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Rates and Membership Structure

VIVO Media Arts Centre offers a three tiered rate structure to its members. As we are a subsidized non-profit, our aim is to ensure that artists and activists have access to VIVO’s equipment and facilities at the fairest rates possible. Though access is a form of subsidization, we require no content or editorial control over the work. We do, however, require an acknowledgement in credit sequences and on all promotional materials for any production created using VIVO equipment or facilities at either the MEMBER or ARTIST rates. The rate breakdown is as follows:

Extended Rate is the most highly subsidized rate offered by VIVO and is reserved for Extended Producer Members who will maintain complete copyright and editorial control over the work from production to distribution, and whose purpose it is to make non-commercial work. As such, the Extended Rate is available only to qualified Producer Members through a formal application process and costs $100 per year.

Member Rate is a highly subsidized rate for Basic Producer Members (individuals, organizations, institutions and production companies) who are working with limited budgets or have been hired by a third party, and are producing work with artistic, educational or social value, but who only have partial control over the final edit, copyright and distribution of the finished product. The Producer Basic membership costs $50 per year.

Commercial Rate is applied to productions whose intention it is to make money with the finished product, either as a marketing tool, or to increase productivity in the workplace. In most cases it is an industry standard rate and requires proof of insurance prior to renting. This rate is for individuals, groups, institutions and production companies who have access to funding or investors, either from their own endeavors or from other outside sources. The Commercial Rate requires a Supporting membership at $15 a year.

Note: membership does not guarantee non-commercial rates for all projects.

If you want to make an inquiry or make a booking contact Technical Services:

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