Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

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  • email us at education@vivomediaarts.com
  • call 604-872-8337

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Refunds: Class sizes are small, and our instructors need to be paid–if you can’t make a class that you’ve signed up for, we need time to alert wait-listed participants. VIVO presently asks that withdrawals from workshops be requested by emailing education@vivomediaarts.com at least 12 days prior to the workshop date, if you would like to receive a refund minus a $5 administration fee. Thanks!


Make a Radio Transmitter

SIGN UP & MORE INFO: https://radio-transmitter.eventbrite.ca

–>  Don’t delay: Registration closes Sun Sept 23 and space is limited  

Build your own low-power FM transmitter with media artist Bobbi Kozinuk, and start broadcasting sounds through the air!

2 sessions, 12 hours total // $96,or $60 with any VIVO Producer Membership (+GST)

Session 1: Sat Sept 29, 12pm – 6pm
Session 2: Sun Sept 30, 12pm – 6pm

Prerequisite: Participants will be soldering during the workshop. Some soldering experience is recommended, though a quick soldering demo will be provided.

Two extended subsidies are available for this workshop:

In this 2-day workshop, you will learn about basic electronics, radio transmitters and antennas, and the legal aspects of using the FM band for radio art.

Registration includes the electronic components needed for the transmitter. That means you will take home your own transmitter! You will still need a power supply, an antenna and audio system to feed it with. These can be quite simple, depending on your plans for using it.

The transmitter you’ll assemble is low power (about 1 or 2 watt). With it, you’ll be able to broadcast on the FM dial to your neighbourhood!

What can you do with it? 

  • Broadcast your sound art on rainy evenings!
  • Start a radio show live on location at the neighbourhood pet shop!
  • Get moviegoers to tune-in to the soundtrack at your drive-in theatre/film-in-the-park event!
  • Lead your neighbours on a sound walk!
  • Dream up new uses for sending audio signals through the ether!


Bobbi Kozinuk: media artist, consultant, curator, electronics technician based in Vancouver, mixes radio, electronics, projections and performance to explore issues related to gender, environment and community involvement.

Bobbi leads the Wearables Lab and teaches electronics for artists at Emily Carr University. Bobbi creates: interactive media art performances with a radio and earth-saving focus, DIY radio in community & media installation exhibits in Canada and internationally. Bobbi sometimes has taught many workshops on low powered FM radio transmission, & is published in: Islands of Resistance Pirate Radio in Canada, Radio Rethink (Banff Centre) and Echo Locations (Co-op Radio Audio Art CD).




Plug In: synthesizer showcase for youth

SIGN UP & MORE INFO: https://plug-in-showcase.eventbrite.ca

An event for youth to turn on and tune in the fantastic world of electronic sound with help of local sound artists and electronic musicians!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

12 noon – 5pm

Help us prepare: order your free tickets!

This event is for people 7 to 14 years old — priority is for them, but adults are welcome too.

Interested in trying out a variety of synthesizers, drum machines, tape machines, feedback systems, and other ways of making weird and wonderful electronic sounds? C’mon down to VIVO Media Arts Centre and try on some headphones, turn some knobs and press some buttons with the guidance of local sound artists and electronic musicians!

Come play and ask questions!

All ages welcome!

This project was conceived by Sara Gold, who’s also heading most of its planning.


Vancouver sound artist Sara Gold (saragold.ca) seeks the expansion of one’s mind through sound. her artistic practice includes live performances, interactive sound art installations, feild recordings, audio manipulation and experimentation with vintage analog electronic instruments and magnetic recording tape.







Video Editing Intermediate

SIGN UP & MORE INFO: https://video-editing-intermediate.eventbrite.ca

Sharpen your editing craft to tell more enticing stories with award-winning video artist Flick Harrison!

3 sessions, 12 hours total // $149, or $122 with any VIVO Producer Membership (+GST)

Session 1: Tue Oct 16, 6pm – 10pm
Session 2: Tue Oct 23, 30, 6pm – 10pm
Session 3: Tue Oct 30, 6pm – 10pm

Prerequisite: Participants must have beginner experience with video editing software and concepts. Those seeking an introduction to editing should consider taking VIVO’s beginner workshops, such as Intro to Adobe Premiere or Intro to Final Cut Pro X.

One extended subsidy is available for this workshop:


This multi-day workshop is designed for students who want to advance beyond the basics and become more skilled in telling their stories. Each session explores editing theory through hands-on studio practice, allowing you to discover the nuanced relation between sound and image. Learn how various traditions, dominant styles, or popular forms inform how you might edit a scene; how multiple shots of the same scene can be pieced together for different effect; how editing conventions vary across formats and genres, including:

  • news
  • drama
  • experimental
  • action sequences
  • dialogue scenes

Using Final Cut Pro X as a guide, you will learn how to create a workflow for your projects; apply proper cuts, transitions, and effects; and choose delivery options. Hands-on camera exercises will deepen your understanding of how to shoot with editing in mind–a vital piece of the creative puzzle. Some time will be spent exploring sound mixing (though check out the upcoming VIVO workshop entirely devoted just sound mixing). Through group discussion and analysis of examples, you’ll explore different editing styles and techniques as you develop your own.

By the end of the workshop, you will have edited a few scenes demonstrating what you’ve learned, and will have the conceptual toolkit to draw inspiration from movies you watch.



Flick Harrison (flickharrison.com) is a writer, media artist, filmmaker, hacker and drone pilot in Vancouver. “I’ve explored boundaries of all kinds in media, politics, education and the arts for over twenty years.  As an artist, I explode the aesthetics of political conflict; as an educator, I try to make media flow organically from the social.  My ambition is to lead, support and challenge non-profits, schools, community groups and other progressive actors to improve their understanding and use of media, all while having fun.”