Equipment Archive

Shawn Preus on equipment tower

Equipment Archive

As both a video production centre and library, the retention and maintenance of geriatric equipment has been a central concern. As we progressed from 1/2″ open reel to 3/4″ Umatic to Betamax and beyond, we have added to our equipment archive. We are grateful to have  been the recipient of equipment donations of gear from other organizations through the years.

The primary goal of our equipment conservation program is to preserve playback equipment for our digitization program. We  still have many of the 1/2″ decks that the earliest works in our library were recorded on. Our archive also includes cameras and accessories that allow our members to experiment with unfamiliar media which can be viewed here:

Technical Manuals

VIVO also maintains a significant collection of equipment manuals in our reference library to help us keep everything running. They  are available for in-house viewing.

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