Projects at the Archives


Women & West Coast Labour

Eighty years of action for equity in domestic and workplace labour by women in BC.

Media, documents and ephemera from the Sara Diamond fonds and  Women In Focus Society fonds.

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Gendered Violence: Responses and Remediations [Ongoing]

An Archive/Counter-Archive Case Study. Researchers are investigating our archival collections to develop understanding of the social ecology of collectives and collaborations, solidarities and complex affiliations across generations and through settler and Indigenous community-based movements/initiatives responding to gendered  violence.

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Every Queer Thing [2019]

2019 Archivist-In-Residence
Sophie Roberge MAS/MLIS
Roberge will be creating a digital guide to the queer materials found in the archives, providing insight into the history of queer art and activism at VIVO. Every Queer Thing: A Subject Guide to the Queer Materials at the CDMLA will be launched on the archive’s website in late 2019, and will be a valuable tool for researchers seeking queer perspectives. Roberge and the CDMLA will organize talks, screenings, and other community events around the topic of queer art and archives. Funded by the BC Arts Council’s Early Career Development Program.


Cait McKinney, Respondent
Trans Archival Futures [2019]

McKinney recently relocated to Vancouver and is an assistant professor in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University. We are excited to announce they are this year’s respondent for our Vancouver Independent Archive Week event that featured Chris E. Vargas and Chase Joynt. McKinney’s response will be online at later this year.

Trans Archival Futures event

Elisa Ferrari & Casey Wei, Respondents
Pisces Mid-Heaven [2018]

Vancouver Independent Archives Week [2018]
A response to the  audio cassette collection of Vancouver artist Lenore Herb by Elisa Ferrari and Casey Wei. Transcription project, publication, poster and  mixtape of the voices, issues, and sounds of the Vancouver art scene, 40 years prior.

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