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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

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FOND | Lenore Herb Archive | Poetry

Lenore portrait in front of bissett painting photo 4 sun oct 6 (1)In the fourth edition of our EATa (Evening at the Archive) series, we draw on a rare video collection from the Lenore Herb Archive tracing Herb’s involvement with the Vancouver’s poetry scenes and literary communities.

Herb’s  dedication to documenting poetry readings and gatherings happening in the city over the years provides us with invaluable research material that dates back to 1979, the year of a seminal poetry conference called Writing in Our Time, organized by UBC poetry professor Warren Tallman. We will be featuring rare videos of this conference by Lenore Herb along with video documentation of paintings by and interviews with Lenore’s friend and legendary poet bill bissett, and a selection of Doreen Gray’s little known writings and video poems.

Lenore Herb (1947-2010) AKA Doreen Gray, was an artist, activist and provocateur in Vancouver’s art and environmentalist communities. She was a videographer, photographer, writer, curator, arts administrator, social and environmental activist, and an archivist (notably for bill bissett). Lenore was directly involved with blewointmentpress (1960s +), Pacific Cinema (1970s-1980s) and Metro Media (1979-1985), as well as a participant in the Sound Gallery and Trips Festival, the Floating Free School, and Knowplace Free School.

The Lenore Herb Archive found its permanent home in the Crista Dahl Media Library and Archive at   VIVO in 2014, thanks to Saphira Coutts and Taliesin Foley-Herb. It includes over 400 videotapes (including Herb’s recordings of Vancouver’s punk and poetry scenes); photographic materials; original writing and art; Metro Media’s mail and Xerox art collections; posters from Metro Media and punk concerts (1970s-1980s); The Push Society (c1983) and Metro Media (1979-1985) organization files; Lenore’s personal print archive that includes environmental, poetry, art and miscellaneous counter-culture publications.

bill bissett: Poet, painter and musician; founder, blewointmentpress; George Woodcock Lifetime Achievement Award, Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize.
Pauline Butling: Writer. Books include Seeing in the Dark: the Poetry of Phyllis Webb and Writing in Our Time: Canada’s Radical Poetries (with Susan Rudy)
Peg Campbell: Award-winning film/videomaker; VIVO alumni; educator most recently at Emily Carr;  videographer, Writing In Our Time.
Maxine Gadd: Poet; books include Westerns (Air Press), hochelaga (blewointment press0, and Fire in the Cove (mother tongue Press).
Fred Wah: Poet & writer of critical prose; founder, TISH; Stephanson Award for Poetry for “So Far”, Gabrielle Roy Prize for Canadian Literary Criticism for Faking It

FOOD | Chef In Residence Todd Graham of HandTaste Ferments

Professional brewer, former member of Victoria punk bands Lost Cause, Outright and Grasp, and artisan chef, Todd Graham, is known for his extraordinary secret suppers featuring fermented foods with his company, HandTaste Ferments. We were thrilled  he joined us, creating a truly original feast for our guests.

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Access to the Lenore Herb Archive is by appointment. Contact library(a)


Still from the video  th quiet releef uv bones | Video: Lenore Herb, Poetry & Reading:bill bissett
Still from Lenore Herb’s video If Oscar Wild Were Reincarnated
Portrait of Lenore Herb in front of a painting by bill bissett