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Collage created EATa II: The Metro Media Society [2014]. Artist: Elisa Ferrari.

Metro Media Society


From its inception in 1971 to its dissolution in 1983, Metro Media impacted Vancouver’s media arts scene in a myriad of ways – from its commitment to access for alternative media producers, early partnerships  with feminist collectives like Reel Feelings and ISIS, its fight to revolutionize the media landscape through community cable, to its leap into experimental film, xerox art, mail art, and sound art in its last years. Remembered as advocate, workhorse, innovator, and fighter, Metro Media’s contributions to Vancouver’s media scene have been undervalued; its significance overshadowed by the system’s survivors.

In addition to the Metro Media Society Video Library, Metro Media activities are represented by three other fonds at the CDMLA: Lenore Herb, Metro Media Director c.1980s  (event documentation, xerox, mail art 1979-1984; textual records, photographs 1971+), Metro Media producers Terry Ketler and Bill Day fonds (video, photographs, 1970s).


Custodial History

The Metro Media Society Video Library is comprised of  294 video tapes from the Metro Media Society library, c.1970s. They were purchased by the SVES collective at a yard sale in 1983. Many of the videos have no titles or credits.



250 1/2″ open reel video tapes [Copies of Metro Media Cable 10 programs; community producers; off-air recordings]

44 1″ video tapes [Metro Media productions for the Cable 10 program]



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