Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

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Cross-Cultural Roots for Media Practice

Inspire your media art practice with non-Western history, art, science, and philosophy with media theorists Laura Marks and Siying Duan of the Substantial Motion Research Network, substantialmotion.org

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15 hours total over 3 sessions // Free: registration required. Limited space. Donations welcome!

Session 1: Sat June 8, 12pm-5pm
Session 2: Sat June 15, 12pm-5pm
Session 3: Sat June 22, 12pm-5pm


Prerequisite: Suited for practicing media artists, curators, and writers who want to expand their approach to technology. Participants should bring a project idea they are developing or reworking and that they wish to workshop in a group discussion format.


How do your questions, process, and aesthetics change if you re-imagine technology itself as having roots in, for example, Islamic culture? Chinese culture? Indigeous culture?

This 3-day discussion-based workshop is intended to enrich your creative process and approach to media art by drawing inspiration from the particular histories, arts, sciences, philosophies, and everyday practices of so-called non-western cultures, using a method Marks developed for identifying Islamic roots of media art.

Bring your project ideas to the group, and discuss ways to explore your work-in-progress through specific cultural lenses. Over the 3 sessions, you’ll study examples, and revise your own project ideas based on the feedback you receive from the instructors and other participants. The instructors will present examples from Islamic and Chinese cultures. Between each session, you’ll continue researching, editing, and refining your project for further feedback with the group.


Laura Marks works on media art and philosophy with an intercultural focus. Her most recent books are Hanan al-Cinema: Affections for the Moving Image (MIT, 2015) and Enfoldment and Infinity: An Islamic Genealogy of New Media Art (MIT, 2010). She programs experimental media for venues around the world. She was a visiting professor in the department of Visual and Environmental Studies, Harvard University in the fall of 2018. As Grant Strate University Professor, she teaches in the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, on unceded Coast Salish territory.





Siying Duan is a postdoc fellow at School for the Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University. Her research interest focuses mainly on the study of media arts from a perspective of Chinese Aesthetics. She has earned her Ph.D. in Art Theory at Shanghai Film Academy, Shanghai University. She is also the producer of the podcast channel “Elephant says” at the platform Creative Disturbance and the editor of the bilingual journal Critical Theory. Her publications include several articles on Chinese Media Art research, comparative aesthetics, and art psychology.





Camera Lights Sound

Learn the basics needed to shoot your first videos with the help of artist Alysha Seriani!

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9 hours total, over 2 sessions // $92, or $65 with VIVO Producer Membership (+GST)

Session 1: Saturday June 29, 12:30pm-5pm
Session 2: Sunday June 30, 12:30pm-5pm


Two extended subsidies available for this workshop:


Basic technical aspects of camera operation, sound recording, and lighting principles are taught through demonstration and hands-on practical exercises using the Canon Rebel T4i high definition camera and its interchangeable lenses. Learn how to use manual settings to help you get the best shot. Understand exposure, gain, shutter speed, and white balance. Using the Zoom H4n, audio recording procedure and considerations will be introduced. The principals of three-point lighting will also be covered and practiced.

This workshop uses equipment you can rent from VIVO, so it’s a great primer to get you started on your videos! It also benefits participants interested in VIVO’s more intermediary video-making workshops.


Alysha Seriani (alyshaseriani.com) is a filmmaker and educator and has been a proud VIVO instructor since 2017. A graduate of Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts’ film program, she has directed, filmed and produced independent films and artist projects that have exhibited at film festivals and galleries such as the Berlinale, Vancouver International Film Festival, Images Festival, Inside Out LGBT Film Festival, the Contemporary Art Gallery and others around the world.




Experimental Editing

Inspiring techniques to stoke your editing process, with editor Will Ross.

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10.5 hours total over 3 sessions // $130, or $96 with any VIVO Producer Membership (+GST)

Session 1: Thur Sept 5, 6pm-9:30pm
Session 2: Thur Sept 12, 6pm-9:30pm
Session 3: Thur Sept 19, 6pm-9:30pm

One Extended Subsidy available for this workshop:


Prerequisite: Basic experience with Adobe Premiere or other non-linear editing system.


Creative editing allows you to form stunning work with the barest of resources!

This workshop is designed for those who already have a general understanding of how to use Adobe Premiere, but would like to use it in more diverse creative ways.

This hands-on workshop will enable you to be more spontaneous in the editing room, generating experiments by implementing colour palette, saturation, image blending, contrast, rhythm, rapid cutting, graphic montage in novel and expressive ways.

You’ll be introduced to several examples of experimental editing and engage in group discussion about their effects and meanings.

After quickly conceptualizing and recording your own scene, you’ll cut your footage to test out various proposed theories and workflows, as well as your own editing ideas and improvisations.

By the end of this 3-day workshop, you’ll have shot and edited a short original work that demonstrates your editing experiments. Everyone’s scene will be shown in class for group discussion and reflection.


Will Ross (sadhillmedia.com) has been working in film and video since co-founding Sad Hill Media in 2009. His films have shown at the Vancouver International Film Festival, as well as TIFF, Moonrise, and Cinema Spectacular. Whether for his own projects or someone else’s, his work behind the camera and the keyboard is always focused on finding fresh, gripping new approaches to filmmaking. As well as on-set direction, Will participates in the screenwriting, shotlisting, editing, and sound design stages of the process. His collaborations are marked by responsive communication and craftsmanship that are tailored to the sensibilities of his clients and teams. In addition, he maintains a blog of critical work, and his reviews and video essays have been published by outlets such as Tiny Mix Tapes and MUBI Notebook.




Photoshop Retouching & Compositing


Imagining it? Create it with VFX artist John Mutter.

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12 hours total over 3 sessions // $170, or $125 with any VIVO Producer Membership (+GST)

Session 1: Sat, Sept 14, 1pm – 5pm
Session 2: Sat, Sept 21, 1pm – 5pm
Session 3: Sat, Sept 28, 1pm – 5pm

Prerequisite: Recommended for those with basic working knowledge of Photoshop, but keen beginners also welcome. General computer literacy (e.g., saving files, facility with a mouse and keyboard) is required.

One extended subsidy is available for this workshop:



This workshop focuses on developing correct techniques to mask and reveal different images, layers, and effects, providing students with the foundation needed to combine multiple photos, retouch portraits, and source and blend different elements to create any image desired.

Students will also be introduced to a non-destructive workflow that preserves the original image, making it effortless to create multiple versions or quickly reverse any modifications made to source imagery.

By engaging in hands-on practice, students will understand how Photoshop works, allowing them to create powerful portraits, band photos, fashion photographs, landscapes, etc.

With these skills students will feel confident when:

  • combining and colour-correcting multiple images into a final composite
  • retouching portraits
  • accentuating or warping features of a face or scene
  • “relighting” figures
  • removing or adding blemishes and wrinkles
  • adding effects such as fire, smoke, or sparks.

Bring a portable hard drive or USB thumb drive for exercise files, and to take home the images you create. Computer with Photoshop is provided with registration.

Being able to retouch photos is an essential skill for any media artist. With these skills, you can certainly make interesting visual effects — but you’ll also be able to improve any image.



John Mutter (johnmutter.com) is a Vancouver-based artist, photographer, director, producer, VFX compositor, music composer and performer.  He studied visual art at the University of British Columbia and The School of Visual Arts in New York city.  He currently works as a senior visual effects compositor creating work for Disney, Marvel, and Netflix. He has directed music videos for Sub Pop, been nominated for multiple Leo Awards, and exhibited photo and video work internationally in critically acclaimed solo and group shows.



Documentary Workflow for Women*

For self-identified women and non-binary people: Allow the best version of your story to come through by refining your proposal and prepping your project workflow with producer-director Joella Cabalu!

Sign up @ Event

3 sessions, 9 hours total // $130, or $96 with any VIVO Producer Membership (+GST)


Session 1: Tue Sep 17, 6pm-9pm
Session 2: Tue Sep 24, 6pm-9pm
Session 3: Tue Oct 1, 6pm-9pm

Two Extended Subsidies available:


Prerequisites: Participants must bring a draft of their 1-page proposal, explaining their documentary idea–what the story is, and how you’d like to tell it.

This workshop is for women (cis, trans, and genderqueer) who want to learn how to plan their documentary projects or who are seeking further guidance in doing so.

Participants will learn about story developmentbudgetingproduction coordination, and how these inform your workflow. Through presentations, participants will also learn production terms and their meanings to better communicate your vision with your team members. During group discussions, participants will work through real life case studies provided by the instructor, and make progress on your own project.

When shooting a documentary, a lot of unexpected things can happen. Preparing properly allows you to respond creatively and with sensitivity, focusing on the moments that matter.


Joella Cabalu is an award-winning Filipino-Canadian Vancouver-based documentary filmmaker. Her first credit as a producer and director was for her own personal family documentary It Runs in the Family (2015), which won Audience Choice Awards at the Seattle Asian American Film Festival and Vancouver Queer Film Festival and an honourable mention for the Loni Ding Award for Social Justice Documentary at CAAMFest. Since then, she has developed a track record as a creative and collaborative producer working with emerging women directors on compelling short documentaries, including the uplifting environmental film FIXED! (2017) and Do I Have Boobs Now? (2017) a fascinating portrait of a trans activist which screened in festivals worldwide, including Slamdance, BFI Flare, and OUTFest LA. She recently produced a CBC Docs short Biker Bob’s Posthumous Adventure (2019), about a community of strangers coming together after discovering a message in a bottle containing human ashes.