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Women In Focus

Photographic Materials

The Women In Focus Society fond includes photographic negatives (various formats), 35mm slides, and photographic prints. They include documentation of the Society’s activities and its members, photographic materials used in videotape production, promotional photos (videotapes and events), documentation of gallery events, and educational productions (sound/slide shows). Additional photographic material available at Crista Dahl Media Library and Archive.

Women In Focus, 1974-1980

University of British Columbia (U.B.C.) The Women’s Office, Room 230, Student Union Building, 1974-1976.

Women In Focus at Cable 10 community cable station 1974-1975

Photographers: Aleta Clayton and Ellen Frye

Women In Focus crews in production 1974-1980

Women In Focus office, #4-45 Kingsway, Johnston Block, Vancouver, 1976.

Documentation of It’s Not Your Imagination film shoot, Vancouver Chinatown and downtown, 1980

Documentation of Women In Focus and Mary Norton, c.1976.

Miscellaneous activities documented in the Women In Focus fonds, 1975-1980

Open house featuring Vancouver women’s organizations, c.1975

International Women’s Day,  information sharing, 1979

Rallies and marches, 1975 –

Anti-Mother’s Day Rally 1975

Demonstration, Provincial courthouse, Georgia Street, Vancouver, 1975

International Women’s Day 1980

Women’s Rally [date unknown]