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Our package naming refers to familiar rainbow flag symbolism and reflects the aims of the  Gayblevision Legacy Project: to honour, restore, and preserve Vancouver LGBTQ history.


The Spirit Package honours the  spirit  of pride, community and optimism that inspired the Gayblevision founders to create the first television program “for and by gay people”.


The Healing Package stresses the critical need to save Gayblevision’s master videotapes. Now over 30 years old, they have been preserved far beyond their life expectancy.  The restoration process includes cleaning, repairing any physical damage to the video cassettes, transferring the audio/visual analog signal to digital files, and preserving the files on an archival quality format.


The Life Package symbolizes the ultimate goal of the Gayblevision Legacy Project – to guarantee the long term survival of the series and ensuring it is freely accessible online for future generations.




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Corporate + Personal Donations

As a registered charity, VIVO Media Arts Centre accepts corporate and personal donations for all its programs including the Gayblevision Legacy Project.
All donations are eligible for charitable tax receipts.

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