Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

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Refunds: Class sizes are small, and our instructors need to be paid–if you can’t make a class that you’ve signed up for, we need time to alert wait-listed participants. VIVO presently asks that withdrawals from workshops be requested by emailing education@vivomediaarts.com at least 12 days prior to the workshop date, if you would like to receive a refund minus a $5 administration fee. Thanks!


Audio Story-crafting & Poetics

Stimulate your sonic imagination and learn to use sound to evoke multi-dimensional storytelling with soundscape researcher & composer Helena Krobath!

One sessions, 4.5 hours total | $38, or $27 with VIVO Extended Producer Membership (+GST)
Sunday, October 1, 1pm-5:30pm

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This workshop will enable you to make better use of your current sonic palette and enrich your storytelling ability with an expanded awareness of the materiality of sound and ways to work with it.

Intimidated by audio technology? Don’t be! This workshop meets you where you’re at. The focus will be on making meaningful sound using whatever is on hand and your own ears. Through hands-on exercises and experiments with field recorders, you’ll learn how to tune-in dimensions of complex sounds and discuss the meaning of what you hear with others. Because after all, telling a good story through audio involves a lot more than knowing how to turn a dial or flip a switch!

Learn how to listen to details and create custom sounds that enhance your specific projects, including movie soundtracks, radio dramas, documentaries, podcasts, ethnographic and environmental studies, and sound art installations.

Topics covered:

  • Conceptualizing sound, sonic vocabulary, and representational challenges
  • Listening techniques and subjective responses to sounds
  • The spatiality of sound, and how to work with sound as sculptural material
  • Visualizing and notating sound
  • Field recording basics
  • Discovering and using acoustic properties of found materials
  • Narrative techniques and pacing

By the end of the workshop each student will have created a number of audio components to incorporate in their own projects and will have techniques for generating more in future.

All participants also receive a substantial resource booklet of useful technical terms, how-to’s, hacks, and tips!

All equipment will be provided, including headphones, though participants are welcome to bring their own preferred headphones if they wish.


Helena Krobath is a researcher and multimedia artist currently completing her MA in Media Studies at Concordia, Montreal. Her research explores sensory phenomenology of place, as well as resource heritage and development in semi-rural colonial settlement. Her thesis fieldwork took place in forestry sites of Mission, British Columbia. She has taught listening and field recording workshops for the Milieux Institute and the Simone de Beauvoir Summer Institute, among others. Read the Milieux Institute’s interview with Helena here.






Researching Online Photos

Discover new insights into the ways online images circulate and are talked about, by creating thought-provoking graphs and visual interpretations with geographer Josh Lepawsky.

4 hours total // by donation, while spaces last
Friday, Oct 20, 10am-2pm

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Turn the web into an instrument for social analysis. Learn a selection of techniques that allow you to create highly unique graphs that reveal the “online career” of a photograph and other image files. How has a particular photo been used? How has it been discussed in different online contexts? How have people engaged certain specific images online?

Learn how to collect such data, and then process it to visualize the data’s complex aspects and patterns for further investigation. The aesthetic results of these visualizations are often very intriguing, making this a great way to communicate your interpretations to audiences not specialized in your research area!

Participants will combine results from Google’s Reverse Image Search with Voyant, a digital humanities initiative that includes a free online platform for scarping and then analyzing text from websites on which selected images appear.

This workshop will be useful to any researcher, artist, or curator whose practice questions images to explore anthropological, historical, geographical, or environmental issues.

Important note: Participants must bring their own laptops, or reserve one of VIVO’s limited number of computers by selecting the second ticket option (“By donation: participant needs VIVO computer”) when purchasing a ticket on Eventbrite.

Josh Lepawsky is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Lepawsky researches the geographies of modern waste. Modern wastes are those that are synthetic, heterogeneous, and which entail high degrees of uncertainty around their mitigation or remediation. Two case studies inform his work: the international trade and traffic of discarded electronics (or ‘e-waste’) with a particular focus on Southeast Asia, and, much more recently, ‘offworld rubbish’ which Lepawsky defines as the remains and discards of human extraterrestrial activity. More about his work can be found at his blog, Reassembling Rubbish.