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The Reorganized Organ mentorship project

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Join us for the final showcase of our current youth mentorship project, The Reorganized Organ, a collaborative instrument-building project and experiment in using electronic waste to make an orchestra of experimental musical instruments.

Also: opening remarks by Garnet Hertz and Brady Marks, and performances/installations by Lee Hutzulak, Sara Gold, and Gamelan Bike Bike.


This free public event will give us a chance to discuss and experience the possible roles or repair and repurposing in relation to our technological culture and education, and to do so over a shared meal.











Ten artists are half way through the twelve-week project with the help of mentor-artists George Rahi and Marc St. Pierre and assistant artist Sasha Ford.

The project culminates in a final presentation and performance event on December 1 at VIVO Media Arts Centre presented with the help of Vancouver New Music. This project is funded by the BC Arts Council, and has received help from Free Geek Vancouver and MakerMobile.

The Reorganized Organ intends to offer a fun and inviting approach to learning about the extraordinarily complex subject of wasted electronics by unraveling and investigating the relations that artists have to the electronics they use. More generally, it aims to help grow a more thoughtful technological culture.

Participants are learning:

     → how to make a musical instrument

     → how instrument design affects sound-making possibilities

     → how different sonic textures are produced mechanically and electronically

     → how the electronic organ relates to modern day synthesizers

     → skills like woodworking, soldering, listening, and improvisation

     → about “e-waste”

     → about organizations that process electronic devices we throw away

     → how to collaborate with other artists

Participants receive an honorarium per session, and artist fee for final performance.

Project runs from September to December, 2017.


Are you looking for online resources about e-waste? Check out the links below.

Photo Stories


The outstanding photo documentation for this project is being done by Jennifer and Seoyeon, as a work placement through their high school. They’re making three photo stories (below) and the poster for the Reorganized Organ’s final event.





 ♦ Story Two ♦








♦ Story One ♦




Other photos




Mentor Bios


George Rahi is a sound artist, instrument inventor and maker, installation artist, and youth mentor exploring new hybrids between the acoustic, electronic, mechanical, and sculptural realms. Rahi’s practice investigates large-scale instruments, such as pipe organs and Indonesian gamelans, re-constructing their technologies to evoke new experiences of sound, space, and public culture.

He has produced installations and performances for the Western Front, Vancouver New Music, and the youth theatre company Miscellaneous Productions. With support from the Western Front artist-run centre, George worked with students from Sir Charles Tupper Secondary and Aboriginal Focus School to create their own shadow plays for BC Youth Week 2015. Receiving an ArtStarts Creative Spark Grant in 2016, George ran an instrument-making workshop for youth using discarded materials. He is currently Artists-In-Residence with the Vancouver Parks Board’s Field House program at Hadden Park with artist collective Publik Secrets. He co-founded the Vancouver Tool Library, and is the founder of the percussion ensemble Gamelan Bike Bike. More information available at


Marc St. Pierre is a researcher and a community-engaged artist in the classroom. His main creative medium is data, which he maps to sound using computer programming languages in a practice called “sonification.” In his lab as well as his maker space, Marc blurs the lines between science and art by building technology to express environmental data as sound. Fostering an ecological and environmental sensibility through data communication, his practice challenges and extends existing systems of scientific knowledge distribution.

Marc has won a handful of awards for his work, the most recent being Best Use of Sound at the International Conference for Auditory Display for his publication on air quality sonification. He regularly teaches in a range of topics including programming, sound editing and making, and has also been commissioned to work with community organizations like City Opera Vancouver, the Vancouver Chamber Choir, and the City of Surrey among others. Marc is also currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Communication at SFU. Click to see samples of Marc’s projects, or visit to read his research.


Sasha Ford is a researcher, theorist, and composer. Her practice is broadly concerned with the psychic and political stakes of aesthetic encounter, and most often takes the form of experimental electronics, art criticism, and philosophical writing. Recent work includes the 2017 essay and hybrid writing collection Ephemeral Institutions, as well as performances at the International Noise Conference in Miami, FL; the Ende Tymes Festival of Noise and Experimental Liberation in Brooklyn, NY; and the Lines of Flight Festival of Experimental Music in Dunedin, New Zealand. She holds an MA in Media Studies from Concordia University.  More info at





Further study

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