1973 MATRIX Video Conference & First International Video Festival


MATRIX was a conference and festival held in Vancouver, Canada in January 1973. It was organized by Patricia Hardman, Michael Goldberg, and Noelle Peltier (Vancouver Art Gallery). Goldberg explained the choice of title this way:

“…to the title ‘MATRIX’ the sense I get is that of a mesh, a variety of scattered points that inter-relate dynamically, in a spheroid rather than pyramidal pattern. It implies flexibility or randomness, like a telephone exchange, W.W.II searchlites (sic) over London, Ham Radio, or Geodesic Domes; if some of the lines are cut, the system can still function as a whole.”

MATRIX was attended by 160 representatives, many connected through the video exchange network (see International Exchange Directory). Delegates came from Europe, Japan, the United States, and Canada. Each were asked to bring a videotape as admission to the conference, which many were able to do.

The conference was held at Chown Memorial Church (19th Avenue and Cambie Street) January 17-19. The video festival was hosted at the Vancouver Art Gallery (Georgia Street) January 20-21. The latter featured a discussion with Werner Aellen (filmmaker),  Bill Nemtin (Executive Director, Metro Media), Rebecca Munsie (Metro Media), on video’s use in community development and federal communications policy.

The Video Inn Library was the most significant outcome from Matrix for Vancouver.



The collection is comprised of 79, 1/2″ open reel, delegate videos that comprised the original deposit in the Video Inn Library, audio recording, publications, reports, daily log book, correspondence, delegate registration forms, promotional material, and ephemera.


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A Guide to the Matrix Collection.PDF

Matrix Videos Deposited at the Video Inn Library.PDF



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