Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

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Refunds: Class sizes are small, and our instructors need to be paid–if you can’t make a class that you’ve signed up for, we need time to alert wait-listed participants. VIVO presently asks that withdrawals from workshops be requested by emailing education@vivomediaarts.com at least 12 days prior to the workshop date, if you would like to receive a refund minus a $5 administration fee. Thanks!



Special Effects for Video: Spring Break Workshop for Teens


A Spring Break workshop for teens: learn to create mind-bending special effects with video artist Flick Harrison!

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** GROUP RATE: 35% off! ** only $107 each!


4 days, 16 hours total // $165, or $120 with any VIVO Producer Membership (+GST)

This workshop runs twice

→ Class A runs on March 18, 19, 20, and 21: 1pm-5pm each day

→ Class B runs on March 18, 19, 20, and 21: 1pm-5pm each day


Two Extended Subsidies are available for this workshop:


Prerequisites: Suitable for teenagers who have some experience with the very basics of shooting and editing video.


Special effects can mean computer graphics, including:

  • Motion tracking with objects,
  • Creating “magic” or “lasers” (using After Effects, Photoshop or Flash),
  • Shooting with a green screen to key in other footage
  • Digitally retouching footage and removing unwanted objects

Or it can be simple camera and editing techniques that are as old as movie-making itself, like:

  • Creative camera movements, like shaking or tumbling
  • Creative lighting movements
  • Using mechanical aids to affect objects in the frame, like fishing line
  • Cutting between different angles at just the right moment
  • Using clever camera placement and framing to turn normal objects into bizarre visuals
  • Coordinating actions to be reversed in editing

In this workshop we’ll explore both ways to give you a unique and flexible tool kit that can help you make better movies, whether you love complex graphics work or just enjoy getting on your feet and making the magic happen! Working in groups, we’ll walk through hands-on exercises and let you cut loose with your own creative ideas. You’ll end up with a highlight reel of the effects you came up with.

These skills are definitely essential for taking your Sci-Fi, Horror, and Adventure stories to the next level–but special effects enhance any movie!



Moving Photo Remix

Capture Photography Festival & VIVO Media Arts Centre present

Learn to animate photos using Photoshop with artist Josh Hite!

Sign up @ Eventbrite

2 sessions, 6 hours total // $74, or $50 with any VIVO Producer Membership (+GST)

Session 1: Thu, Apr 4, 6pm-9pm
Session 2: Fri, Apr 5, 6pm-9pm


One extended subsidy for this workshop available:



Prerequisite: No experience necessary.


This two-day workshop is a fun and creative introduction to animating photos using Photoshop.

Each session combines visual study of examples, group discussion,and hands-on experience.

Gain technical knowledge of Photoshop!Learn about local and international artists who manipulate photos and discuss the meaning and effect of the resulting images! Create photo remixes of your own!

During session 1, you’ll learn various techniques for removing and replacing portions of photographs for meaningful effect in order to produce 3 intriguing images. You can either bring in photos to use, find them online, or snap a few during the workshop.

Then for Session 2, you’ll learn how to use Photoshop to animate selected parts of your images. You’ll export them as GIF and MOV files so you can share them online!
Josh Hite works with video, animation, sound, and photography, often creating reorganized archives of particular spaces or behaviors, either through his own recordings or by appropriating content through sites like YouTube.  His practice leans towards an ethnography that acknowledges content and tactics for documentation as determinants of eventual form, rather than relying on art historical or cultural references as structural assistants.  Projects tend to query relationships between an experience and its location, the power dynamics at play, and the ways in which transitions and sequencing can seamlessly propel us through time.

Josh has shown his work in North and South America, Asia, Europe, and Australia.  He collaborates with Vancouver’s theatre and dance communities and is a member of Fight With a Stick Performance.  Josh has a BA in Philosophy, a MFA in Visual Art and teaches with the University of British Columbia and Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

This workshop is part of Capture Photography Festival.

Capture’s inspiring programming runs the entire month of April! Check out their website for details.


Super8: Shoot to Screen

Capture Photography Festival & VIVO Media Arts Centre present

Free youth workshop: Learn to shoot and process Super8 film with artist Nisha Platzer!

Sign up @ Eventbrite

2 sessions, 6 hours total // Free with registration, while space lasts

Session 1: Sat Apr 13, 10am-6pm
Session 2: Sun Apr 14, 10am-6pm

Screening Sunday night after the workshop ends

This workshop is for youth ages 16 to 24.

No experience necessary. All equipment provided.


This two-day workshop introduces you to Super8 film. You’ll learn about this unique format, then create a short black-and-white film by shooting and processing your own. That’s right! You’ll learn how to:

  • operate handheld super8 film cameras!
  • expose photo film to light rays!
  • hand-process the film in photochemicals

Arrive with an idea, or experiment with form and visuals to create an original film. One roll of black & white reversal film per team.

The final films will be screened Sunday night, so invited your friends and family!
New to VIVO? Parents are welcome to come take a free tour of VIVO! We’re at 2625 Kaslo Street, Vancouver. Open Tue-Fri 11am-6pm.


Nisha Platzer holds a Communication Studies/Film degree from Concordia University and a Masters from the Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV in Cuba. She is the writer and director of short films that have screened at festivals on 3 continents. She has directed music videos for Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto artists, and attended artist residencies in Colombia, the US, and Toronto Island (Artscape). Her experience ranges from distributing documentaries to making hand-made films on celluloid, to writing and directing narrative shorts and music videos. Nisha intends to implement her love of analogue film and experimental practice in the visual storytelling of music videos and narrative films. She loves to work with a fabulous team of creative people!





Cinematography: Ways of Seeing

Capture Photography Festival & VIVO Media Arts Centre present


Ignite your own visual storytelling style with cinematographer Devan Scott!

This multi-day workshop will enable you to make better use of your camera and lighting gear to enrich your storytelling with a deepened understanding of the theory and practice of cinematography.

Back by high demand. Limited space; please don’t wait to sign up!

Sign up @ Eventbrite

2 sessions, 12 hours total // $170, or $125 with any VIVO Producer Membership (+GST)

Session 1: Sat, Feb 23, 12pm-6pm
Session 2: Sun, Feb 24, 12pm-6pm

One extended subsidy for this workshop available:

Prerequisite: Participants must have basic knowledge of rudimentary camera operation, such as exposure and focus, though a very brief review will be provided. Participants seeking an introduction to rudimentary camera operation should consider taking VIVO’s Camera Lights Sound workshop.

Each session combines visual studies with hands-on studio experience. You’ll analyze specific styles, such as those used by Roger Deakins (BLADE RUNNER 2049), Gregg Toland (CITIZEN KANE), Gordon Willis (THE GODFATHER), Christopher Doyle (CHUNGKING EXPRESS), Subrata Mitra (PATHER PANCHALI), and others have developed over time, and how different cinematographers approach the question of how their movies will look.

You’ll examine visual idioms from different eras and genres of cinema history in group discussion; from the grit of ’70s New Hollywood to the naturalist lighting of the British documentary filmmakers to the slick modern masters, and participate in a series of exercises wherein you will get to experience first-hand how these styles of lighting and shooting are undertaken in a studio setting. Learn techniques such as frame composition, lighting, colour coordination, depth of focus, camera movement, and focal length selection.




Devan Scott’s passion for visual storytelling inspired him to co-found Sad Hill Media, and has led to a portfolio of work as a director, cinematographer, and colourist that has been growing ever since. His work as a writer, director, cinematographer, and colourist has given him a comprehensive and reliable understanding of the creative decision-making involved throughout the production process. To see his portfolio, visit sadhillmedia.com





Experimental Editing

Inspiring techniques to stoke your editing process, with editor Will Ross.

Sign up @ Eventbrite

3 sessions, 10.5 hours total // $130, or $96 with any VIVO Producer Membership (+GST)

Session 1: Wed Feb 27, 6pm-9:30pm
Session 2: Wed Mar 6, 6pm-9:30pm
Session 3: Wed Mar 13, 6pm-9:30pm


One Extended Subsidy available for this workshop:

Prerequisite: Basic experience with Adobe Premiere or other non-linear editing system.


Creative editing allows you to form stunning work with the barest of resources!

This workshop is designed for those who already have a general understanding of how to use Adobe Premiere, but would like to use it in more diverse creative ways.

This hands-on workshop will enable you to be more spontaneous in the editing room, generating experiments by implementing colour palette, saturation, image blending, contrast, rhythm, rapid cutting, graphic montage in novel and expressive ways.

You’ll be introduced to several examples of experimental editing and engage in group discussion about their effects and meanings.

After quickly conceptualizing and recording your own scene, you’ll cut your footage to test out various proposed theories and workflows, as well as your own editing ideas and improvisations.

By the end of this 3-day workshop, you’ll have shot and edited a short original work that demonstrates your editing experiments. Everyone’s scene will be shown in class for group discussion and reflection.


Will Ross (sadhillmedia.com) has been working in film and video since co-founding Sad Hill Media in 2009. His films have shown at the Vancouver International Film Festival, as well as TIFF, Moonrise, and Cinema Spectacular. Whether for his own projects or someone else’s, his work behind the camera and the keyboard is always focused on finding fresh, gripping new approaches to filmmaking. As well as on-set direction, Will participates in the screenwriting, shotlisting, editing, and sound design stages of the process. His collaborations are marked by responsive communication and craftsmanship that are tailored to the sensibilities of his clients and teams. In addition, he maintains a blog of critical work, and his reviews and video essays have been published by outlets such as Tiny Mix Tapes and MUBI Notebook.




Intro to Camera & Lighting for Women*

For self-identified women and non-binary people: learn to shoot stunning videos with the help of cinematographer Paige Smith!

Sign up @ Eventbrite

3 sessions, 15 hours total // $165, or $120 with any VIVO Producer Membership (+GST)

Session 1: Sun Mar 3, 11am-4pm
Session 2: Sun Mar 10, 11am-4pm
Session 3: Sun Mar 17, 11am-4pm


Two extended subsidies available for this workshop:

No experience necessary. All equipment provided.

This hands-on intro workshop is designed for women (cis, trans, and genderqueer) who are looking to learn the fundamentals of cinematography. It combines theory and practice of cinematography, and is structured around breaking down the common barriers that women and non-binary folks face when accessing this men-dominated field of practice.

Basic technical aspects of camera operation and lighting principles are taught through demonstration and hands-on practical exercises using VIVO’s Blackmagic Cinema Cameras, Panasonic UX-180 4KCanon Rebel T4i high definition camera and interchangeable lenses. Learn how to use manual settings to help you get the best shot. Understand exposure, gain, shutter speed, and white balance. The principals of three-point lighting will also be covered and practiced.

Topics covered:

  • camera functions (lens choice, shutter speed, aperture, ISO/gain, sensors, resolution, focus, frame rate, white balance, filters and more)
  • lighting qualities (softness, directionality, colour, motiviation, intensity, movement, texture and more);
  • framing choices (camera height, camera stabilization, field of view, continuity, and more)
  • making decisions and communicating as a cinematographer or director


Alongside these technical skills, you’ll learn cinematography terms and their meanings to better communicate your vision with your team members.

You’ll also explore marginalized filmmakers, with examples and discussion framed around a historical understanding of sexism, racism and ableism within the field of cinematography and mainstream visual language.

This workshop uses equipment you can rent from VIVO, so it’s a great primer to get you started on your videos! It also benefits participants interested in VIVO’s more intermediary video-making workshops.


Paige Smith (paigesmithfilm.com) is an experimental filmmaker, cinematographer, and educator, with a BFA in Film from Simon Fraser University. Her work has screened around the world, including the Locarno Film Festival (18), Hot Docs (18), and the Vancouver International Film Festival (13, 17 & 18).

Alongside her directorial and cinematography work, Smith works as a filmmaking educator. She has previously instructed at VIVO Media Arts Centre, the Vancouver Art Gallery, and The Cinematheque.

Additionally, Smith has a diverse array of arts organization experience ranging from front of house management at SFU Woodwards, and The Cinematheque, to artist relations work at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival and Vancouver New Music.

She is an avid proponent of curiously exploring life, whether that be approaching unique art forms, empathy towards others, or how to search out new knowledge.