Genesis of an Instrument: The Pioneering Work of Donald Buchla

Genesis of an Instrument: The Pioneering Work of Donald Buchla

Genesis of an Instrument: The Pioneering Work of Donald Buchla

FRIDAY SEPT 13, 2013 – 7:00PM -10:00PM

donald buchla_01Admission: $ 10 

Presented by NFF13 at VIVO MEDIA ARTS

In 1963, Berkeley-based designer and instrument builder Donald Buchla began constructing his first electronic musical instruments. This year celebrates the 50thanniversary of his pioneering and highly innovative contributions to the field of electronic music, and New Forms Festival is very excited to welcome Mr. Buchla to Vancouver for what is sure to be a highly-anticipated performance at VIVO Media Arts Centre. This historic event will also feature an extensive exhibition of the most complete collection of Buchla instruments in existence, offering the public a unique and extremely rare opportunity to experience the union of the maker and his creations.

Reflecting a background in music, physics, and physiology, Buchla’s approaches to instrument design and sonic experimentation are known for being multi-faceted and highly inventive, particularly in relation to his interest in interfaces that bridge the communicative gap between man and machine. His work includes early voltage-controlled systems such as the 100 and 200 modular series, the Music Easel performance system, digital-analog hybrids such as the Touché, gesture-controlled instruments such as the Lightning, Thunder, and Marimba Lumina, and his most recent project, the 200e Electric Music Box. He has worked with storied institutions and organizations such as the California Institute of the Arts, the San Francisco Tape Music Center, and New York’s Electric Circus, and has collaborated with a number of prominent experimental musicians including David Rosenboom, Suzanne Ciani, Morton Subotnick, George Lewis, Anthony Braxton, and David Wessel.

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