Moving Image2012
DefianceMaureen Bradley199300:06:15Salvatore V. Barrera ; Nikki Forrest ; Ann Marie McInnis ; David OzierGirl World ProductionsA voice-over soundtrack repeats some common heterosexist lines: If only they didn't flaunt it... Its's nothing personal but... A simple image, consisting of two women embracing, contradicts the soundtrack. This video examines the resilience of lesbian desire in the face of relentless homophobia."Thanks to Nikki Forrest, Minty Fownes, Annie Martin, Sara Morley, Deb Vanslet, Carla Wolf. Xtra special thanks to Ann Marie McInnis."Moving Image2013
Curse of the HomoJoe Sarahan199300:24:00An in depth examination about the ignorance and intolerance towards queer existence, combined with the components of gay reality and the AIDS crisis. This installation manifests how the artist concerns himself with loss and fragility , queer identity, homophobia, the plague as an identifier, death and disease. Sarahan describes his intent as, "I didn't want to sit down, shut up and sew a quilt or play the numbers games of how many people have died from AIDS, I wanted to kick ass...I wanted to investigate the elements of homophobia and bashing." - Dana Claxton-SAW Gallery catalogue. This installation is comprised of four monitors and sculptural elements.Moving Image2015
Gay Boy: We Do Not Go ExtinctAaron Pollard199400:08:00Allen Braude ; Maureen Gaffney ; D. Joel Frohman ; Benjamin Williamson ; Shayne KellyA video deals with the experience of a despised body, focusing specifically on the queer male subject grappling with societal attitudes towards the homosexual in the context of the AIDS crisis. The phrase, "We do not go extinct," is lifted from a Linda Barry cartoon, and is indicative of the way the video shifts between humour, rage, despair and resistance. In its appropriation and critique of popularized AIDS images, the video points to the lack of opppositional queer subject positions within the mainstream media AIDS discourse.Moving Image2073
So Are YouPaul Wong199400:28:00This recent work by a longtime Vancouver videomaker leaves no stone unturned in its exposure of uncomfortable truths and controversies. Sexual and racial stereotypes are bluntly critiqued.Moving Image2074
Gay and Lesbian Mardi GrasBrice Farckel199300:60:00Moving Image2099a
Bodies in TroubleMarusya Bociurkiw199100:15:00Kim Derko ; Paula Fairfield ; Dennis Day ; Ingrid Stitt ; Veronica Macdonald ; Naomi Riches ; Brent Cehan ; David McLean ; Martha Judge ; Avril Hubert ; Konrad Skreta ; Lois Fine ; Gita Saxena ; Carol-Anne O'Brien ; Rachel Epstein ; Becki Ross ; Sandra Haar ; Corey Levine ; Kathryn McPherson ; Dahlia Klinger ; Kirsten Lauge ; Pat Jefferies ; Mary Margaret O'Hara ; Ronit BezalelWinds of Change Productions ; Charles Street ProductionsA woman tries to get across a border. She is searched: she's afraid she'll be found out. Two women make love, saying: Look, all we're doing is having sex... but the hard edges of the city remain between the sheets. Shreds of narrative and poetry are intercut with political demonstration footage, sex, campy humour, haunting music by Mary Margaret O'Hara, and special effects by Dennis Day.Canada Council"Special Thanks to - The Rose Cafe, A Space Gallery, Dian Marino, Susan Stewart, Jaclyn Valois, Martha Judge, Lois Fine, John Bailey, Sheena Gourlay, Zab Design, Nicole Hubert, Geri Rogers, Anne Golden, Groupe Intervention Video, Beth Follet, Justine Pimlott, Ian RashidMoving Image2111
VisionsAnnie Frazier Henry199200:09:00Richard Agecoutay ; Hilde Korsaeth ; Jake Epp ; Sauna Wilson ; Heather Klassen ; Rick Youck ; Sadie Buck ; Morgan Rose ; Jacqui LaValley ; Sharon King ; Boye Ladd ; Westerly Henry ; George Buck ; Robbie Knott ; Ed Bamiling ; Kendrick James ; John Sobel ; Vern Hume ; Banff Centre for the Arts ; Joseph Danza ; Russell Wallace ; Mac Keith ; Curt Randall ; Jack Lauder ; Michael T. Lacoste ; Paul Herspiegel ; Robert Rosen ; Felicity Gerwing ; Tammy Anderson-Barry ; John Avery ; Sara Diamond ; Shirley Anne Claydon ; Wilhelm Schmidt ; Luke Van Dyk ; Janet Anderson ; Marjorie Beaucage ; Leah VisserFull Regalia Productions ; Aboriginal Film and Video Arts AllianceBased in the oral tradition of storytelling, and layered with multi-textured audio, music and voice, this video translates the historic struggle of First Nations people into a powerful video-poem. In representing the strengths, beauty and spirituality of First Nations peoples, the artist takes a celebratory, anti-victim position. Through a childs's eyes, the spirits of traditional wisdom are awakened...Banff Centre for the Arts, Media Arts Residency Program ; NIF Scholarship, National Film Board ; Studio D ; Fabienne Pierre-JacquesMoving Image2132
One Night In HeavenWayne Yung199500:06:00Peter Field ; Paul LangVideo In StudiosSing along with Karaoke! A young Asian gay man, new in town, encounters the demi-monde of the big city. We follow his adventures to an underground club where sex, murder, and fantasy are in store. Sharply edited and hilariously portrayed, this gritty, inner-city music-video-noir takes on gay representation, race and identity, with attitude and style.Moving Image2133
Blending Milk and Water: Sex in the New WorldPaul Wong199600:28:00Winston Xin ; Wayne Yung ; Ruth Chang ; Kenneth Sherman ; Ming Chiang ; Song Cho ; Claudia Hagmayer ; Arthur Lum ; Andrew Power ; Joanne Powers ; Joe Turato ; Gilbert Chan ; Henry, Koo ; Lin Chao Xin ; Dana Claxton ; Leigh Crawford ; Lily Crawford ; Amber Crawford ; Arica Deline ; Cathy Gallagher ; Lynda Hung ; "Jennifer" ; Dr. Simon Ko ; Ed Lee ; Robin Leung ; Peter Li ; Shirley Yu ; Lin Bao Ai ; Sushi Bar ; Maggie Lee ; Nancy Li ; Jerry Sun ; Grace Yuen ; Jerry Sun ; Neil Lucente ; Video In Studios ; Sharon Mattarozzo ; Western Front Video and MultimediaFunding ; have safe sex Asian Society for the Intervention of A.I.D.SA.S.I.A. Production ; Paul Wong ProductionsEighteen Chinese women and men from diverse backgrounds talk candidly about sex, culture, and life with AIDS. This tri-lingual video is presented in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English.Canada Council Media Arts, Canadian Heritage Cultures and Languages ProgramMoving Image2155
MotherfuckersLaurel Swenson ; Maureen Bradley199500:04:00mommy productionsThis is a video about lesbians who fuck lesbian mothers. This is a video about lesbian mothers who feel fucked over: A fast, hard rant. Good for women's studies students and lesbian/gay audiences in general.Moving Image2159
Losing ItMaureen Bradley199500:03:00Laurel Swensongirl world productionsThe heady pleasures of new lust and love allow the artist to escape her head momentarily - before trepidation creeps back in. With her usual sensual blend of grainy slo-mo imagery and in-your-face sex-talk, Bradley continues her passionate exploration into the nuances and contradictions of lesbian desire.Moving Image2160
Lotus SistersWayne Yung199600:05:00Winston Xin ; Song Cho ; Jerry Sun ; Sharon MatarazzoFrom the Noodle House to Stanley Park, this video captures a specifically queer sensiblilty. With re-scanned footage from Farewell My Concubine and Joy Luck Club, Yung follows his gay male Lotus Sisters in a day-in-the-life of a promiscious fag.Moving Image2161
Your Mother Wears Combat BootsLaurel Swenson199600:15:00Christina Antonick ; Heather Luna Rose ; Terra Poirier ; Maureen BradleyMommy ProductionsA defiant montage of testimony, home video and rants, this video confronts the just like straights model of middle class lesbian motherhood.Video In"Thank you to Vancouver Dyke-Moms and to my wonderful, and amazing, daughter Brae."Moving Image2178
ForeverMaureen Bradley199600:01:30Video In StudiosI'll love you forever ... Using playful pop imagery and mellow, ironic voice-over, this video takes a wry look at the latest lesbian fad: true love and marriage."Thanks to Gordon Durity, Allen Flett, Anne Golden, Shani Mootoo, Laurel Swenson, Brae McFarlane-Swenson."Moving Image2184
FistfullLaurel Swenson199600:06:00Maureen BradleyUtter ProductionsAn erotic rumination on the origins of one dyke's desires, on safer sex, and on fisting. A lingering meditation-with lots of skin.The EVE Fund ; Video In Studios"Produced at Video In Studios, Vancouver, Canada. For Maureen (my ex)."Moving Image2193
Sad Story of a Gay SkaterJonathan Wells ; Geoffrey Topham199600:05:00Una Knox ; Adrian Boston ; Wayne YungA classical structure: young lover, disapproving father, mysterious woman. Unfortunately, the hero dies in a car crash twenty seconds after the curtain rises. Too bad we never find out his secret!"Special thanks to Andrew Power. Produced at ECIAD & Video In, Vancouver 1996."Moving Image2199
Curse of the HomoJoe Sarahan199600:17:00Document including clips from the installation loops: ADAM/ADAM and Fireworks at the Saw Gallery in Ottawa, Canada February 1996.Moving Image2209
Miss ChinatownPaul Wong199700:04:30Davina Chan ; Ming Chiang ; Henry Koo ; Nancy Li ; Paul Wong ; Asian Society for the Intervention of AIDS ; Ruth Chang ; Jennifer Pickford ; Winston Xin ; Andrew Power ; Video In Studios ; Western Front VideoPaul Wong ProductionsJuxtaposed against the background of the Miss Chinese-Vancouver pageant are the views of diverse New World subjects on sex: drag queen, drug addict, divorcees, young man and mixed-race woman. The subjects appear multi-layered in a segment that features the beauty queen contestants wearing traditional cheong-sams.BC Arts Council ; Canada Council Media Arts, Canadian Heritage Cultures & Language ProgramMoving Image2214
Tainted: Christopher Lefler and the Queer Censorship ChillMaureen Bradley199600:28:00Christopher Lefler ; Sylvia FedorukIn a 1993 art exhibit at the University of Saskatchewan, Christopher Lefler created an installation essentially outing the Lieutenant Governor of that province. As a result, Lefler's show was closed, his artwork seized, his scholarship revoked, and he was expelled. TAINTED is not, however, about outing. It attempts instead to chart and comment upon some of the reactions to Lefler's controversial and much maligned work. TAINTED attempts to raise the questions of power, privilege, and privacy that have been foreclosed in the aftermath of these events."Produced at Video In Studios Vancouver Canada for EXPLICIT: sex.sin.silicon; very special thanks to Ken Anderlini; thanks also to Laurel Swenson, kevin d*souza, Anne Marie McInnis, Wendy Coburn, Seanna McPherson Evin Jones, Alix Mathias; and the support of kevin d*souza, Ralph Wushke, Cynthia Ward, Elizabeth MacKenzie, Joanne Bristol, Joan Borsa and so many others."Moving Image2219
Surfer DickWayne Yung199700:03:20Tonya Livingstone ; Doelik ; Philipa Bankie ; Nickolaos Stagias ; Jonathan Wells ; Kira Wu ; Delia Brett ; Nicole Field Dyte ; Tristan Rehner ; Allen Braude ; Sylvain Bombardier ; Mo Ling Chiu ; Curtis Grest ; Paul Lang ; Marcus Morton ; Dan Plonko ; Andrew Power ; Eric Rancourt ; Kenneth Sherman ; Dick Dole ; The Del TonesA dance video with drag queens, surfer music and Scrabble geeks. A parody of gender roles, both queer and straight, in a fast-paced multilayered mix."Special Thanks Harry Grunsky & Andre. Video Gear and Post Production at Video In Studios, Vancouver, 1997"Moving Image2230
HerMaureen Bradley199700:10:00Zoe Eckle ; Laurel SwensonGirl World ProductionsIt was that type of passion, a passion so intense it makes you miserable... An intense portrayal of the inevitablity of power struggles in relationships. Mixing a haunting soundscape with multi-layered imagery and relentless narrative, HER moves the viewer into the centre of passion and power."Thanks to the wonderful people at Video In: Lorna Boschman, Paul Manly, Paul Lang, Christine Stewart. Thanks for your help and insight: Ann Marie McInnis, Laurel Swenson, Jen Weih, Denise Woodley, Anthea Whittaker, Winston Xin."Moving Image2236
The Queen's CantoneseWayne Yung199800:33:00A queer spoof on language instructional tapes. Let's learn Cantonese! Along the way, you'll discover many interesting facts about queer Cantonese culture in Vancouver; Pearl of the Orient. In three easy lessons, you'll pick up many useful phrases for your first visit to Vancouver. A series of three self-contained episodes can be viewed together or dispersed in a program of shorts.Moving Image2251
Working Baby Dyke Theory: The Diasporic Impact of Cross Generational BarriersThirza Cuthand199700:03:00A Teensy Nun ProductionThirza Cuthand explains her theory of the disempowerment of youth, and discusses this in relation to her experience with older dykes."Produced at Video In Studios, Vancouver, Canada."Moving Image2273
TransmissionIvan E. Coyote199800:08:00Lynne Kamm ; Jennifer Lewis ; Jack Hyde ; Kristen Ann ; Lukas Walther ; Billy Lane ; Kevin W. ; Kangol brotha ; Jake AdrianSometimes I want to be just like my Dad when I grow up - but without the scars. TRANSMISSION is a snapshot of a transgendered family, crossing gender boundaries with a Western feel. Produced through an Out on Screen scholarship.Out on Screen Scholarship"Special thanks to Allison Hiscott, Jules Sievert, Paul Lang, Lorna Boschman, Paul Manly, Andrew Power, Video In, Out on Screen, Orca Pacific Recording Studios"Moving Image2279
What I RememberMaureen Bradley199800:06:00Brae MacFarlane-Swenson ; Maija MartinGirl World ProductionsWhat I remember is a melancholy recollection of two stories of first love. The narrator relates two anecdotes from her youth, seemingly unrelated, but linked by both their sweetness and tragedy. What does she remember about first love? Akwardness, embarassment, secrecy, and abandon. The moral of the story? Once you fall hard, you better duck.
The visual track, hand processed and manipulated to create a feeling of longing and remembering, explores a childhood compulsion and sadism which foreshadows the tragic conclusion to the story-murder, and the impossibility of true love.
"Thank you: Terence Anthony, Shawn Chappelle, Emma Kivisild, Morrissey, Ann Marie McInnis, Kelly O'Brian, Laurel Swenson, Annthea Whittaker."Moving Image2287
Search EngineWayne Yung199900:04:00Thane Drope ; Nickolaos Stagias ; Nancy LiRicecake ProductionsUsing phone personals, databases, and internet searches, a young gay man uses digital technology to remember boyfriends past, in the search of boyfriends future."Postproduction at Video In Studios, Vancouver."Moving Image2292b
Davie Street BluesWayne Yung199900:12:47Stuart Folland ; Clark Nikolai ; Nickolaos Stagias ; Carson Au ; Hans ; Thane Drope ; Kiley B. Fithen ; Mary Rose Labandelo ; Sylvia LamRicecake ProductionsAfter his boyfriend leaves, a young man is lost in nostalgia and depression, until a mute streetkid tries to distract him from his melancholy. A moody and romantic story that pays homage to the film noir of Hong Kong director Wong Kar-Wai. In Cantonese with English subtitles.Moving Image2292c
Field Guide to Western WildflowersWayne Yung200000:05:30Gil - Dong ; Charles Montgomery ; Tom Kemple ; Viken Mekhatarian ; Victor Cutting ; Del Gamble ; Michael R. Melanson ; Gord ; Karl Uhrich ; Winston Xin ; Trevor ; Stuart Davidson ; DERF ; Gord ; Jeff Rotin ; Alfred Bolster ; Dan Planko ; Daini Gentleblood ; Trevor Klushin ; Sylvain Descôteaux ; Wayne Robert ; Christopher R. Sumpton ; Jerry Aubergine ; Christopher John ; Patrick Tubajon ; Seb Mena ; Dave Martenson ; John Stackhouse ; Nickolaos Stagias ; Thane ; Clark Nikolai ; Sylvain Bombardier ; Blaine ; Jason Plourde ; Cooper Battersby ; Rhys Trussler ; Craig Bavis ; brett josef grobisic ; Jeremy Wilde ; Daniel Collins ; Kevin Gulayets ; Tulip Honey ; Max Sequeira ; Jeff Deby ; Christopher Nash ; Buck ; Barq's ; Skyy Powers ; Charles Melanson ; Sean Tararyn ; Michael V. Smith ; Zaur Apayev ; Gar Fisher ; Christopher ; Michael Steele ; Mark Taylor ; Mickey Clark ; Daniel Ouellette ; Daryl Ray Scherger ; Nick Phillips ; Darton Rennie ; Kezjie ; Christopher FitzgeraldRicecake ProductionsThe first gay Asian kiss: Fantasizing about it, talking about it, doing it. A lush, romantic and highly promiscuous video, featuring sixty-three men in one long kiss.Moving Image2292d
Go Dyke! GoMaureen Bradley199800:10:00Go Dyke! Go! is a humorous commentary on lesbian relationships in the context of children's literature. Taking off from the popular children's book Go Dog! Go! (by P.D. Eastman), this animation paints a sarcastic, pointed and comic picture of queer life in the 90s. Familiar pop imagery and everyday signifiers are a point of entry for a discussion of the patterns of serial monogamy and lesbian representation. Go Dyke! Go! plays with the genre of animation and poses a game of semiotics to deconstruct the tropes of children's books and heterosexism.Moving Image2300
HoseKen Anderlini199800:09:00Paul Lang ; Mernie Lee Plested ; Andrew PowerAn experiment in piss: Pissed as in on, as in off and as in hosed. Juxtaposing the utopian promise of sexuality in the 70s with the reality of cybersex in the 90s, Hose examines the revolutionary promise of watersports in an age when sex may no longer make a difference. Weaving together cyberporn, found porn and basement porn, this rich visual examination is the coming of age story of Hose, a CuSeeme creation with a taste for piss.Moving Image2303
Sounding Queer SpaceKris Zalite199800:05:00SOUNDING QUEER SPACE connects different ideas about what constitutes queer space. Comments on safety, inclusion, architecture and how to create queer space are accompanied by a song by Veda Hille.Moving Image2304
Boy GirlLorna Boschman199900:14:00Paul Lang ; Maureen Bradley ; Andrea Fatona ; Sheila Gilhooly ; Stev'nn Hall ; Roisin Mongey ; Paul Manly ; Video In StudiosBig B ProductionsRocking to Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire, three people talk about the ambiguities of gender, sharing experiences ranging from a woman who is always mistaken for a man to one who modelled based on her androgynous looks. The latest queer tape from the director of TRUE INVERSIONS, DRAWING THE LINE, and BUTCH/FEMME IN PARADISE."Special thanks to: Persimmon, Blackbridge, barbara findlay, Larissa Lai, Paul Lang Sr."Moving Image2319
Phoenix is a Cunning CuntRoisin Mongey199800:06:00Lamia Gibson ; Kerri Lattimer ; Corey Reid ; Princess Wispy Pits ; Ms. GayouthvancouverA personalispolitical productionFive little stories around school and genderfucking. Produced through Out on Screen Video Production Scholarships"Thank you: Leah Finkel, Romi Chandra, Benjamin Cat, James Gibson, Catherine McCollum, Ga Ching Kong, Leah, Jasper, Poorlittle Packaged Fish, Corinne (mommy), Joseph (daddy-o), Patricia, Sile, Caitilin, Joey, Maeve, Oscar, Sabastien, George, Kris Zalite, Ivan E. Coyote, Frederick Cummings, Oz, Lorna Boschman, Christine Stewart, Paul Lang, Paul Manly, Maureen Bradley, Jen Fisher, Laurel Swenson, Krista Tupper, Wayne Yung, Video In Studios, Out on Screen Festival. Dedicated to: Queer yoots."Moving Image2325
Stop Staring and ListenCatherine McCollum199900:13:43kerri lattimer ; Megan FairbanksThe Bearded Lady tells the gay mainstream to shut the fuck up and listen, turn its scrutinizing eyes on their own transphonbia, racism and poorbashing, and to think hard about their misuse of the term community. Sure to offend/empower/validate/piss off (something for everyone! Including lots of gratuitous beard and tit shots).Out on Screen"For Tara. Post-production: VI. Cead mile failte: kerri, snatch, rascal, Andrea, Diamanda Galas, chunk, mooky, Nicole, The Chieftans, Roisin, John, Mom, Bean, fli."Moving Image2399
Safe Sex is Hot SexMaureen Bradley199200:04:30Nobody gets turned on by lists of do s and don ts. We need different strategies to help change sexual behaviour in the age of AIDS. This tapes attempts to eroticize safer sex practices and latex use. Rather than using explicit porn, the signifiers become gestural and facial to create an aura of eroticism. The address is pluri-sexual, the audience, everyone.Moving Image2401
The Man from VenusJames Diamond199900:03:40Thea MetcalfeThe Man From Venus is a true glimpse into the artist's continuous mental processing. A dialogue which tends to reflect and deflect a generalized public perspective that is designed to dictate humanity.Access to Media Education, Society (A.M.E.S.)- Urban Outreach Program ; The Canada Council ; Splice This! ; The Blinding Light Cinema""Alex MacKenzie, Heather Frise, Kelly O'Brien, Laura Cowell."Moving Image2407
Two Brides and a ScalpelMark Achbar199900:55:00He's a heavy equipment operator. She's a psychotherapist. What happens when she decides he's the girl for her? It's the true story of boy meets girl, boy marries girl, boy becomes girl... An intimate portrait of Canada's first legally married same-sex couple. "Endearing, funny, emotionally frank, and stunningly graphic" - Canadian DimensionMoving Image2446
Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Haunted BodyMarusya Bociurkiw199900:45:00Kirsten Robek ; Carolyn Tweedle ; Taylor Stutchbury ; Sandra Fellner ; Carrie Sasaratt ; Natalie Olanick ; Eric Metcalfe ; Lori Weidenhammer ; Hank Bull ; Margaret Gallagher ; Gary Probe ; Jane Ellison ; Paul Lang ; Brice Canyon ; Claire Bedat ; Julia Burns ; Beth Carruthers ; Constanza DaSilva ; Kaori Kasai ; Sayuri Katayama ; Jacqueline Levitin ; Laurie Milner ; Shawn Chappelle ; Kate Craig ; Antonia Hirsch ; Judy Radul ; Mernie Lee Plested ; Matt Smith ; Pia Massie ; Robert Kozinuk ; Jane MacDermott ; Shannon McFarlane ; Catalina Motta ; Barbara Zasybida ; Susan Dyment ; Chris Betterly ; Valiera Feldman ; Penelope Goldsmith ; Allana Murray ; Anita Olanick ; Paul Hill ; Billie Carroll ; Dennis Day ; Eileen Kage ; Peter CourtemancheWinds of Change ProductionsFlashlight forever in hand, Nancy Drew is the brash girl-detective in a girls mystery book series produced from the 30 s to the present day. NANCY DREW AND THE MYSTERY OF THE HAUNTED BODY, a 45-minute dramatic short, rewrites the genre with an all-star Vancouver artworld cast, featuring Kirsten Robek as nancy Drew, and Western Front artists Eric Metcalfe and Hank Bull. With guest cameos by Oprah and Roseanne, this video is a one-stop shopping pop culture event.Canada Council Media Arts"Production and post-production: The Western Front, The Wexner Centre for the Arts. Extra special thanks to: Melodie Calvert, Billie Carroll, Peter Courtemanche, Penelope Goldsmith, Robert Kozinuk, and the Staff & Volunteers of the Western Front. Additional thanks to: Ken Anderlini, Charlie's Lounge, Dream Designs, Louie Ettling, The Exotic Museum, Cynthia Flood, Bill Horrigan, leanne johnson, Eileen Kage, Elaine Littmann, Jorge Lozano, Haida Paul, Vancouver Playhouse, Jean Routhier, WomynsWare."Moving Image2479
ViewShani Mootoo ; Aaron Vidaver200000:06:45Victoria Bushnell ; Lorna Boschman ; The Newest video from Shani Mootoo, is part of the Queer Millenium Project from the Making Scenes Film and Video Collective Inc. Shani Mootoo is an award-winning videomaker, Visual artist and WriterThe Making Scenes Film and Video Collective Inc.'s Queer Millennium Project ; The Millennium Arts Fund of the Canada Council for the Arts"Edited at Big B Productions, Digital Studios, Vancouver. Thanks to the film and video producers who generously permitted use of clips of their works in this video: Lorna Boschman for Butch/Femme in Paradise, Kathy High for Icky & Kathy Trilogy, Paul Lang for HIV Rollercoaster, Kiss & Tell and Lorna Boschman for True Inversions. To the image makers who sustain us on our journeys and to Victoria Bushnell, Donna Quince, Dan Grummisch. For Kavir Mootoo."Moving Image2507
where have all the lesbians gone?Meg Torwl200000:07:20Erin Graham ; What's Hername ; Kelly Haydon ; Cynthia Sharp ; Gunilla ; Viola ThomasA Video Madness Productiona bunch of vancouver dykes take hand held hi8 to new heights. in this improvisational short, which offers a wake up call to political complacency. short on plot, big on subtext. amidst comic moments these intrepid lesbians go searching for political dykes. what else
can you do when the lesbian centre becomes a tattooparlour ?

featuring: erin graham, kelly haydon, cynthia sharp, gunilla, viola thomas
"Thanks to Adrienne."Moving Image2517
Queer Things I Hate About YouNickolaos Stagias ; Byron Fast200000:04:36Carellin BrooksHatred - Queer Style. Dykes and fags are learning to
get along. But sometimes you just need to get a few
things off your chest.
Moving Image2518a
Queer Things I Hate About YouNickolaos Stagias ; Byron Fast200100:05:00Carellin BrooksHatred - Queer Style. Dykes and fags are learning to
get along. But sometimes you just need to get a few
things off your chest.
Moving Image2518b
Chosen FamilyMaureen Bradley200100:13:00Moving Image2537
Photographer's DiaryWayne Yung200100:26:00Cornelius Fischer-Credo ; Thane Drope ; Nickolaos Stagias ; Clark Nikolai ; Paul Wong ; Kitt ; Margaret Lunt ; Evergon ; Alvin Erasga Tolentino ; Jason Higgins ; Eury Cannon ; Kira Wu ; Mo Ling Chui ; Stephanie Butler ; John Fukushima ; Fanny Ho ; David Ralph ; Sandy MacDonald ; Angus Godfrey ; Monique Rajotte ; Sylvain Bombardier ; Barbara Oliver ; Gordon Martin ; Bin 941 Tapas Parlour ; Winston Xin ; Dean Makarenko ; Carson Au ; Mark Goodwin ; No Worries CateringRicecake ProductionsA lush, layered, homoerotic dance video inspired by the portrait series "The Ramboys: a bookless novel," by Montreal photographer Evergon. In Cantonese and English.Canada Council for the Arts"Facilities and equipment: Astrid Dance Society, Touchstone Theatre, Video In Studios. Thank you: Eoin Bettencourt, Trevor Cowley, Alex Debil, Brenna Neil, Patrick Senn, Over the Moon Chocolate, Bin 941 Tapas Parlour, Astrid Dance Society, Video In Studios."Moving Image2538
Watching Lesbian PornDayna McLeod200100:10:30Ginger Discovery ; Lucky Chopps ; Jackie Gallant ; Aaron Pollard ; George Stamos ; Sarah Doucet ; Nikol Mikus ; Meredith FowkeA pornographic parody, "Watching Lesbian Porn" advocates the use of Feminism as Lesbian Foreplay. "Watching Lesbian Porn" situates feminism as a weapon of choice for lesbians in the world of dating. Two "Porn Star Lesbians" go at it in a 70s bedroom set behind McLeod during this monologue who is oblivious to their existence. Ginger Discovery and Lucky Chopps give a full-on, over-the-top performance that is charged with campy choreography and cheesy slapstick. Amplifying this absurdity is a cheesy soundtrack complete with wa-wa pedal by Jackie Gallant."Post-production courtesy of Media Labs, Concordia University, Montreal. Special thanks to Aaron Pollard, Michael Boyce."Moving Image2540b
My Sweet Prince CharmingLisa G200100:04:55An animated Barbie doll seductively disrobes and awaits her lover, Prince Charming. Upon meeting, when the Prince steps out of his coveralls, it is revealed that the prince is actually a Princess Charming.Moving Image2559
Three Things My Mother Never Told MeLisa G200100:05:27Cooper Battersby ; Nena Mallari ; Denise Sheppard ; Rufus PoserA celebration of sexy scenarios inspired by Lisa's involvement with the Queer Punk Collective.Moving Image2560
Out and AboutNickolaos Stagias199900:25:00Francisco Trujillo ; Jay Williams ; Christopher Woo ; Steve Griffith ; Debra McCabe ; Terry Lewis ; Andrew W. Hedge ; Miss Adrien ; Jonathan Wells ; Sabecha Pardan ; Victoria Fereira ; Lee Williams ; Craig Volker ; Byron Fast ; Andrew Jack ; Todd Van Dyke ; Nicole Oguchi ; Alexandra Hatzisavva ; Allen Braude ; Karl Uhiche ; Sylvain Bombardier ; Paul Pool ; Natasha Young ; Dieter Runge ; Metaxia Stagias ; Christopher Hunt ; Guy Labrecque ; Sylvain Descoteaux ; Sunny Dayo ; Jake Adrian ; Anna Cianfarani ; Chris Vauteur ; Rod Smith ; Kelvin ; Bimbi ; Nina Jones ; Patrick Grey ; Tyler Peterson ; Dieter Runge ; Katie Yu ; Lea Schatz ; Rachelle Peters ; Rosamond Norbury ; Jessica Rain ; Bernice Ma ; Tzu-Yu Eunice Chen ; Chris Spencer Lower ; Sheldon Gray ; Mark Evans ; Marina Adams ; Dana Jurcic ; Monica Pereira ; Sean Ferguson ; Mark Lewis ; Catherine Beilhartz ; John Fukushima ; Joz Oman ; Brian Quigley ; Heather McNeil ; Carla Olsen ; Elka Hocker ; Cynthia ; John Hatfield ; Lorenza Mareonato ; Steve Hagen ; R. Jan ; Duane Kemp ; Brenna Neil ; Kurt Feschuk ; Barry ; Nathan Hagen ; Tina Baik ; Viken Mekhtarian ; Jennifer Baum ; Lauren Howes ; Brad Holman ; Leslie Jen ; Philip Banks ; Original Conforming Services ; Missy Sin ; Trevor Cowley ; Christopher SmallFour gay men stopped and interrogated by immigration authorities."Thank you University of British Columbia, Department of Theatre, Film, and Creative Writing, University Graduate Fellowship Committee, British Columbia Arts Council, Joji Leduc & Shaeri Paley, Joji's Hair Academy, Ron Crawford & Dentist David Kardesh, Mike Myers & Kelly Mortensen, the Seymour Demo Forest, Milestones, the beach, Barbara McDonald for her lovely yellow VW bug, Out on Screen, Vancouver's Queer Film & Video Festival, Over the Moon Chocolate Company, Kevin Goodbody & The Urban Group, Kokoro Dance, Keeper Kard, Lounge Salon, Gail Oelkers, Allen Braude, Richard Payment, Chris Gallagher, Ian Prat (UBC Sceneshop), Craig Volker, Rosetta Tursi, Brian Smallridge (UBC Insurance), Paul Lawrence, Michael Swan (S.U.B.), Wayne Yung, Michael Whitfield, Cannel Props, Jay Williams, Christopher Hunt, Desiree Leal, Gilbert Pedrick Beardsley III, Clayton Dixon, Eoin Bettencourt, Chris Reeck, Brian Low, Michelle Turnure, Patrick Harrison, Dennis Kenney, Peggy Thompson, Eric Nordsby, Ken Anderlini, John Newton, Dmitri, Irene and Mario Stagias, Roupette. Filmed in Beautiful British Columbia in Sparkling Technidrag. In the memory of Victoria Pereira."Moving Image2567
Gender LineWG Burnham200100:13:13Dannis Bragas ; Pat Chong ; Dean Dubick ; Romham Gallacher ; Gareth ; Gwen Haworth ; Gwen Holmes ; Myriam Joire ; Joseph ; Linda ; Ashley McDonald ; Aiyyana Maracle ; Benjamin Maron ; Mellissa ; Micheale ; Stephanie Mitchell ; Dianne O'Brien ; Ingrid Olson ; Snake River Roman ; Patricia Watson ; Joel Taylor ; Kathy Gee ; Tamara SaleGC Services' Jewel ProductionsThe diversity and fluidity of the BC trans communities are somewhat represented by 14 participants whose personal backgrounds intersect across age, ability, ethnicity, class, gender and sexuality. The video attempts to deconstruct stereotypes of trans people, aiming to provoke discussion and a deeper exploration of trans issues.the British Columbia Arts Council ; Social Services and Community Safety Division, Justice Institute of BC ; Trans Alliance Society (TAS) ; Zenith Foundation"Special thanks to Dwayne Beaver, Angelika Dohmann, Stacy Fitzgerald, Kathy Gee, Gwen Haworth, Jenna Stewart, Kim, Patty, Terra Poirier, Roberta, Shelley Rivkin, Tamara Sale, Diane Watson, Caroline White, and my mother for her support. In kind contributions: Kathy Gee, Diane Watson."Moving Image2568
An Atlas of the Moon -- Chopstick Bloody Chopstick -- With Six You Get EggrollWayne Yung200101:39:00Spolight on Wayne Yung
Curated by Malcolm Thompson
Out on Screen 11 Aug. 2001
Moving Image2572
Le Viaduc d'OrClark Nikolai200200:03:41Bryce Thing ; Pendra Wilson ; Shane Bodie ; Raj Takhar ; Neil BrockBy day, a dumpster diver finds a mannequin to love, a harassed woman puts on a male disguise and a hustler/drug addict scores. But by night their simple lives are forgotten when they become whoever they want to be on line. Treats issues of cybersex, technological alienation and false personas with a musical touch."Remerciements: Winston Xin, Sofia Ferrari, Frederick Cummings, Desiree Lim."Moving Image2620
Gender Line ExtendedWG Burnham200201:00:28Building on the message of Gender Line (13:13 minutes documentary), Gender Line Extended features 20 individuals representative of the diversity and fluidity within the BC trans communities. With a specific focus on the intersect across age, ability, ethnicity, class, gender and sexuality, viewers will learn to see trans stereotypes deconstructed.Moving Image2635
Dyke: Just Be ItDesiree Lim199900:01:30Asami ; Kana ; Ryoko ; Ito Tari ; Oyama Yuko ; Chu ; Maria ; Jam ; Kikumi ; Dru ; PhredDango Dykes ProductionsA music video celebrating the visibility of Japanese queer womyn as themselves, in their element. With a bit of cultural subversion, DYKE: Just Be It puts a queer spin on Nike ads "Nike: Just Do It". A visually and musically empowering piece with a strong message of having pride and faith in being queer and out there.Moving Image2665
She's So GayLisa G200100:28:48Jenn Barker ; Jewelz Bigelow ; Geoff Berner ; Sarah Murdoch ; Denise Sheppard ; Danita Chow ; Rufus Poser ; Christina Schultz ; Sandhya Suryam ; Kizzy ; Ingrid Hoas ; Shauna Whetter ; Michael McLaughlin ; Jeffrey Boone ; David Wong ; Mitch Fury ; Judy Menicanin ; Brandie Wilson ; Helen Don Sing ; Meaghan Bell ; Alexa Fairchild ; D'arcy Pocklington ; Rex ; Jamie ; Augustine - Michael Thompson - The Skin Jobs ; Cherie GrassFastgirls ProductionsAn enthusiastic queer young professor is confounded by her very own teachings of freedom and rebellion. A 20 minute epic that will keep you on your toes as it mixes love, the pursuit of anonymous sex, art, revolution, miscommunication and death. Blink and you may miss something.Moving Image2685
UnravelledLisa G200200:02:05Jenny B. Rahbek ; Emily C. ; Emilie O.A metaphorical quickie about the armour we wear that stops us from getting involved - that is until someone figures out how to unravel us.

Getting together can be an awkward proposition sometimes.

Shot on Hi-8, edited on early iMovie at Emily Carr Art and Design School with my artist friend Emily O. Dolls made by Jenny B Rahbek.
Moving Image2686
CrimsonGino T. ; Byung K.200000:04:00Clover P. ; Izzi P.This tape portrays the feeling of sadness when one loses an exciting, idolized friend and an object of love through a change in gender: when a femme fag crush transitions into a butch dyke. The pirate here represents a figure of freedom, adventure, outlaw, and difference, inspiring feelings of awe and fear, identification and desire. The pirate in the bathtub is trashy glamour ("bathing beauty") and reflects a sense of play.

The trendy, academic discourse about the fluidity of gender, sexuality, and performance is here questioned and made more complicated.
"Thank you: Marc S., Juli K., Wade C., Grace L., Julija N., Belinda S. Special thanks to: Clover P., Ji Sung K., Izzi P. This film is dedicated to R./C."Moving Image2690
The CallingNguyen Tan Hoang ; Dredge Byung'chu Kang200000:08:00Trung Pham ; Gino T. ; Sam ChuangKimchi Chige ProductionsThe dream of every Catholic mother is for her son to dedicate his life to the Church, i.e. to receive the Calling and become a priest. After having four daughters, my mother made a pact with the Virgin Mary that, if granted a son, she would give him up to God, and that was how I came to be and what I was destined to become.
Employing a collage of evocative film clips from classic priest movies such as "The Thorn Birds," "The Exorcist," "Diary of a Country Priest," and "I Confess," I filter the "sacrifice" of my mother through the experiences of these cinematic men of the cloth, entangled in the apron strings of their own mothers. These priests all suffer from the classic symptom of Catholicism: a guilty conscience, enacted through secrecy, hiding, and Satanic possession, which are also alleged symptoms of another malady: homosexuality.
"Special thanks to: Boys Who Wear Glasses zine. For Clover Paek. Talented artist, cool roommate, great person."Moving Image2690x
K.I.P.Nguyen Tan Hoang200200:04:00Kimchi Chige ProductionsThe footage for this tape came from a William Higgins gay porn tape, "Kip Noll Superstar, Part 1"(1981), that I checked out from Tower Video in the Castro in San Francisco. The poor quality of the tape, registered by bad glitches, drop-outs, and poor resolution, reflects the history of the tape's previous rentals by a community of users."Thanks to: Amberlyn Nelson, Ernie Gehr, Linda Williams, and Pornographers On/scene. (Berkeley, Spring 2001). Dedicated to Mr. Kip Knoll." Moving Image2692
Some of the Stories: A Documentary About Trans YouthJacob Simpson200100:33:06"some of the stories" features five youth discussing trans issues: What does "trans" mean? Who are transgender people? How does society s treatment of trans people affect us? The youth talk about how transgenderism intersects with other issues in their lives, such as poverty, disability and culture. The video addresses the legacy of colonization and how the struggle for trans rights is intimately linked with the struggle for Aboriginal rights.
Out on Screen Scholarship Winner
"Thank you to: Jeanne Russell, Karen Earl, Juli Macdonell, Reid Perrier, Emily Hodge, Kathy-Ann March, Amy Kazymerchyk, Jonathan Wells, Michelle Irving. Thanks also to Maija Martin for mentoring me. This video was made with support from Video In, Out on Screen, and Out on Campus. This video was produced on Coast Salish Territory."Moving Image2693
Orphan DykeSheila James200200:15:57Da Choong ; Alysonk Linhiavn ; Madelaine Yang ; Luna Yap ; Andrew Yu ; Deana Kao ; Janet Lang ; Katherine Lee ; Emily Liang ; Frank Liu ; Xufeng Liu ; Ehab Shanti ; Xiwen Shi ; Kass Sunderji ; Raymond Tang ; Ai Yu Yang ; Jessie Yao ; Antoine Léger ; Thea Léger ; Pegi Caesar ; Sharon Fernandez ; Monique Léger ; Catherine Ring ; Nena Toth ; Brian McPhail ; Chris Ikonomopoulos ; Karina Griffith ; Bill March ; Gillian Pranger ; Kerry Campbell ; Chantal Henrie ; John Seck ; Mark Ferguson ; Kevin James ; Ian Webster ; Alain Larose ; Tiffany Beaudin ; Khanhthuan TranManja ProductionsWritten and directed by Sheila James and based on the reflections of Da Choong, Orphan Dyke charts the journey of a Chinese lesbian grieving the death of her mother. Moving through the interior and exterior winter landscape, she must come to terms not only with the loss of her mother but the physical and emotional distance she has maintained from her family, the silence of her lesbian life and her essential aloneness. The first video by Manja Productions, (Da Choong and Sheila James) Orphan Dyke turns the lens on this rarely explored territory.Ontario Arts Council Artist Film and Video Grant ; The National Film Board of Canada - Filmmaker Assistance Program ; The John Bailey Film and Video Completion Fund, Inside Out"Special thanks: Anne Valois, Anita James, Ed Kwan, Mabel Kwan, Michael Caffery, Luna Yap, Jessie Yao, Beth Hockley, Kevin Farley, Mrs. So-Fin Pang, Mrs. Shirley Chow, Shannon Mannion, Melinda Mollineaux, Dr. Fletcher, Dan de Vette, Bosa Redzic, Shanghai Restaurant, Ashleigh Horricks, SAW Video, Peter Mann IFCO, Auto, Kettleman's Bagel Shop, Patty Boland's Pub. Music recorded at SoundWeb Enterprises. Post Production Facilities: SAW Video."Moving Image2700
She SaysLisa G200300:03:00She says one thing, but her actions say something completely different. A foray into the plastic world of porn...
Can morals, ethics and a superstar lifestyle get in the way of love?
Moving Image2721c
BloodDebora O200300:07:30Rafael Tsuchida ; Donna Szoke ; Dinka Pignon ; Nabaouiya Zouinati ; Kiley Fithen ; Laiwan ; Vanessa Kwan ; Terra Poirier ; Gordon Wong ; Maija Martin ; Kirsten Forket ; O Man SengBlood is a collection of images, both archival and new, shot by different media both by my father (Super 8) and myself (video). It is a memory piece exploring the "queerly raced" body and its connection to disparate places and histories. Living in a queer mixed race body means negotiating many different terrains on the surface of one skin. How does living in such a body affect an awareness of contact zones where movement, body, time, and memory come together in the passing through of different histories and contexts? This video engages three different landscapes that come into contact through the sensibility one queer body - Macau, Vancouver, and Lisbon. Out on Screen 2003Out On Screen Scholarship ; Canada Council for the Arts ; Video In Studios"With the mentorship and inspiration of Laiwan. Many thanks to my dad and his lens, and my mom for taking me to the sea. Many thanks to Miriam O for swimming. Donna Lee, underwater understudy. Nancy Pang, for joy. Macau footage PAL conversion: Super Suite Studios. This video was made possible by the Out On Screen video scholarship, with a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts. & Video In Studios. Dedicated to my avó and my pópó."Moving Image2729
You FakeMaureen Bradley200300:06:13Morgan Brayton ; Lisa GGirl World ProductionsWhat do real women do in bed?
After a bad one-night stand, Morgan looks for solace from her best friend only to be confronted with self-righteousness. Their disagreement results in a high-stakes bet to find out how many dykes fake it.
"Many many thanks: Morgan Brayton, Lisa G, Leslie Lewis, Racelle Viader Knowles, Laurel Swenson, Lisa Rae Vineberg. Produced in cooperation with the Union of BC Performers."Moving Image2738
My Heart the Blood PumpClark Nikolai200300:01:37The video that dares to ask the question: "Is there such a thing as love?".Moving Image2739a
Pimp & Ho: Adventures in QueersploitationMark Kenneth Woods200100:09:00Robert-John Farrow ; Dickey Doo ; Cotton ; Bruce Walkinshaw ; Alison Maddaugh ; Bradley Congram ; Kandy Kerrisdale ; Shayna Shaughnessy ; Tracey BellInspired by the blaxsploitation films of the 70s, this campy short blatantly focuses on issues of gender and sexuality. The video follows the gay Jonny Pimp and the transgendered Honey Ho, the queerest duo in town, as they fight to keep the "gayborhood" safe from the drug-dealing, gay-napping, heterosexual Big Daddy and his goons. Includes a promotional trailer."Special thanks to Tracey Bell. Thanks to Michael Venus, The House of Venus, Michael Buchanan, Clubcard, Peter and Vicki Kerasiotis, Stacey Kerasiotis, Michelle Rogers, Anne and Ken Woods, V tape."Moving Image2744a
Pimp & Ho: License to QueerMark Kenneth Woods200200:18:00Robert-John Farrow ; Dickey Doo ; Max Murphy ; Daniel Elmes ; Cotton ; Michael Venus ; Jennifer Legge ; Jovainka ; Trixie ; Lil Jay DouglasInspired by spy films of decades gone by, this campy and stylish short blatantly focuses on issues of gender, sexuality and film genre. Having joined the International Queer Secret Service, the infamous Jonny Pimp and Honey Ho are back travelling the world in a race against time to stop the evil Dr. Normal and his "breeder bomb". Includes a promotional trailer."Special thanks to, Chris Kerasiotis, Stacy Kerasiotis, Luv-A-Fair Cabaret, Anne Woods, Ken Woods, Temple of the Modern Girl, Fred Fletcher, Brenda Longfellow, Carol Phiniotis, The House of Venus, Vtape."Moving Image2744b
Pimp & Ho: Queer Fashion Crime ModelsMark Kenneth Woods200200:13:00Dickey Doo ; Max Murphy ; Daniel Elmes ; Cotton ; Michael Venus ; Jennifer Legge ; Jovainka ; Trixie ; Lil' Jay DouglasInspired by gangster/crime films of the last century, this campy and stylish short blatantly focuses on issues of gender, sexuality, religion and film genre. Forced into a life of crime by ultra-conservatives, the infamous Jonny Pimp and Honey Ho are back to protect gorgeousness from the waspy Christian Wright and Crystal Cathedral."Special thanks to:, Chris Kerasiotis, Stacy Kerasiotis, Luv-a-Fair Cabaret, Anne and Ken Woods, Temple of the Modern Girl, Fred Fletcher, Brenda Longfellow, Carol Phiniotis, The House of Venus, Vtape."Moving Image2744c
Drag on a FagNickolaos Stagias ; Arlene Sandler199400:05:00Derric Bradford ; Gregory Williams ; Chantail Stacy Vincent ; Isabelle Gravel ; Manny Tuazon ; Remi Parent ; Etoile Stewart ; Guillaume Richard ; Angela Fong ; Gilles HamelA Gayly Forward ProductionAre they fags smoking cigarettes? Or are they cross-dressers smoking fags? A campy guide to queer slang."Special thanks to Club Joy, Patrice Massé, Rena Pizzeria, Concordia University - Communication Studies."Moving Image2757
CherryLaurel Swenson200400:03:25Maureen Bradley ; Richard Swenson ; Matthew Wiggin ; Sylvia ; Richard ; Yvette Narlock ; Gyasi BourneCherry
She has witnessed you losing your power and your scramble to keep it. Recalling your power of persuasion, she sees that it has slipped away from you. A shifting, a sliding and recognizing that what is known changes over time and perspective. We learn the most from our messiest of decisions. Cherry re-invokes this coveted and sexually loaded fruit in a cutting recollection of sexual dynamics. I am your cherry, you are my pit.
Canada Council"One of a Series: Sitting. Still. A Body of Anxiety, Technology, and Hope. (Nine videos) 1998 - 2004"Moving Image2761b
Lesbian Robot Zombie at DoorKiley Fithen200200:09:00Jennifer Kovac ; Krista Tupper ; Amy Lockhart ; Maija Martin ; Robin and co.A lesbian experiment in the zombie movie genre."Special thanks to Video In Zombie studios, Maija Martin, Raphael Zombie. Based on the screenplay 'Dong of the Dead' by Dokter Braino."Moving Image2768a
My German BoyfriendWayne Yung200400:18:29Roman Leitner ; Christoph Schlemmer ; Frank Schaberg ; Adir Tekin ; Daphne de Baakel ; Gaby Tupper ; Ulf Neubauer ; Rainer F. ; ipek ipekcioglu ; Anke Brucker ; Kai Scharmer ; Dorothee v. Diepenbroick ; Renate Ober ; Ludger Wedding ; Ulrike FinkbeinerRicecake ProductionsA gay Chinese-Canadian encounters ethnic stereotypes as he seeks his ideal boyfriend in Berlin. A comedy about mistaken cultural identities, a diary of immigrant isolation, and a love letter to a boyfriend who might have been.Moving Image2775
Straightening Out the GayLisa G200400:11:00C. Bizicki ; Coco Culbertson ; Maija Martin ; Louvia Petersen ; Tobey Black ; Jenny McDonell ; Kim Kinikin ; Frances Wasserlain ; Makoto Yamada ; Sara Lapsley ; M.V. Smith ; Emilie O'Brien ; Mistress Raven ; Sherman Vieira ; Ian Nye ; Candy Joan Hannah ; Laura Schultz ; Denise Sheppard ; Becki Dunn ; Rene Cherrie ; Danita C ; Master Frederick ; Ryan Tiernay ; Keith Parry ; Eliza NorburyFastgirls ProductionsStraightening Out The Gay is a mockementary about a lesbian's anger toward Vancouver's own pop super group "The Gay." Believing they are using the term 'gay' merely as a media ploy - in effect appropriating her sexuality - she wants to get even."Thank you! K. Battie, C. Hamilton, C. York"Moving Image2776
Holy Matrimony BillyMark Kenneth Woods200400:04:30Michael Venus ; Mel Siermaczeski ; Michelle Carimpong ; Paul Wolowidnik ; Cotton ; Ben Newcombe ; Dickey DooBilly dreams of marrying George W. Bush but most folks seem to think that marriage is a right exclusive to heterosexuals. Billy knows better. Referencing McCarthy-era propaganda films, Billy cleverly questions current anti-gay marriage rhetoric with humour and style."Thanks: Rico Star, MTV Canada, Vtape Distribution, Video Out Distribution"Moving Image2777
Designer GaysMark Kenneth Woods200400:02:45Michael Venus ; Dickey DooCreating a new queer-themed hit television show is easy. Just mix mainstream assumptions about sexuality and gender with plenty of stereotypes and throw in some pointless sexual content and you ve got "Designer Gays", the ultimate in exploitive programming."Special thanks to Dave Briker, Ben Newcombe, Michael Venus."Moving Image2780
CakeVanessa Kwan200200:02:09This is a video about the furtive sweetness of first love and remembering it.Moving Image2781a
Interview with My DadVanessa Kwan200200:02:30Using a narrative of healing more scientific that emotional, Interview With My Dad explores some painful realities of the artist's family relationships."For my sister."Moving Image2781b
Some Real FangsDesiree Lim200400:34:00Sepideh Saii ; Natalie Sky ; Luvia Petersen ; Mutya Mucatumpag ; Natsuhi Yoshino ; Simi Johal ; Brenton Spencer ; Amy Wilding ; Simon Kendall ; Allan Rodger ; Grace Yuen ; Hirotaka Asano ; Koji Komura ; Ashley Liu ; Lindsay Hamilton ; Carol Song ; Sharon Matsumoto ; Pat Tucker ; Tom Chin ; Charmian Leong ; Sanchia Wong ; Saori Yamamoto ; Winston Xin ; Mishann Lau ; Chris Boettcher ; Kathy Leung ; Sandra Montgomery ; Patricia Walden ; Matthew Seagle ; Aaron Golden ; Christina Kasperczyk ; Dave Riley ; Jesse Gygli ; Clark Nikolai ; Tamara Jones ; Jim Norman ; Nazim Edeer ; Sheby Koynucu ; Sarah Mater ; Alex Glua ; Marie-Eve Levesque ; Stephanie Rudachyk ; Sarah Pickersgill ; Julie Beaton ; Jessie Palmer ; Krista Braley ; Gwyn Shipman ; James Goodman ; Robin Chan ; John Crossen ; Eric Milner ; Winnie SiuA Moving Pictures Japan Production ; Reel Fang Pictures Inc.Tara is the heir to the Vampire tradition in her family. The time has come for her to grow her fangs. But first, she has to find her true love and have the first fateful kiss on a special Lunar eclipse that happens once in 120 years. And she only has two weeks to do that. Tara meets Nelly at a local Blood Bank and it is love at first sight. With the help of her best friends Mitch and Leslie, Tara starts wooing Nelly, only to find out she already has a boyfriend... Is Nelly the special one? Will Tara win the race against the clock and grow her fangs? A multicultural musical-comedy about a Vampire Wannabe s coming-of-age, girl-meets-girl adventures in the backdrop of Vancouver's bright lights and back streets."Special thanks to our extras: Brenton Spencer, Chris Nelson, George Tsoutis, Joyce Lam, Katherine Kato, Kelvin Fong, Kit Koon, Matthew Klippenstein, Pierson Lam, Steve Blancaflor, Theresa Chow, Tom Chin, Vince Farleigh, Winnie Siu, and many others. Special thanks to friends and supporters: Acma Prop Shop Ltd., Chris Boettcher (Post-Digital Works Ltd.), Ina Hunt (Canadian Blood Services), Northern Special Effects Ltd., Production Services Ltd., Mark Callow (Callow Insurance Associates Ltd.), Rafael Tsuchida (Video In Studios), Scotiabank Dance Centre, University of British Columbia Alma Mater Society, Vince Farleigh (Hollywood Theatre), Brenton Spencer, Carl Bessai, Randy Shymkiw, Richard Gutter, Steve Harmaty."Moving Image2799
Queer Sisters in the BrotherhoodEllen Pond200400:09:27Carolyn Bramble ; Bet Cecill ; Girija Emery ; Patricia Sayer ; Karen Duthie ; Fainne Martin ; Rafael Tsuchida ; Donna Szoke ; Gordon Wong ; Dinka PignonHammergirl ProductionsA celebration of dykes in trades, this short doc features a welder, a carpenter, and a marine engineer who share stories of their survival in the male-dominated trades. Ellen Pond survived a carpentry apprenticeship with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters of America and wanted to share dyke trades pride and humour with the world.Out on Screen Scholarship"Thanks to Vanessa Kwan, heidyenka, Gwen Groening, April Sumter-Freitag, my mentor Karen Duthie, and my fabulous girlfriend Patricia Sayer, and the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, local 1995. Produced by ellen pond through the Out on Screen Video Scholarship Program and Video In. Dedicated to all the dykes working in trades and to my union sisters."Moving Image2817
Queer DNARandy Lee Cutler200400:03:00Queer DNA is a three minute personal narrative that uses the still image and storytelling to humorous effect. Moving from kindergarten to a Ph.D. graduation ceremony, the work highlights the intersecting realms of queer jewish identity. By drawing out the playfulness of each image, the artist explores signs of difference in the everyday family photograph.Moving Image2822
Attraction to Older MenClark Nikolai200500:10:00Bill ; Trevor ; Mark ; Rick ; Dany ; Rob ; Jonathan ; Gordon ; Tim ; Terry FairfieldSilver foxes, Daddy bears, Polar bears, whatever you call them, they're hot and young guys are after them. This documentary is a look at the topic.Moving Imaget
FagHeather DiPinto200500:07:00Jeffrey Campbell ; Kathryn Cottam ; Kelvin Tseng ; Matthew Noordhof ; Scott Gentes ; Ryan EruinFag. A loaded, controversial word with multiple meanings. A word used in many contexts, it is at once an insult or an ironic term of endearment. Where trust is lacking the word becomes one of our harshest slurs, filled with hatred, fear, venom, and homophobia. Interested in its contradictory identity Heather DiPinto sets out to ask people what the word fag means to them."Special thanks to Bruce Spangler, Ted Jones, Rebecca Moore, Trent Larson, Cherry Yuet, Jason Murphy, Kelvin Tseng, Matthew Noordhof, Scott Gentes, Jeffrey Campbell, Kathryn Cottam, Gabe Guerin, kYle finnEgan, fd01/02, Rob Lodermeier, Jeremy Brown, Garth Barriere, Josh Goldberg, David Beare, Sean McGowan, and to the people of Vancouver. Thanks to anyone who had any involvement in making this film, your support was stupendous and much appreciated. Vancouver Film School 2004."Moving Image2877
Rated F...Terra Poirier ; Donna Lee200500:08:13Crawford ; Anonymous ; Laiwan ; Dr. Lydia Kwa ; Liz Airton ; Maria Hudspith ; Deb ParliamentA Linear Girl ProductionBlunt revelations of intimacies between deviant women! When challenged to explore a topic on the theme of "Rated F for...", we felt the answer was obvious. Thus, Rated F investigates the secret laws of flatulence in lesbian relationships. Winner of the 48 hour D.I.Y. Digital Competition at Out on Screen 2004, and the People's Choice Shorts Award at Out on Screen 2005."Thanks! Shana Myara, Vanessa Kwan, Andrew Poirier, Video In Studios, Out on Screen. This video was originally made through the Out on Screen 48 Hour Digital D.I.Y. Video Competition."Moving Image2880
Degrassi B Girlz HighMark Peacock ; Michael Boyuk ; Mark German200500:04:35Shawn Hitchins ; Barbara Quigley ; Kora Harcourt ; Ivana ; Ruby Dallas ; Jamie Mahaffy ; Mark Latter ; Michael MooreGlam Glam ProductionsNo topic is taboo when the B girlz go back to high school in this spoof of the award winning internationally acclaimed iconic Canadian television franchise."Thanks to Greg Peterson, Sheridan College, Premier Artists Ltd, Nico Stagias. Extra special thanks to Rod Maxwell and Jeff Marshall. /"Moving Image2881
Yankee LustClark Nikolai200600:03:23Shot at the Folsom Streeet Fair in San Francisco in June 2000.Moving Image2887
Miss PopularityWayne Yung200600:06:20Judith Nordbrock ; Prof. Dr. Horst Königstein ; Enrique Bernacchini ; Guillermo HeinzeIs it possible to have two boyfriends at the same time? Certainly, with
a bit of organization! A gay man uses archival footage to describe how
he juggles the demands of multiple relationships.
"Thanks to Jörg Kobel, Alice Rose, and especially Frank Dürrach, and Ulrich Prehn."Moving Image2893
Mars Womb ManJames Diamond200600:10:00The equal sequel to Man from Venus (super 8, 4min,1998).

Man from Venus meets Mars Womb-Man. She's an answer without a question and he's a question without an answer. The sustainable foreground emerges only when these two forge paths. A motion portrait where opposites distract and the peripherial rules is born.
"Thanks to Sacha Fink and Video In Studios. Dedicated to Family."Moving Image2894
The WalkTerry Haines200600:03:30Sven Blacktolotech productionsThe WALK is a glimpse into the life of a gender bender who doesn't refer to himself as a drag queen, but rather a trans persona."With generous support from Ceasefire Productions, Video In Studios, Indigenous Media Arts Group." Moving Image2903
Clark Nikolai Beta CompilationClark Nikolai200600:10:00Fluid from motion - 4:11 Mon coeur la pompe de sang - 1:35 Yankee Lust 3:25 The Lilac Rule 1:12Moving Image2908
BarberedAndrew Power200600:03:45Charles Morris ; Clark NikolaiBARBERED is a music video-cum-coiffure instructional for facial hair, a home-brew mash-up of alt-rock and queer DIY. Employing still photos, processed handheld video, and a sonorous soundtrack, the tape antagonizes the casual intimacy of the barber and his client with lyrical accompaniment adapted from John Brunner s 1960s Sci-Fi classic, "Stand on Zanzibar".Moving Image2909
Sure - I'm Fine!Alex Young Hwa Cho200400:16:00Roh Hyun-seong ; Kim Su-mi ; Oh Jin-ah ; Jin Hyun-woo ; Park Jong-kyeon ; Cho young-hwa ; Jang Ju-youn ; Lee-Su-youn ; Cho Ah-ra ; Park Hye-youn ; Kim Eon-ryoung ; Lee Kyoung-soon ; Shin Jae-cheol ; Shin Sung-cheol ; Jeon Hoon ; Jin Hyoun Woo ; Jeong Ji-young ; Jin Hyoun-woo ; Kim Seon-mi ; Lee Seong-hoon ; Lim Mi-sook ; Park Sung Ho ; Choi Jin-young ; Cho Seol-kyong ; Lee/Oh Hye-min ; Han Sung-joo ; Park Seon Wook ; Jeong Ji-young ; Bae Ji-young ; Choi Ji-youn ; Pyo Yong-su ; Kim/Song HyHorny Dyke ProductionOne day, L comes out of the closet to her best friend A who is a straight. Unlike L who struggles through her speech not to make any troubles, A positively shows her support towards homosexuality and mentions that she wishes she could be a homosexual. L wholeheartedly thanks A's reaction, however, A insists that respecting others sexual orientation is not a thing to be thanked for, but rather something that should be taken for granted. Yet later on, A begins to have delusions that everyone around her is gay."Special thanks to: Shin yun-eam/My mother, Hyunhyun, Seong sae-ron, Kim Ye-hyee, Choi Jin-young, Rah Hye-kyoung, Bae Su-kyoung, Choi Mi-ae, Si-na Alannah, Park Roh-cheol. Thanks to: Choi/ji sean young, Seo Su-ryang, Kim Su-jeong, Kyean seong hyi."Moving Image2919
Pee AmericaIvan E. Coyote200100:17:10Chloe Brushwood Rose ; Richard SpencerYou're A Nation ProductionsRescued from the ashes of a house fire, from the sole remaining VHS tape, Ivan E. Coyote's road tripping instructional tale for female travellers (who want to pee standing up) is a time-worn document of pee theory and the American road.Moving Image2924
I CUM ISacha Fink200600:10:00James Diamond ; Dano NdalambaAs grainy and raw as its Pixelvision video, "I CUM I" is sure to please and unsettle. This 8mm film restages the death of Sylvia Plath in a contemporary setting.Moving Image2925
Re-actPaul Wong ; Elspeth Sage2001CD-ROM Selected performances 1970s to 90s by multimedia artist Paul Wong. Includes essay by Elspeth Sage, videoclips, photographs, illustrations, links and more.Moving Image2936
We Are All In Your HeadSacha Fink200600:06:00"Life is but a dream, but who's having it? Sleepwalk with me outside to discover a world that is washed out, barely there. I will now make my mark...a message from the demon seed."
Using 8mm film, her 2007 film We Are All in Your Head is an experiment with imagination, consciousness and identity formation.
"Thank u Julie Saragosa, Kai Ling Xue, Ben Donaghue, James Diamond, Zion Diamond, Amber Dawn."Moving Image2943
BoyfriendLisa G200600:05:02Trish Kelly ; Nomy Lam ; Mitch Fury ; Much Music ; Mason Newlove ; Darlene the Ambassador's Wife ; Miss Cookie Lawhore ; Lee Hendon ; Crzz ; Morgan Brayton ; Tara Taylor ; Michele Thompson ; Vancouver's Own Queer Punk ScenestersFinding love in the age of the internet. Featuring queer punks "The Skinjobs" at Ms. T's Tavern in Vancouver, BC Canada."Shot 2003 at Ms. T's, 339 w. Pender St., Vancouver, BC, Canda. Edited 2006. 'MIGHT AS WELL BE YOU' from The Skinjobs album BURN YOUR RAINBOW."Moving Image2945
Towards the day...we are all freeMeg Torwl200701:30:00A feature documentary with Refugee and Aboriginal women and girls from Canadian First Nations, Iran, Afghanistan, Algeria, Bosnia, Vietnam, Guatemala, Uruguay, Aotearoa. Portrays their persecution, activism, journeys to and within Canada, through personal narrative, art, poetry, discussions and demonstrations. These are ordinary women who did extraordinary things, against all odds took matters into their own hands, changed their own lives, and the world. Their community activism and strategies for change, reflect a world of possibilities. Towards the day... we are all free explores how gender, class, race, nation of origin, language, religion, sexuality, disability, intersect in displaced women's lives, as they are affected by state and community persecution, racial profiling, 9/11.Moving Image2947b
Somewhere In BetweenGina Pei Chi Chen200500:03:00Claire Liao ; Pei-Ching ChenSomewhere In Between traces the formation of an Asian girl's androgynous identity through documenting real life images with first person voice over narration. While the images are showing various public places like churches, playgrounds, washrooms, and clothing stores, the audio is revealing the girl's experience as being gender bended and her deep concern about the social construction of binary gender roles."Special thanks to Harry Killas, Peg Campbell, Emily Carr Institute."Moving Image2951
S/HeGina Pei Chi Chen200700:12:00Pei-Ching Chen ; Eleanor Teng ; James C. Kuo ; Angela Chung ; Fred Whitehead ; Deborah Finkel ; Justin Murphy ; Yi-Ting Amy Wang ; Liam St. Louis ; Selena Chung ; Harwood Kwan ; Courtney Johnson ; May Xu ; Ginger Chen ; Joline Chuang ; Nicole Chen ; Vicky Chow ; Cindy ; Cynthia Yang ; Demi Lin ; Annie DuongS/he deftly illuminates the struggle of one 12-year-old girl to follow her expected gender and cultural roles and while exploring an emerging masculine nature.Moving Image2953
SuPORNNaturalSacha Fink200700:04:00Space oddities cruising the radio waves have a chance encounter via TV antenna and strike up some weird romance."Thanks Julie Saragosa, Project 8."Moving Image2955
Before the New MilleniumLorna Boschman200700:26:57Kiss & Tell ; Persimmon Blackbridge ; Lizard Jones ; Susan Stewart ; Mary Alice ; Jean Mitten ; Paul Lang ; Milena Droumeva ; Emily FarinaBased on performances by the notorious lesbian art collective Kiss & Tell, this video captures digitally processed moments hidden for over a decade, recalling historic queer and art-world attitudes towards sexuality and censorship of the 1990s. The provocative styles of Persimmon Blackbridge, Lizard Jones and Susan Stewart come together in simple lust stories and in letters to their mothers. Lorna Boschman, who directed two previous videos about Kiss & Tell, represents the group's approach to performance through a digital mix within the frame, shaping geographically separate shows and multiplying images together to reveal one of Canada s original queer art collectives.Canada Council for the Arts, British Columbia Arts CouncilMoving Image2958
Her Lens: Gender Currents200701:00:04Transmission (1998) - Ivan E. Coyote The Man From Venus (2006) - James Diamond Boy Girl (1999) - Lorna Boschman Pink (2003) - Michael V. Smith Inside (2003) - Trish Garner A Girl Named Kai (2004) - Kai Ling Xue Significance (2004) - Kathy March The Walk (2006) - Terry Haines Gender, Lace and Glass (1992) - David Findley A Horse, A Filipino, Two Women, A Soldier and Two Officers (2005) - Nguyen Tan HoangMoving Image2962
Pink FairyJulie Saragosa200600:07:00Michele Stanley ; Kerry Segal ; Bobbi KozinukA long process of experimentation with a variety of different filmmaking techniques while examining an evolving queer identity. The film shows an emergence of the Pink Fairy. Part femme, part tomboy, part fairy, the characters come together to subvert the idea of a fixed identity. Luminscent imagery is imprinted by hand using hand-processed colour footage, optically printing super8 to 16mm, 16mm to 16mm, negative to positive, video to film, and repeating motifs, to explore the intricacies of the celluloid medium. Audio emotes through random manipulations in a Brion Gysin-like cut-up technique.Moving Image2967
They Dance AloneJulie Saragosa200500:05:00A look back on half my life ago, who I wanted to be. Love and longing - lost friendship, belonging, the fear of touch, a magical embrace, a spell to dispel. Hands become a moment of realization - an intense feeling like no other - you realize you love her, but can never have her. A DIY exploration of turning the camera on oneself without the ability to see the frame. Shot on 16mm with an underwater camera, and a broken viewfinder. Singing songs (badly) that I remembered from years ago, trying to recapture the moments and feelings. An experiment in trusting instincts and embracing insecurities."To J.L. and yr beauty & lonely amateurs everywhere. Thanks to Pdome, Lift, Niagara Custom Lab, Bobbi K. & Irene L., Pat & Jackie W. Happy sweet 16mm, Pleasure Dome." Moving Image2969
OutsidersJulie Saragosa200500:06:30Catherine Stinson ; Mishann Lau ; Sarah Kenvyn ; Tina Giovinazzo ; Leanna Barwick ; Corrin Adams ; Megan Katz ; Jenna MacKay ; Cecilia Berkovic ; Yvonne Ng ; Brenda Goldstein ; Samantha Crowhurst ; Sara MacLean ; Tantrum ; Kate Gorman ; Beth Howe ; Kristiina Lahde ; Renata Mohamed ; Jennifer Moxy ; Lorena Salomé ; Nicole Chung ; Souvankham ThammavongsaA Splice This! ProductionA super-short super8 remake of the Coppola classic. An obsession of mine, and a lot of other girls, this movie touched my sense of belonging at a time when I felt I had none - teenagehood. Years later, when tomboy-ish has matured into gender-bending queerness, 21 grown girls play at boyhood. This film embodies both a music video style of fast cuts and silent film intertitles - a post-post-modern experiment of complicity and resistance.Moving Image2970
SmashPaul Wong ; Winston Xin200200:55:00A program of work by Paul Wong, exploring themes of sexuality. Smash contains (order of appearance): Born Under Surveillance (1999), Body Fluid (1987), 4 (1978-1980), So Are You (1994), Confused Sexual Views (1984), Confused (1984), Confused Controversy (1986), Support Modeling (1977), Prime Cuts (1981), Blending Milk & Water: Sex in the New World (1996), Ordinary Shadows/Chinese Shade (1988), Wah-Q (1998), 60 Unit Bruise (1976).Moving Image2974
DiscopediaHo Tam200700:08:15Filmed at the monthly "AsianXpress" in the 5ive Night Club in Toronto, the video is a documentary of the participants - young men negotiating their desire and identity in the margins of the gay world. On top of the hypnotic ambiance and the dreamy images of boys dancing, we read the dialogues and exchanges among the individuals. Seductive and utopic but possibly full of lies and deceit, Discopedia studies and spells out the language and the psychology of the club culture. Ho Tam says: "I have always wanted to do a Pop-up Video. And Discopedia is the closest and no budget version that I have come up with!"Moving Image2977
Movements East-WestMing-Yuen S. Ma200300:17:00Ultra Red ; Jorge Nava ; Dan PhifferT.O.F.U ProductionsMovements East—West, the third in Ma’s Xin Lu project, explores histories of movement—both in the physical movement of travel, and in revolutionary movements for political and social change. This experimental video is structured as a composite timeline of sixty dates and places, starting in 1841 and ending in 2001. In this chronology, significant dates in Ma's personal and family history mingle and intersect with world historical events, showing the larger social and political forces behind his migrations. Ma's life experiences are contextualized by events including the Prodemocracy demonstrations in China; AIDS activism in the U.S.; the Asian American, Gay Liberation, and Civil Rights Movements of the 1960s and '70s. Archival images of these marches and demonstrations are combined with footage Ma shot during his travels in China, Europe, and the U.S. These fluctuations in time and space recreate an uncanny sensation, most often experienced while traveling, when the past, present, and future all seemed visible in the same instant.Pitzer College Faculty Start-Up Grant"Additional thanks to: Alex Juhasz, Katherine Lambert, Jesse Lerner, Meena Nanji, Shannon Noble, Christiane Robbins, Karen Schwenkmeyer, Tran T. Kim-Trang, Holly Willis, Pitzer College Audiovisual Services, Pitzer College Media Studies Program, and the students in my Beyond Road Movies: Travel & Displacement in Media class. In memory of R.S. and D.W."Moving Image2978
Mother/LandMing-Yuen S. Ma200000:25:00Nguyen Tan Hoang ; Michael Kowalski ; Mary Parker ; Alice Y. Hom ; Cheryl Dunye ; Simone Dunye ; Alexandra JuhaszT.O.F.U ProductionsMother/Land, the second in Ma’s Xin Lu project, is a meditation on the separations and departures that have shaped the maker's identity, his family, the city of Hong Kong where he grew up, and the Chinese Diaspora in which he now wanders. This experimental video takes off from a series of interviews Ma conducted with his mother before and after her departure from Hong Kong in 1996. Her reflections on leaving the city that she has called home for over sixty years, and her subsequent adjustment to living in London forms the main narrative in the video.

Mother/Land portrays both the demise and dispersal of a traditional, heterosexual, Chinese family, and the formation of new diasporic relationships that are queer, trans-national, but no less Chinese.
Brody Arts Fund Media Fellowship ; The Durfee Foundation"Additional thanks to Martin Betz, Anne Bray, Marie Chao, Mei-Juin Chen, Abraham Ferrer, Kate Johnson, Stephen Kent Jusick, Marco Larsen, Elsa Lee, Simon Leung, Long Beach Museum of Art, Meena Nanji, Shannon Noble, Bérénice Reynaud, Karen Schwenkmeyer, Tran T. Kim-Trang, Visual Communications, Anthony Wilderman, Holly Willis, Esther Yau, my parents for giving me our home movies, my mom for sharing her stories and for everything else."Moving Image2979
[os]Ming-Yuen S. Ma200701:00:00The fourth and final video in Ma's Xin Lu project, [os] excavates the personal and the collective, the colonial and the transnational, the traumatic, the wistful, the queer, and the spectral to tell intersecting stories about our desires to return to the past. Its title represents the etymological ‘ghost’ that haunts the creation of the word ‘nostalgia’, which combines the Greek word nostos (return home) and New Latin algia (akin to Greek neisthai to return).
The video unfolds with a series of stories collected from a group of exiled Chinese gay men. In it, Ma travels to the United Kingdom, Canada, and throughout the United States to search for men from his generation, and who, like him, grew-up in Hong Kong but are now living abroad. When he finds them, he asks each of them to tell him a story about their memory of growing up in Hong Kong.
In its disparate recalling lost times and places, [os] traces transitory states of being that are shared by both exiles and ghosts. These connections, like the experience of haunting, are ethereal and ungraspable—yet uncannily powerful. In [os], the ghosts of memory are given a “reality check” by actual ghosts, who turn out to be just as elusive, disappearing around the corner before they can be captured by the camera.
Moving Image2980
The Love That Won't Shut UpIvan E. Coyote ; Veda Hille200700:21:00Arthur Giovinazzo ; Bill Monroe ; Diana Davidson ; Ellen Woodsworth ; Gordon Hardy ; Jesse MacGregor ; Margo Dunn ; Chad Galloway ; Sebnem Ozpeta ; Skye Brooks ; Martin Walton ; Emma HendrixWhat's happened to oral history? What was it like being queer in Vancouver in the 50s? the 60s? the 70s? Where did people hang out? What did they fight for? What do they miss? Armed with curiosity and a cameraman, writer/storyteller Ivan E. Coyote and musician Veda Hille set out to talk to the people who were there. Stories of the Vanport, the International Women's Conference, communal life in the West End and the Castle Kiss-In all come together to make a picture of our city in the middle of the last century.City of Vancouver"Produced in partnership with Out On Screen & the Queer History Project. VIVO Media Arts. Special Thanks to Shana Myara, Vanessa Kwan, and Drew Dennis. This project was created with the generous support of the City of Vancouver. For access to full archived interviews, contact Ivan E. Coyote"Moving Image2985
AvalancheClark Nikolai200700:05:20Ice cubes melting in a trough at a leather bar.Moving Image2987
Asian BoyfriendWayne Yung200600:01:00Oliver Nitschke ; Jens Hollman ; Alice Rose"Get your very own Asian boyfriend today!"Moving Image2995
Near-Perfect WeddingMichael V. Smith200700:01:33What do you need to make the perfect trans lesbian interfaith Jewish wedding? The Near-Perfect Wedding, a DIY Super8 short, will explain all."Thanks to Project 8, Julie Saragosa, Kai Ling Xue, Ben Donoghue. And special thanks to the wonderful Clark Nikolai."Moving Image3003
Ice Skate CanadaMark Peacock ; Michael Boyuk ; B-Girlz200700:01:57The B-Girlz slide into the world of figure skating in this promo for an upcoming skating competition. But can Barbie Querigan survive Kora Harding s shenanigans? And who ends up hitting the boards while Ivana Baliul hits the bottle? It s a slippery trip into backroom politics and on ice drama that you don t want to miss.Moving Image3005
Canada's Next Top ShowgirlMark Peacock ; Michael Boyuk ; B-Girlz200700:05:09The B-Girlz find themselves vying for the coveted title of Canada s Next Top Show Girl in this promo for a yet to be released reality television series coming soon to a network near you. The stakes are high even if the standards are low so stayed tuned to see who will come out on top and who will bottom out here on Canada s Next Top Show Girl!Moving Image3006
DredgerEarl Moloney200700:09:00Dredger (n): an apparatus for bringing up objects or mud from a river or seabed by scooping or dragging. Dredger sifts through 7 years of footage, depicting a wide range of subjects, times and places, and collages / montages these disparate images into a call for ally-ship, alliance and community.Moving Image3012
Pink Comblamathilde200700:03:56MiniblocA pink comb a blue ball, when colors and objects talk about gender, sex and queernessMoving Image3015
CheckpointAlex Mah200700:12:00JT ; Louis ; Seth ; DJ ; Quvi ; Interviewee XIn “Checkpoint”, seven interviews are woven together to tell the stories of trans, gender variant and two-spirit men of colour living in Southern BC, Canada. The story focuses on the way their daily lives are impacted, from borders to bars, by a lack of appropriate pieces of identification. It also documents the struggles that they face in acquiring proper identification, something that is becoming increasingly important in such a security conscious world.Out on Screen's First Out video program"A special thanks to: Winston Xin, Setareh Mohammadi, Gabe Forsythe, Krista Stusiak, Wendy Chen, Analee Weinberger, Vanessa Kwan, Jacks Cheng, Out on Screen, Pacific Cinematheque."Moving Image3024
Butch/Femme In ParadiseLorna Boschman198800:05:00Ami Moore ; Avril Sullivan ; Chris Coutts ; Persimmon BlackbridgeOn the wild west coast, a butch/femme couple act out a sexy fantasy against a backdrop of voluptuous rock formations.Moving Image3033
Hey F*** FaceAmber Dawn200800:04:15Rika Moorhouse ; Laren MartinHey F*** Face is part two of a three part series of short video poems that explore the puzzling and often hazardous task of being human. Medical specimens, gender bending Christian clergy and kinky sex are just a few of the topics the whimsical narrator touches on during this four and a half minute video. Originally shot on black and white Super 8 film, Hey F*** Face was created as part of the Project 8 Boot Camp, 2008.Project 8"Made possible through support and mentorship of project 8, with special thanks to Julie Saragosa."Moving Image3034
AsylumLisa G200800:07:00Heidi Currie ; Kathryn Lynch ; Wes Machnikowski ; Barbara Faerge ; Brenda Rattenbury ; Kai Ling Xue ; Project 8 ; Elisa Chee ; Cheryl Hamilton ; Catrina Longmuir ; Norma McMurdoNurse Norma McMurdo recollects working at Riverview Mental Hospital (Coquitlam British Columbia Canada) from 1949-1951. In particular are compassionate memories of lesbian patients and the understanding that they weren't actually crazy.Project 8Moving Image3072
Pimp & Ho: The Dragon FairyMark Kenneth Woods200800:11:00Dickey Doo ; Cotton ; Ryan Steele ; Mel Siermaczeski ; Paddy MaMKW ProductionsIn this ode to Kung Fu action movies, Jonny Pimp & Honey Ho are summoned by the “Gaysian Division” of The Queer Secret in Hong Kong. They must learn the ancient art of Chi Gong in order to track down “The Dragon Fairy”, a racist, transphobic ex-agent intent on wiping out the entire Queer Secret Service."Special thanks: The Biltmore Cabaret."Moving Image3073
Attila & IFrederick Cummings ; Shawn Chappelle200900:08:56Atilla Richard LukacsSister Fuck ProductionsAttila & I is a mini experimental documentary on the prolific and famous painter Attila Richard Lukacs, shot in his gigantic studio in the east side of Vancouver. This new video exhibits an evocative and friendly side of this serious and influential painter. Shot by Frederick Cummings, edited by Shawn Chappelle.VIVO Work Exchange ProgramMoving Image3077
Sleep Tight (Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite)Lisa G200900:15:00A humourous checklist of the things a Vancouver household had to do dealing with bed bugs. Shot on a consumer grade digital still camera, this video documents the real time efforts of a queer couple doing what is required to get rid of bed bugs."With love to Cheryl H., bedbug victim #2. Dedicated to Joe, bedbug victim #3. Thanks to Laurel S., Amanda W., Denise W., Dorothy H."Moving Image3086
FrolicClark Nikolai200900:03:31Iain MacIntyreA journey to a lake to find danger.Moving Image4012
49th and DavieAyaz Kamani201000:15:37The work is a fictitious narrative based on a specific period of Vancouver's history in which social and cultural landscapes were being actively and publicly negotiated. In this context these two friends met and drifted. The work itself occurs ten years later when they meet for a vulnerable conversation held up by vivid memories."Thanks to my dad, mom, Nanima, sister, Damien, and Sharon."Moving Image4022
I am the art sceneJames Diamond201000:03:00The Ex Ex Ex Gay MovementThis is a lowest of the low quality, high-art private service announcement. A tune is loosely covered. There are no (re)enactments of sexual violence.Moving Image4026
OnlineDayton201000:05:34All the Wrong PlacesJuxtaposing an elaborate, intimate personal ad with the now familiar headless webcam session, Online examines the difference between what we want, and what we go looking for.Moving Image4041
Wigged OutNickolaos Stagias200900:36:00Wayne Yung ; Gilbert Pedrick Barsley III ; Nina Jones ; Jennifer Baum ; Sylvain Bombardier ; Trevor Cowley ; Gina South ; Patrick Harrison ; Clark Nikolai ; Jessica Rain ; Philip Banks ; Patrick Tubajon ; Winston Xin ; Michael V. Smith ; Troy Yorke ; Christopher Logan ; John Parker ; Mark Plimley ; Heather Christie ; Margaret McCool ; David Purvis ; Frannie Sheridan ; Georgia Posno ; Claire Posno ; Michael Whitfield ; Stacey Noyes ; Steven Jeong ; Karl Uhrich ; Chris ; Sophie Ducharme ; Robyn ; Travis ; Jil Anholt ; Bill Uhrich ; Susan Mavor ; Scott Geib ; Byron Fast ; Joelle ; Chris Pedrick ; Cynthia ; Heather Posno ; Scott Posno ; Miss Adrien ; The Manager ; Venus Demilar ; Kim Kinikin ; Francois Gamache ; Eoin Bettencourt ; Brett ; Kevin Burgsma ; Justin ; Chris Buchner ; Miss Cookie la Whore ; Dan Planko ; Nurse Mary Lou Miller ; Brenna NeilMetaxia ProductionsWigged Out is a “mock”-documentary which chronicles the journey of a couple attempting to adopt a baby. What makes this perspective so relevant and pressing, is the fact that Bobbie and Roberta are a gay, interracial, transgendered couple. Parenting will never be the same. Wigged Out is a queer story that begs to be told.The Canada Council for the Arts"Thanks: The Canada Council for the Arts, BC Union of Performers, Mac Cosmetics, Kits Community Centre, Club on Top, Metaform, Brenna Neil, Francois Gamache, Eoin Bettencourt, Peter Trask, The Vanguard Project, The Three Bridges Clinic, IECreative, UrbanHair Gallery, Exsales Consignment Clothing, Moberly Park Community Centre, Mary Parker, John Parker, the Stagias Family, DA Hoskins, Seth Poulin, Stephen Simpson. Original music: Troy Yorke. Additional music: The B-52s, The Hendersons. Dedicated to Sylvain Bombardier."Moving Image4052
Butch TitsJen Crothers201000:03:39AJ Murray ; Amiee Joy Ross ; Chris Vautour ; Cynthia Brooke ; MBB ; Mel Evolent ; SD Holman ; Veronica Light ; Jen Crothers ; Elaine Miller ; Jen Caldwell ; Krisztina Kun ; Tara Robertson ; Vanessa Kwan ; Mel CotterButch women discuss the sometimes complicated relationship they have with their breasts."Dedicated to Catherine White Holman (April 18, 1954 - November 29, 2009), a lover of butch tits."Moving Image4061
Porn StartMark Kenneth Woods201000:53:00Michael Venus ; Ryan Steele ; Rachelle Lachland ; Toban Ralston ; Charlie David ; Rob Easton ; Warren Frey ; Mel Siermaczeski ; Dickey Doo ; Josh Rimer ; David Ganshorn ; Travis Hellman ; Kelly Hood ; Tyler Hunt ; Tracy Julliver ; Jeff Lawrence ; Ryan Lea ; Garry RousseauMKW ProductionsIn this mockumentary, Vance and Pepe, two hosts of a renowned reality makeover series, find out their show has been cancelled. Desperate for work, they anxiously devise a plan to use their fame to find new careers in the gay porn industry. Sensing a train wreck is near, a documentary crew follow the "famous" reality TV duo as they try to create a gay porn based on "Showgirls" and "Twilight" but find out that making it big in porn is a long and hard...process."Special thanks to: Anne and Ken Woods, Stacy Kerasiotis, Vicki Kerasiotis, Piato Restaurant (Vancouver), Ryan Steele, Kenton Reid, 1181 Davie St. (Vancouver), Konstantinos M., Nathan Whitford, David "Mastee" Carter, Urban Visuals (Vancouver), and countless others for your support!"Moving Image4064
Lord CockworthyClark Nikolai201000:09:01Rod Nevison ; Matthew Shields ; Zachary Bullfinch ; Kristen Leigh Reid ; Don Kopeck ; Miles Ellis ; Pablo Griff ; Tony Flello ; Tony Flavell ; Frédéric Francois Chopin ; Trevor McLain ; Bryce Rasmussen ; Perry JolinThree Edwardian era men go on a picnic in the country."Thanks to Aaron Burt."Moving Image4065
A Bigger SplashMartin Borden201000:06:00Bert Mondrian ; Rob Nickel ; Neil BrockThis video follows the poignant life of a discarded latex condom. After serving humanity valiantly, we see it explores self-awareness, love and eventually dissolution and death.Moving Image4070
SuperQueerSakino Sepulveda201000:03:47Gerry Kasten ; Icetrip ; Victor Martinez ; Clark Nikolai ; Valérie Gobert Studio“SuperQueer” is an experimental, science fiction short film.
The story is about how a simple public display of affection between two men provokes a violent homophobic reaction.
Moving Image4073
The Comfort WindowWayne Yung201000:06:34Théophile Aries ; Jean-Ulrick DésertAn intimate portrait of a young man speaking candidly about his desire for Asian men.Moving Image4076
The Snow QueenJuli Saragosa201100:17:34Poe Liberado ; Ms. Mandrew ; Coral Short ; Pottwall ; Kay Nimalnifemmelle ; Jenny Muller ; Heidi AiraksinenThis multi-lingual film queers the Hans-Christien Andersen tale. An experiment of the in-between of translation, worldviews and genders. Made collectively in the deep snow and ice at the Schwarzer Kanal feminist queer radical wagonplace during its last days on the Spree river."Thanks for your help: Atlanta Athens, Mishann Lau, Coral Short, Wayne Yung." Moving Image4096
Troublemaker on the FrequencyClark Nikolai201500:05:10Miles Ellis ; Kristen Leigh Reid ; Louis Tessier ; Brian FultonA glitched out experiment which combines shortwave radio clips from 1985, video recorded on a Fisher-Price PXL-2000, VHS footage from Toronto Gay Men’s Chorus “fORTE”, and audio drawn from a found English language travel phrases CD.

(Available in a Spanish subtitled version as Alborotadora en la Frecuencia.)
Moving Image4587
Two Soft Things, Two Hard ThingsMark Kenneth Woods ; Michael Yerxa201601:11:00Jack Anawak ; Alethea Arnaquq-Baril ; Jesse Mike ; Nuka Fennel ; Allison Brewer ; Maureen Doherty ; Jerald Sabin ; Suzanne Schwartz ; Kyla Gordon ; Kieran B. Drachenberg ; Michelle Zakrison ; Catherine Lightfoot ; Miali Buscemi ; Franco Buscemi ; Paul Okalik ; Gerry Delaney ; Iviok ; Brent Martin ; Tina Rose ; Library & Archives Canada ; National Film Board of Canada ; S.J. Bailey ; Wilfred Doucette ; Rosemary Gilliat Eaton ; Charles Gimpel ; Ted Grant ; Richard Harrington ; George Hunter ; B. Korda ; H. Leclair ; L.D. Livingston ; Albert Peter Low ; Gar Lunney ; D.B. Marsh ; D.L. McKeand ; A.G. McKinnon ; Alan Sim ; F.H. Stringer ; Douglas Wilkinson ; Jack AnawakMKW ProductionsAs a small group in Nunavut, Canada prepare for a seminal LGBT Pride celebration in the Arctic, the film explores how colonization and religion have shamed and erased traditional Inuit beliefs about sexuality and family structure and how, 60 years later, a new generation of Inuit are actively "unshaming" their past."Special thanks: The City of Iqaluit, Julia Ains Burns, Nunavut Film Development Corporation, Sarah Ahluwalia, Makkuttukkuvik Youth Centre, Storehouse Bar and Grill, Nunastar, Julius Timog-M, Kayson Mackey, Alex Geyer, Justin Ford, Malaya Quanirq Chapman, Caroline Anawak, Mantra Ford-Perkins, Moriah Sallafie, Leslie Bransfield, Bryan Drachenberg, Louise Flaherty, Nunavut Arctic College, University of Toronto, Canadian North, Tina Rose, Rose Works, Zsa Zsa, Unity Hip Hop Crew, Emilie Philippe, Mark Bursey, Bibi Bilodottir, Jamie Lynne Griffiths, Kelly Akpaleapik, Iqaluit Pride and Fundraiser Volunteers, Convergent Entertainment, Brad Danks, Philip Webb, Katherine Frost, Michael Venus, Zack Osborne, Suzanna Doyle-Yerxa, Woods Family, and Countless Others for Your Support."Moving Image4592
Pink NoiseCharlotte Clermont201500:09:02Pink Noise is a performance filmed on Super 8. Originally in black and white, the image has been tinted pink. Built around an improvised exploration, Elise and I engage our senses: the erotic smell of her hair, the delicacy of our hands playing with the buttons on my dress, and the pressure, humidity and heat felt on my fingers inside her mouth. The soundtrack produces an ambiguous ambiance and contrasts with the innocence of our interactions.Moving Image4595
Cotton Candy Insulation Keeps You Warm and Cuts Like GlassElizabeth Milton201300:18:12Cotton Candy Insulation Keeps You Warm and Cuts Like Glass was a performance and installation work that revolved around inviting a series of participants into the gallery space (during close hours) to enact choreographed “breakdown” in front of the camera. The procession of participants (which included; artist’s mother, a drag performer, an opera singer and a series of amateur performers) were directed to break a series of prop glass objects that ornamental the predominantly pink set. Traditionally made sugar in the theater and film industry, these sugar-glass “crystal” tumblers were hurled against a prop wall and stomped into gallery floor in a series of attempted emotional crescendos that pulled from the gestural language of Hollywood musicals, punk rock and operatic hysteria. Milton returned to the gallery side each morning after a performance, collected the shards of candy glass, spun them into a cotton candy and in turn, used this temporarily fluffy pink material to insulate the wall of the set. The residue of this transformation of material accumulated within the gallery, culminating in a screening of the performances during the last week of the exhibition. Throughout this work, Milton aimed to investigate notions of the performativity of objects, the spectacularization of emotion and the connection between material and psychic rupture.Moving Image4612
Todd is a Window WasherClark Nikolai201600:10:00Todd washes windows on tall buildings. He describes the procedure and talks about his background as a sailor and climbing trees as a kid.

Available in a Spanish subtitled version as "Todd es un Limpiador de Ventanas".
Moving Image4620
Doppelgänger MemorandumClark Nikolai201700:06:00Ray Harley ; Steve Reeves ; Sylva Koscina ; Steve Rambo ; Dave Nelson ; Blake Harper ; John PhillipsIn this claustrophobically surreal and comical short, a film-score composer is distracted by a haunted video monitor in the confines of his sound studio, where he watches scenes of disconnected conversations as a result of mis-dubbing. The slippage between dream and reality, past and present, here and there, leaves the viewer in a perplexed state.

In English and German. Available in English, German, Spanish and French subtitled versions.
Moving Image4632
Vanité des nationsAlejandro Šajgalík201600:04:40Nick BostickIn a day and age of instant digital gratification, can an obsolete gay cruising ground be retrieved as a pre-Internet haven? Here, are we able to drop all mirrors of self-contemplation? What happens when an unchoreographed dance starts to attract voyeurs at the Expo grounds? What is the relationship between voyeurism and exhibitionism in the ever constant potentiality of one's online presence?

While this cruising happenstance unfolded by the Place des Nations that has been left to rot since Expo 67, the city is still pondering over the fate of the white elephant: the square where 50 years ago, world leaders from across the globe gathered to perform national pride for a day. For an expensive quickie, what is a nation if not pure vanity?
Moving Image4634
Holy DeltaAlejandro Šajgalík201700:20:00Alex Bala ; Tristan Daniel Nicolas ; Nick Bostick ; Cristian Fierbințeanu ; Bruno Bélanger ; Gabriela Fierbințeanu ; Flavio G. GarciaIn a city taken over by a capitalist post-communist succession, a prophet-like character embarks on a journey inside an uncompleted artificial lake. Dubbed the delta between the blocks, the gaping hole has been freed from society’s ties for over 25 years. Amongst cruisers, Gypsies and shepherds, he divests earthly goods and ideas, in an attempt to unravel the inner workings of utopian desire. Meanwhile, an official decree designates the void as a National Park to clear the anomaly. In response to the city regaining control over the lawless territory, can poetic acts become the seedling to a new morality?Institutul Cultural Român."Very special thanks to Gruia Bădescu, Romelia Călin, Cătălina Ioniță, Dan Bărbulescu, Danae Haratsis, Eduardo Sajgalik, Jonathan Lapalme, Gică, the sheperd, the cruisers."Moving Image4635
Shore LeavePablo Griff201100:05:48Clark Nikolai ; Ryan Smith ; Kristen ReidThe Captain goes back to make believe."Thanks to Camille Derdak, Kristen Reid, Tony Flello, Frank."Moving Image5021
What's It Like?Pablo Griff201100:01:44Clark Nikolai ; Stephan ElliottA telling conversation between a father and a son.

What's It Like? is one of a series of films involving the use of scenes taken from existing films. Using the low quality of the Pixelvision camera as to not take away from the dialogue. The Fisher-Price Pixelvision is a late 1980's camera that records on to an audio tape.
The film's crude image quality, cuts and acting hopefully make one focus on the dialogue. The scenes are chosen for the emotional connection Pablo Griff has with each original scene.
Moving Image5023
Treviano e la LunaClark Nikolai201100:10:10Warbear ; Trevor McLain ; Tony Flello ; Gerald McCadden ; Judson Young ; Daryl WhetungA man sings in the shower and has a daydream that his life is an opera. His singing conjures up both a satyr and the moon who gives him questionable advice on romance. Set to the music of Rossini with new lyrics inspired from several sources.Moving Image5032
SchwanzfilmWayne Yung201100:05:38reifer6 ; Sean MoxieA gay man speaks about his body image and growing older in the age of the internet.Moving Image5033
BunnySeth Poulin ; Nickolaos Stagias201100:10:40David Fox ; Hardee Lineham ; Mark Peacock ; Nickolaos Stagias ; Rosella Tursi ; Sylvain Bombardier ; Gavin Bradley ; Steve Hagen ; Allen Braude ; Paulette Sinclair ; Ron Leach ; Jordan Worth ; Madeleine Wong ; Andrew Hunter ; Caitriona Cantillon ; Mike White ; Darcy Muenchrath ; Charlie Guaing ; Tristan Clark ; Edwin Lau ; Tim Breene ; Jeffrey Magat ; Art Pisanski ; Kayla Ratushniak ; Divia Amarnani ; Eyal Marantenboim ; Santosh Isaac ; Byron Fast ; Jonathan Garcia-Mainou ; Warren Peacock ; Ken Aucoin ; Gerald Crowell ; Sasha Gaponvitch ; Michael Boyuk ; Mark German ; Darryl Hoskins ; Sonya Di Rienzo ; Urban Post ; Chris Dover ; Dermain Finlayson ; Katie Halliday ; Marilee Yorsten ; Dave Mercel ; Steve Moore ; Steve Lahey ; Mike Vokins ; Steven BatesBaby ProductionsKyle struggles to hold onto his ailing relationship with David, whose health is rapidly deteriorating from Alzheimer's. But as tension between the couple reaches the breaking point, David wanders off into the cold...

Recipient of the Best Short Film Award, Torino GLBT, 2013.
Recipient of Goldene Perle Audience Award, Best Short film, Perlen Queer Film Festival, Hannover, 2013.
"Thank you to the following people for their support: Laurie Arron, Zak Bailey, Michael Boyuk, Stuart Charlap, Charlie David, Byron Fast, Fabio Fernandes, Darcy Gagnon, Mark German, Carey Heeney, Christos Kapsimalis, Linda Kirkland, Cheryl McNamara, Athena Michakis, Michael Moore, Robbie Morgan, Warren Peacock, Laura Pizzolitto, Raymond Przybysz, Stephen Simpson, Micah Toub, Shayne Tryon, Clive Veroni, Polly Washburn. Special thanks: Linda Mitton & Sue-Roz Baker, Catherine Bruhier, Roberta Bratti, Andrea Brown, Melissa D'Agostino, Tasso Lakas, Mark Livesay, Charles Northcote, Debbie Peacock, Erin Phillips, Tove Rees, Actra Fraternal, Actra Toronto, Design Props, Downtown Forest, Mojo Props, Union Pictures, Robin Cass, Sandra Cunningham, City of Hamilton Film Office & Creative Exchange."Moving Image5038
In The GardenDebora O201000:10:00A personal reflection on what it means to be part of a community garden and to make connections with other queers who garden in the city of Vancouver. It also pays tribute to the many queers at the forefront of the urban gardening movement.Moving Image5041
CHELSEA HOTEL Room 207Paul Wong200800:08:00Attila Richard Lukacs ; Jermaine ; Brian Gotro ; Paddy RyanCrack induced euphoria amplifies a sexually charged enviornment. The cameraman is implicitly involved in the activities of two men tightie-whities (one black/one white). Described by viewers as both horrific and so full of humanity. This work is not what it seems, or is it? Recorded at the Chelsea Hotel, NYC.

Cast: Attila Richard Lukacs, Jermain, Paul Wong
Videographer: Paul Wong
Post-Production: Brian Gotro
Sound Mix: Paddy Ryan, Big P Productions
Moving Image5047
look_im_aznNguyen Tan Hoang201200:05:35The video explores gay Asian men's (GAMs) cruising strategies on American gay sex hookup websites. In environments deemed open and accessible, affording new sexual freedoms, GAMs often encounter such pronouncements as "No fats, no femmes, no Asians," that is, caveats that severely constrain their cyber-cruising opportunities. The video draws on two sets of GAMs' cruising strategies in the face of such rejection: the headless torso pics as a way of "tactical masking" their GAM-ness and the use of screen names that proudly assert their Asianness ("GAM" and "AZN") and those that exploit shameful racial slurs ("chink" and "gook"). This silent video combs online sex cruising grounds for articulations of gay Asian men's desires and demands.

*note: work is silent*
"Thanks: Dredge Kang, Amelie Hastie, Ceclia Dougherty."Moving Image5068
Freewheel & FixieLee Henderson ; Clark Nikolai201200:07:32The Fossilosopher ; Mark Arsenal ; Bryce Rasmussen ; Jeremy Hanem ; Anthony Gallou ; Louise Fenwick ; Camillo ; Martin Hauck ; Alex Churchman ; Jon LutzA love story develops from the affection “Freewheel” and “Fixie” feel for one another. Accompanied by spoken word outpourings, this romantic adventure between an ageing freak and a young hipster is a celebration of wonderfully bad bike poetry under sunny Toronto skies.Moving Image5069
Ungendered PronounAyaz Kamani201200:05:00Exploration of gender issues entrenched within the English language as a means to promote the official inclusion of an un-gendered pronoun into said language.Moving Image5071
SeminalBren Ryder201200:10:24Andréa ; Easton ; JillianGood Dyke Porn ; BLR MediaA queer couple documents their journey to become pregnant. From the trip to the sperm bank, interviews about their experience, to the explicit sexual encounter and subsequent sperm injection, this film uses simultaneous images and subtitle text for a unique viewing experience."Special thanks to Amber Dawn, Seattle Sperm Bank, and Ronald's Sperm. Entire sex scene can be found at"Moving Image5090
Supa ImposedMichael Venus200100:02:34Cotton ; Jubilee ; Luka ; Edward Abby ; Dickey Doo ; Robert-John FarrowThe House of VenusThis black and white short salutes the women who helped define the concepts of fashion, celebrity and glamour.

Director- Michael Venus
Camera- Edward Abbey
Music-Dickey Doo
Editor- Robert-John Farrow
Sound Editors - Dickey Doo and Robert-John Farrow
Starring - Cotton, Luka and Jubilee
Moving Image5091
Supa PowersMichael Venus200100:02:31Candy ; Corrine Lea ; Cotton ; Dickey Doo ; Jubilee ; Luka ; Nicole White ; Perfidia ; Sylvania ; Wanda Wacko ; Konstantinos M. ; Edward Abbey ; Robert-John FarrowThe House of VenusHave you ever wondered what it’d be like to have super powers? This short takes a light-hearted look at the supernatural, complete with "B" film special effects and Wonder Woman herself.

Director- Michael Venus
Camera-Edward Abbey, Konstantinos M. and Michael Venus
Music- Dickey Doo
Editor- Robert-John Farrow
Sound Editors - Dickey Doo and Robert-John Farrow
Starring - Candy, Corrine Lea, Cotton, Dickey Doo, Jubilee, Luka, Michael Venus, Nicole White, Perfidia, Sylvania and Wanda Wacko.
Moving Image5092
Supa Fun In The SunMichael Venus200100:03:23Corey ; Coriander ; Cotton ; Dickey Doo ; Greg George ; Lady K ; Luka ; Roger ; Konstantinos M. ; Robert-John FarrowThe House of VenusSpend a sunny July afternoon at the amusement park with the House of Venus.

Director - Michael Venus
Camera - Konstantinos M.
Music - Dickey Doo
Editor - Robert-John Farrow
Sound Editors - Dickey Doo and Robert-John Farrow
Starring - Corey, Corriander, Cotton, Dickey Doo, Greg George, Lady K, Luka, Michael Venus and Roger
Moving Image5094
Supa HotMichael Venus200100:02:58Adam King ; Claudia Minerva ; Cotton ; Dickey Doo ; Lady K ; Luka ; Melissa ; Mikela' J Mikael ; Randy Ruby ; Roger ; Konstantinos M. ; Robert-John FarrowThe House of VenusPlaying with sexuality and erotic imagery, this short looks at taboos and different ideas of what’s hot. Turn your campiness dial to maximum, sit back and enjoy the blatant body worship.

Director -Michael Venus
Camera -Konstantinos M. and Michael Venus
Music - Dickey Doo
Editor - Robert-John Farrow
Sound Editors - Dickey Doo and Robert-John Farrow
Starring - Adam King, Cotton, Dickey Doo, Lady K, Luka, Melissa, Claudia Minerva, Mikela J Michael, Randy Ruby and Roger
Moving Image5095
Supa GirlMichael Venus200100:04:18Bimbi ; Carlotta ; Cotton ; Devanna ; Fritz ; Girlina ; Honey Dijon ; Joey Arias ; Luka ; Mia ; Milan ; Naomi ; Robyn Graves ; Strawberry Girl ; Symone ; Takeshi ; Konstantinos M. ; Dickey Doo ; Jay J. Hernandez ; Robert-John FarrowThe House of VenusBe seduced by the sistas of the House of Venus as they take on the roles of all kinds of female beauties. A businesswoman, a model, a cop - who’s your supa girl?

Director - Michael Venus
Camera - Konstantinos M. and Michael Venus
Music - Dickey Doo
Editor- Robert-John Farrow
Sound Editors - Dickey Doo and Robert-John Farrow
Starring - Bimbi, Carlotta, Cotton, Devanna, Fritz, Girlina, Honey Dijon, Joey Arias, Luka, Mia, Milan, Naomi, Robyn Graves, Strawberry Girl, Symone and Takeshi
Moving Image5096
Supa ShowfolkMichael Venus200100:03:10Michael Turcotte ; Dickey Doo ; Robert-John Farrow ; Andrew ; Brad ; Carlotta ; Cotton ; Fritz, Imelda Mae ; Inga ; Joan-E ; Lady K ; Luka ; Maxine Von Mink ; Mia ; Mikela J Michael ; Robyn Graves ; Roger ; Rondin ; Velveeta ; Wanda WackoShot at the House of Venus' fifth annual wig-fest "Wiggle," Show folk captures the wild essence of a live Venus extravaganza. This is a showcase of the hottest performers, designers and avant guard pushers exhibiting headdresses made out of everything from plastic to paper to candy!

Director - Michael Venus
Camera - Michael Turcotte
Music - Dickey Doo
Editor - Robert-John Farrow
Sound Editors - Dickey Doo and Robert-John Farrow
Starring - Andrew, Brad, Carlotta, Cotton, Dickey Doo, Fritz, Imelda Mae, Inga, Joan-E, Lady K, Luka, Maxine Von Mink, Mia, Mikela J Michael, Robyn Graves, Roger, Rondin, Velveeta and Wanda Wacko
Moving Image5097
Supa SonicMichael Venus200100:04:16Dickey Doo ; Chris Duggan ; Troy Jackson ; Lady Precise ; Konstantinas M. ; Robert-John Farrow ; The House of VenusThis music videoesque short brings the art of sound to the forefront for a funked up Super 8 experience.

Director - Michael Venus
Camera - Konstantinos M. and Michael Venus
Music - Dickey Doo
Editor - Robert-John Farrow
Sound Editors - Dickey Doo and Robert-John Farrow
Starring - Cotton, Dickey Doo, Chris Duggan, Troy Jackson, Lady Precise and Michael Venus
Moving Image5098
Supa NaturalMichael Venus201200:03:21Robert-John ; Tyler Hunt ; Mark Kenneth Woods ; Pussy Willow ; Alex Doerr ; Doug Styles ; Niska Napoleon ; Pablo Munoz ; Preston Buffalo ; Rob Easton ; TeyshanPart of the ongoing “Supa” series, Supa Natural is inspired by both the beautiful landscape of British Columbia and its abundant UFO sightings. The unearthly beauty of the region is seen through the eyes of visiting beings. They came from Venus and they dressed fabulously."Special thanks to Helijet."Moving Image5099
Supa StitionMichael Venus201200:02:26Robert-John ; Pussy Willow ; Miss Cotton ; Ross Wirtanen ; Cadence Winter Matthews ; Quannah Styles ; Preston BuffaloPart of the ongoing “Supa” series, Supa Stition is a glimpse into the unseen world of magic and the occult. Paying homage to the low budget sci-fi films of the seventies and the altered-reality visionary Carlos Casteneda, it is a moving Warholian portrait of shapeshifting and ever-changing multi dimensional worlds.Moving Image5100
The HeistAndrew Jack ; Lee-Anne Minifie201000:07:05Leena Minifie ; Kelly Ballon ; Jojo Zolina ; Marcus Rogers ; Quentin Rogers ; Dusty Hagerud ; Eileen Gano ; Tanya Goehring ; Heather Laura Gray ; Ross Wirtanen ; Stewart Iguidez ; Christopher Akehurst ; Jean Okada ; Steven Murray ; Miyuki Mori ; Jen Mackie ; Kieran Herelall ; Danny Wickert ; Paulo O'Conner ; Anita Chan ; Nickolas Lydiate ; Aimee ; Kaley ; TanyaStories First ProductionsThe Heist is a dance film about a robbery wrong. In this high-heeled caper, four glamorous voguing cat burglars attempt to break into a prestigious gallery to attain their final score—a diamond studded shoe."Thanks to our sponsors: Gallery Gachet, Interfilm Productions, Cinestir Productions, John Fluevog Shoes, M20 Productions Inc., Post Photography Inc., Art of Danny Wickert. Special thanks for your support: Michelle Kopczyk, Lara Fitzgerald, Boris Ivanov, Lianne Payne, Jeff Little - Aspect Media, Silvana Rivadeneira, Melissa Cartwright, Amy Surley, Members of Gallery Gachet."Moving Image5102
Going StrongMarina Dodis201200:10:07Going Strong is about 3 eldely outdoor enthusiasts who are remarkably active despite being well into in their 8th decade. Through interviews, archival footage and following them in their respective activities, hiking up Grouse Mountain and skiing on the in the local mountains. Through the stories of times past, the history of the mountaineering and downhill skiing is revealed. In the present day, they are enjoying their outdoor activities in a way that break down stereotypes regarding ageing and offer true inspiration.Moving Image5109
Bill is a PhotographerClark Nikolai201300:09:34Bill PusztaiBill Pusztai is a photographer who does portraiture and plants. Originally from Ontario, he now lives in Vancouver and continues his practice. He talks about his interest in botany, the relationship between his photography and feminism and his process of portraiture."Thanks to: Bill Pusztai, Miles Ellis, Ron Kearse, Ross Braes, Janine Fuller, Little Sisters Bookstore."Moving Image5125
Exempli GratiaClark Nikolai201300:02:46Psychiatric labeling imparts new meanings to found footage of 1980s TV and home movies from Saskatoon's punk scene.Moving Image5130
Behavioural Issues in BedFrederick Cummings201300:02:19Derf ProductionsThis video combines footage shot in Stanley Park and documentation of two recent sexual encounters the artist has had with men he met online. The audio of the sexual encounters with "A" has been altered in the second clip by two octaves."Thank you to VIVO for allowing Red 8 again and putting up with for all of these years."Moving Image5132
;ization ;izer ;izedEmilio Rojas201300:14:92;ization ;izer ;ized juxtaposes the artist's personal narratives with video images of colonialism, chronicles from the trips of Christopher Columbus (in Spanish Cristobal Colon) and different diagnostic colonoscopies. Connecting the personal, the social, the historical, the medical, the erotical, and the abject to the repetition of the action of introducing corks into the artist's rectum. This performance invokes a memory of a homophobic remark spoken to the artist when he was a child: “If you are going to sleep in the same bed, you better put a cork up your ass.” The work additionally invokes memories relate to childhood sexual explorations, homophobia, and the construction of the artist's own gender identity.Moving Image5316
IntersectionsEmilio Rojas201300:23:00This collaborative Film explores issues of racism and homophobia through a surreal narrative film structured through metaphors and vignettes where the roles are played by people from queer and racialized communities in North Carolina. The film interconnects both the civil rights movement and current queer issues through the writings, love letters,interviews and speeches of the lost prophet, Bayard Rustin. Some of the topics include the history of segregation, the Woolworth Sit-Ins , the Jim Crow laws, The Greensboro Four, Amendment 1, and the repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law. This is the result of a residency by Emilio Rojas and Jeremy Harris at Elsewhere Museum, in Greensboro, North Carolina that attempted to collectively generate a creative space for reflecting on these vital issues.Moving Image5317
BeastMichael V. Smith201300:02:30Beast is a classic love story in which a hand-animal finds a truly great match in an uncut dick. Shot with a Super-8 app on an iPhone 4, Beast is a playful look at queer intimacy between age-old partners. The graphic image belies great tenderness, juxtaposing notions of what's "natural" with our animal selves."Thanks to UBC Okanagan, Creative and Critical Studies, my 'models,' and Video Out Distribution."Moving Image5323
Just DandyThirza Cuthand201300:07:37Carrie Gates ; Ruth Cuthand ; Shar Cuthand ; Indigenous Peoples Artist Collective ; PAVED ArtsFit of Pique ProductionsInvited to speak at an Indigenous Revolutionary Meeting, the narrator describes an encounter intimate encounter with an Evil Colonizing Queen which led to Turtle Island's contraction of an invasive European flora.Moving Image5354
Boi oh BoiThirza Cuthand201200:09:13Sharlene Cuthand ; Fit of Pique ProductionsAfter a long period in life identifying as a Butch Lesbian Cuthand considers transitioning to male. The experience involves a six month period of her life during which she goes by name Sarain, which she would have been called had she been born a boy. They ask to be called by male pronouns. Complicated by mental health crises, Cuthand found themselves in a mental health group home for women, having to hide their gender dysphoria. After a considerable amount of thought and discussion, Cuthand changes her mind and decides to remain a Butch Lesbian. Shot partially in Hamburg Germany, riding back and forth on the UBahn is a metaphor for her eventual acceptance of fluctuating between masculine and feminine gender.Saskatchewan Arts Board ; Tribe Inc."Thanks to Karin Kroell, the folks at Villa Magdalena K., Ruth Cuthand."Moving Image5355
You Are A Lesbian VampireThirza Cuthand200800:03:17Carrie Gates ; Shavonne Somvong ; Deanna Mae CuthandIn the dark night of a prairie city, a vampire considers her future with fetching mortal. However, requiring blood for sustenance brings a host of problems to the relationship.Moving Image5357
Outspoken: Is the Village Dying?Mark Kenneth Woods201300:49:00Brad Danks ; Philip Webb ; Michael Venus ; Katherine Frost ; Paul Aquirre-Livingston ; Denise Benson ; Evan Biddell ; Nino Brown ; Chris Cosack ; Brendan Healy ; Troy Jackson ; El-Farouk Khaki ; Maura Lawless ; Stephane Poquet ; Sammy Rawal ; Bobby Valen ; Phil Villeneuve ; Joey Viola ; Kristyn Wong-Tam ; Michael YerxaOutspoken ProductionsWith equal rights in Canada, including same-sex marriage, and a younger generation of LGBTQ people no longer feeling threatened in the streets or in mainstream bars and nightclubs, do we still need a queer neighbourhood or queer spaces? As a number of businesses in Toronto's own gay village close their doors and LGBTQ people move to other parts of the city, this documentary asks: Is the village dying?Moving Image5360
BlushJen Crothers200800:03:48Aili Meutzner ; Mary Anne Wong ; Krisztina Kun ; Elaine Miller ; Tara RobertsonBlush explores how flirtatious remarks elicit squirming and blushing.Moving Image5372
SissyJen Crothers201400:03:01Michael V. Smith ; Amelia "Ed" Pitt-Brooke ; Colin Thomas ; Monty Sea ; Elle Gray ; Sam ; Mason Munson ; Wanli Ou ; Wyatt Riot ; Mendi Menefee ; Jaedyn Starr ; Oliver Lee ; Jess Latty ; Parker HewesWhat exactly is a sissy? Sissy explores masculinity, gender identity, misogyny and self-acceptance. A playful exploration of what it means to be a sissy. "Thank you Tim Herron, Kristina Lemieux, Lindsay Lalone"Moving Image5373
Under the RainbowTrish Garner ; Dave Shortt201400:11:44Shawnee Gaffney ; Vikki Reynolds ; Elizabeth M. Saewyc ; Aaron Munro ; Trish Garner (BC Poverty Reduction Coalition) ; Brent J. Rubin ; Dan Rocque ; Jordan King ; James GoodmanUnder the Rainbow is a short documentary featuring Shawnee Gaffney, a queer high school student facing family rejection, hunger, and homelessness. After being thrown out of home, she finds herself couch-surfing with strangers and living a life of daily insecurity and vulnerability. It is through Shaunee's story of resilience, combined with insights from service providers and researchers, that we learn of the many root causes that contribute to the high incidence of poverty in queer and trans communities in BC. An inspiring film that provides hope for the future.United Way, Lower Mainland ; Vancity ; Vancouver Foundation"Special thanks to: Johnny Sopotiuk - Principal Investigator, Queer and Trans Poverty Research Project; Julie Guard - Practicum Supverisor; and Original Interview Subjects: Tash Wolfe, Jeff Kirkey, Ryan Coke, Devon MacFarlane, Sarah Warren, Joani Mortenson, Richard O'Donnell, Mary Shearman, Linda Dame."Moving Image5395
Killing TimeFrederick Cummings201500:03:26This short work is an experimental video of a song I wrote entitled "The Killing Time, " it was shot this past summer on the sea wall near English Bay at approximately 4:30 in the morning only the crows and the ducks were my audience not a very tough crowd to please. This song is in response to some man who dumped me and just wanted to be friends when he found out I am HIV + and do "drag,". I have forgiven him now but at the time I was very wounded and angry and I believe that comes out in the lyrics.Moving Image5401
My CakeNuno Roque201500:02:15Gauderic Kaiser ; Perle Tharinger ; Faith Anne Gosselin ; Magdalena Petrovich ; Lexi DeRock ; Sylvie Boutet ; Arthur LamonThe Poison Pen Letter Club (PPLC Productions)Combining dance, mime and pop music, "My Cake" is a response to the saying "You can't have your cake and eat it too." The Villain looks back at his childhood, the day he discovers that the image others have of him does not match the one he has himself. This awareness causes a total transformation of personality. The film experiments with the themes of ambition, identity, society's pressure, gender stereotypes and the obsession to control one's self-image. The story told is also a nightmarish analogy for the transition from childhood to adulthood."Special thanks to: Andre Bader, Etienne Revault, Alex Simon, Laura Woody, Marianne Katser, Phyllis Murtle, Shermen Shirawi, Thomas Portier. Presented by La Mafia Dell'Arte."Moving Image5447
MyMyAnne Helme201300:14:00Christina Radburn ; Jackson Stacy ; Vincent Silk ; Justin Shoulder ; Ryan Alexander Lloyd ; Nina Buchanan ; Joshua Aylett ; Fatima Mawas ; Alan Satalich ; Karoline Morwitzer ; Sherwin Akbarzadeh ; Rebecca Stegh ; Robbie McEwan ; Kathy Helme ; Kiani Marama Nathan ; Anastasia Zaravinos ; Breeana Sheets ; Samia Sayed ; Spence ; Alistair Watts ; Jacqueline Erasmus ; Daniel Lustri ; Amaya Vecellio ; Ben Stegh ; Matt Stegh ; Jennifer Moore ; Sheena Young ; Lachlan Conn ; Cindy Clarkson ; Sally Blenheim ; Natalie James ; Jessica Kneip ; Ariel Shaw ; Declan Loughran ; Chester Buchanan ; Ryan Granger ; Adam Hunt ; Neil S. Bell ; Donna Lyon ; Siobhan Jackson ; Sandra Sciberras ; Gus HowardThis lo-fi sci-fi short film is an experimental hybrid of documentary, fiction and performance art. The story plays out in an affective cinematic mode, largely based on a lexicon of imagery and gesture. It features two transgender men, playing a very queer version of their own characters as they perform aspects of themselves onscreen. Throughout the film they are haunted by a chimera, a post-human personification of the desires, fears and possibilities that form who we might be in the future."Special thanks: Godey, Kathy, Kevin & Margaret, Jerky, Vinnie & Buzz, Robbie, Tuffy, Fats, JPG, Pookiis, Matt Stegh, Ben Stegh, Eva Destruction, Louise & Lachlan, Cindy Clarkson, Siobhan Jackson, Sandra Sciberras, Gordon Lyon, The Dirty Habit, Charming World Grocer, Nileshkumar P. Patel, Waverly Council, Red Rattler, Lisa Daniels, Jain Moralee, Vanna Seang, Francesca Da Rimini & Gashgirl. Special thanks to Queer Screen through the City of Sydney 2030 Sydney and Creative and Cultural Spaces. The writer and director of this film would like to thank the Grace Marion Wilson Trust Fund for its Generous Support of Creative Screenwriting at the VCA. VCA School of Film & Television, Faculty of the VCA and Music, The University of Melbourne."Moving Image5454
Two SnakesKristin Li201500:09:30Julie Matson ; Clayton BeugelingAn experimental animation and documentary about diasporic desires for foundational myths. Seeking a home in reclaiming ones' ancestry and seeking a self in reappropriated narratives. What is found is an identity, one that is fragmented, but open. Features a soundtrack by Julie Matson.Moving Image5455
Moon TrailAlexandre Gregoire ; Jordan Coulombe ; Puelo Deir201500:07:00Samuel Boisvert ; Jamie Ross ; Rodrigo Diaz Llamas ; Laurence H. Collin ; Kim Ninkuru ; Julia InnesA short documentary film that follows four young gay men as they discuss gay life and sexual health. Set during one of Montreal’s mid-summer heatwaves, the bilingual subjects reveal the freedoms and constraints they experience living their sexual identities in the distinctive and permissive city, as well as the impact of Montreal’s extreme seasons on cruising and gay urban life."Produced by ACCM for Jack & Jacques."Moving Image5456
Rosa RugosaJae Woo Kang201300:05:44Rosa Rugosa is a tender and thoughtful depiction of a gay man's gender insecurities. Shot on 16mm film, a formal sensitivity is achieved at the core of the work. The marks and imperfections of film speaks to the self-reflexive examiniation of heteronormative desire through the narrator's internal monologue.Moving Image6021
Voyeur / ExhibitionistJae Woo Kang201500:12:16Ryan Price ; David Scriver ; Tracy Lea Ogden ; Keith Freeman ; Alysha Seriani ; Jessica Johnson ; Max Gross ; Daniel DornbiererVoyeur/Exhibitionist is a two-part experimental short that is an eerie, surrealist exploration of how the eponymous roles play out psychologically on screen."Special thanks to: Ricky Chai, Junsik Kong, Giselle Kang, Evan Crowe, Corbin Salek, Sharon Kahanoff."Moving Image6023
The Longform Lesbian CensusThirza Cuthand ; Riki Yandt201700:04:20Taylor Leedahl ; Jax ; Weronika ; Morgan Sea ; Tali Frankerpulten ; Erin MacMillanFit of Pique ProductionsThe Long Form Lesbian Census polls the Toronto lesbian community to find out important statistics on tops, bottoms, switches, butches, femmes, cats, dogs, how couples are planning to conceive, and other crucial lesbian data... Or are they just trying to get girlfriends?Moving Image6024
2-Spirit Introductory Special $19.99Thirza Cuthand201500:04:57Tobi Caribou ; Elwood Jimmy ; Irene Armit ; Mano ; Konrad Skręta ; Ruth CuthandFit of Pique ProductionsNew to the 2 Spirit lifestyle? Want to talk to someone in the spirit and the flesh instead of reading The Spirit and the Flesh? We have just the service for you! Call now and for only $19.99 a month you can get instant unlimited telephone access to traditional knowledge and support. We also provode monthly gifts to subsvribers. Don't hesitate, ring those phones!"Thanks to: Greg Woodbury, Daniel Northway-Frank, Charles Street Video, ImagineNATIVE, Ruth Cuthand, Louis Cruz, Stan Cuthand, and all 2 Spirits across this nation and around the world!"Moving Image6025
2 Spirit Dreamcatcher Dot Com Thirza Cuthand201700:04:56Lindsay Nixon ; Judith Schuyler ; Elwood JimmyFit of Pique Productions2 Spirit Dreamcatcher Dot Com queers and indigenizes traditional dating site advertisements. Using a butch non-"lavalife" lady (performed by Cuthand), 2 Spirit Dreamcatcher Dot Com seduces the viewer into 2 spirit "snagging and shacking up," with suggestions of nearby pipeline protests to take your date to.Moving Image6026
SketchChristopher Logan200601:13:35John Healey ; Clark Nikolai ; Jeff Mattson ; Lana Carter ; Curtis D. Wagner ; Ethan Edwards ; Gary Gottselig ; Kimberley Price ; Jamie James ; Sonya Anand ; Golnar Soraya ; Rhonda Scott ; Kathy Carpenter ; Marc Jutras ; Chris Duggan ; Michale Ascher ; Carianne McKay ; Jennifer O'Leary ; Paul Lazenby ; Grant Tkachuk ; Steven Miller ; Robyn MacInnis ; Christine AdamsFaerie.Tale.FilmsSketch is a part-documentary, part-fictional look into the underground world of sketch parties. The scene revolves around drug use, parties, and after-parties. The story follows the documentarian in his exploration of this subculture, in an attempt to find and/or understand the disappearance of his sister.Moving Image6042
The SilenceJae Woo Kang201800:10:28Ryan Price ; Kiefer Seeley ; Carmine Santa ; Nicholas Yu ; Alysha Seriani ; Jessica Johnson ; Kellen Jackson ; Cameron MacKenzie ; Gyu Sook LeeThe Silence is a short, stop-motion animation in which two young drag queens, Yves and Ralph, get ready to meet a date. Through intimate conversation behind closed doors, questions of language and its power are addressed by these lumps of clay as they reveal their ambitions, desires, fears, and love.Moving Image6083
The LiningCharlotte Zhang201800:21:05Kevin Paniagua ; Kennedy Arnette Mitchell ; Cathy Mitchell ; Justin Pineda ; Shumeng Bai ; Xuanming Zhang ; Simon GulergunAn experimental portrait of love and quiet sadness in the corners of Los Angeles. Zhang's non-linear editing creates an intimate and poetic representation that flows in and out of narrative and documentarian conventions.Moving Image6085
Del Martin and Phyllis LyonWomen in Focus197500:28:00Del Martin and Phyllis LyonMoving ImageW0036
Bisexuality: Dr. Pepper SchwartzWomen's Office Audio-Visual Workshop197500:29:00Pepper Schwartz ; Jeanette AugerAn International Women's Year Special from the UBC Women's Office. Interview with Dr. Pepper Schwartz, American sociologist and sexologist (Department of Sociology at the University of Washington), by Jeanette Auger. "Bisexuality: A Study of social identity"Moving ImageW0051
Terms of Engagement: DocumentationKen Anderlini1995The Yellow Peril and Vancouver Race Riots of the early 20th century... domestic gay violence, and racist assault in the 90s... Four video monitors display tape loops of public and private episodes of heterosexism and racism, while a duet by two male dancers sutures together interviews on fag bashing, gay domestic violence, racist attack, and moments in the colonization of British Columbia. In an epic, polyphonic narrative, this installation makes important parallels between race, queer identity, and the construction of masculinity, wherein violence secures the identity of the masculine self.Moving Image