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Women In Focus

Reference Library

Bookshelf, Women In Focus at the UBC Women’s Office. c.1974


Feminist and other radical organizations in the pre-internet era commonly maintained a library of literature relevent to their cause. The reference libraries were critical to networking and education. Many of the publications were self-published by aligned groups, zines, or hard to find specialty publications. Just as  the UBC Women’s Office held a feminist reference library, so did Women In Focus after setting up their own centre.



The Women In Focus Reference Library was transferred to the Satellite Video Exchange Society on the dissolution of the organization. The WIF library complemented the holdings of Video In’s own.



The WIF Reference Library as constituted as a discrete resource in 2021 contains 342 unique publications including feminist, art, and media-related catalogues, periodicals, bulletins, and anthologies.  It’s believed that a portion of the reference library was integrated with the SVES library after its arrival.


Finding Aid

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