Halo, World Saturday October 1st, Doors at 7pm at VIVO

Halo, World Saturday October 1st, Doors at 7pm at VIVO

Halo, World 
Saturday October 1, 2016 (Doors at 7 PM)
By Donation (No one turned away)

October 1st, 2016 7 PM

VIVO Education, Tangible Interaction, and artists Leó Stefánsson and Niel McLaren are proud to announce Halo, World, a collaboration with (8) emerging artists as part of VIVO’s Youth Mentorship Program.

The interactive sound and light sculpture Halo, originally created by Tangible Interaction will feature algorithmically-generated art by emerging artists Corine Bond, Bryce Duyvewaardt, Ronald Ho, Harley Small, Sydney Thorne, Melody Wang, Shavonne Yu, Mimi Xia. This project was made possible by BC Arts Council’s Youth Engagement Program.

After the Halo showing, Brady Marks a digital media artist, host of the CFO Soundscape Show, and DJ will perform queer music, combining classic analogue subtractive synthesis with generative computer based techniques. The evening’s performances will end with Vincent van Haaff’s generated music and visuals.

Intermediate projection collaboration performed by Sara Gold and Dave Collins.


Doors at 7 PM. Join us for a processing jam after the show.
















Emerging artists of the evening are Corine Bond, Bryce Duyvewaardt, Ronald Ho, Harley Small, Sydney Thorne, Melody Wang, Shavonne Yu, Mimi Xia.


730 PM Corine Bond, Bryce Duyvewaardt, Ronald Ho, Harley Small

840PM Brady Marks

910 PM Sydney Thorne, Melody Wang, Shavonne Yu, Mimi Xia

1005 PM Vincent van Haaff

1045 PM Coding Relay//Processing Jam


Corine Bond

Corine is a designer who creates order out of chaos but always looks for ways to play, and explores how others can engage with these, using both analogue and digital medias. Haitian-born designer based in Vancouver. An Emily Carr University graduate, she currently works at a media company.


Bryce Duyvewaardt

Bryce’s installation incorporates his DJ controller that he uses in his remixing performances to control MAX sounds and the HALO wall for a whole new cancer experience! Bryce is an Industrial Designer and Toy Designer from North Vancouver who spends most of his days woodworking, designing on the computer and 3D printing, but he also has a side act as a DJ, performing in art galleries and parties all around North Vancouver.


Ronald Ho

As time is a representation of the interaction in space and the universe, the interaction from the viewers are taken in and used to manipulate the display of time. This represents how time as a concept is fluid in our consciousness and can be manipulated based on various factors around us – yet, the flow of time through space is constant despite our interaction. Ronald is an interactive developer currently completing his graduate studies at the Centre for Digital Media. In particular, he wishes to explore and dissect the discourse on how technology can create spaces for dialogue, provoke discussion and engage visitors.


Harley Small

I aim to combine the worlds of technology and music, and to explore how they interact. Harley is a recording artist and sound engineer living in East Vancouver.


Sydney Thorne

Lately my research interests include the exploration of empathy within digital art, the conflicts between public and private expression on the internet (and IRL,)  as well as the messy and beautiful places where pop music and contemporary art intersect.
Sydney is an interdisciplinary artist whose work is based in musical composition and performance (though the collaborative nature of her work often allows her to venture into the new and unexpected.) She and her banjo reside in East Vancouver.


Melody Wang

Melody believes installations should bring the audience a peaceful mind and to remind people about the meaning of life through simple interactions leading to reflections upon it. Melody is a Mixed Media Artist that has exhibited at Vancouver Maritime Museum and a graduate student at The Centre for Digital Media.

Processed with VSCO

Shavonne Yu

Much like the insatiable curiosity of a cat, I seek to leave no leaf unturned, exploring every artistic outlet available to me – choosing to program rather than to be programmed. Born and raised in Vancouver, Shavonne is currently a 2nd year Media Studies student at the University of British Columbia.


Mimi Xia

Being a bit of jackie of all trades, my interests range from cognitive science to data visualization. I draw inspiration from my varied interests, and my previous experience working as a hardware designer to realize interactive pieces that go beyond the digital world and extend to the tangible world. I am looking to create interactive pieces that are equal parts art installation and interactive display.  It is important to me that my work not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also serves to engage and inform the viewer. As such, I like to incorporate data and interactive elements into my work in meaningful ways.


Mentor Bios


Alex Beim is an artist, speaker, creative director, and founder of Tangible Interaction, an experiential design studio whose interactive installations have been enjoyed by millions around the world. Known for his Zygotes, giant helium-filled balls that respond to touch; his Digital Graffiti Wall; and other interactive installations, his seamless use of technology in the service of art constructs immersive, sensory experiences that tap into some of the most basic human instincts, cultivating a sense of wonderment and eliciting playful exploration.

Beim’s work has been used extensively in music festivals around the world and by bands such as Arcade Fire, Coldplay, Purity Ring, Green Day, and the Chemical Brothers. His Zygotes continue to be an integral part of shows by international performance artists Blue Man Group.

Beim and his team designed and built sixteen interactive installations for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, and featured his Zygote balls in the closing ceremonies. His Digital Graffiti Wall wowed celebs at the grand opening of the Chanel store in NYC and several large brands, including Virgin, MTV, and Lexus license Tangible’s products.


Leó Stefansson is a new media artist specializing in sound art, audio- and data visualization, sonification and interactive installation. He graduated from the MAA Visual Arts program at Emily Carr in 2013 where he developed his practice on the intersection of art and science. Inspired by physics and the neurosciences, Leó creates work that reveals and transforms hidden information in unexpected ways. Recently, Leó has created a range of artworks that describe objects and places in terms of their inherent frequency and amplitude.



Niel McLaren The brain of the Niel is a fuzzy breeding pod for ideas. It absorbs topics such as geometry in nature, distortion of time and space, and the way technology changes human interaction. These thoughts go through a process of rumination where they are combined in new and unexpected ways, producing shiny ideas. Some of these ideas are then regurgitated as pieces of art which appear in places like Your Kontinent Festival, Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, and Integrate Arts Festival. The Niel also organizes the Vancouver Creative Tech meetup and occasionally teaches artists to write code at VIVO Media Arts Centre. That is how the Niel do.


Musical Accompaniment


Brady Marks

Brady Marks is a digital media artist, host of the CFRO Soundscape Show and DJ. For this evening she will perform queer music, combining classic analogue subtractive synthesis with generative computer based techniques.


Vincent van Haaff

Vincent van Haaff (flyingoctopus) is a multi-disciplinary media artist working with computer code to explore virtual and real spaces defined by rule-based systems.

His expertise spans computational aesthetics, computer vision, data visualization, event and community installation, and user centred design.


Projection Performance


sara gold and David Collins

Cinema Paramnesia is a collaborative effort between analog video feedback artist David Collins and audio/visual artist sara gold. Classic oil projection techniques performed by sara gold will serve as the seed imagery to which David Collins will apply his various video feedback techniques with vintage analog equipment. Letting the universe speak its hidden language through the movement and structure of the imagery produced, cinema paramnesia draws from the notions of nostalgia, blossom, decay and voices from the past. 


About The Program


VIVO Media Arts Centre (aka Video In Studios / Video Out Distribution) was incorporated in 1973 as the Satellite Video Exchange Society. It operated the first video exchange library, and was one of the earliest international video centres and Canadian artist-run centres. Its founding mandate was to facilitate international information exchange through a public video library. By the early 1980’s the organization also provided access to video equipment, basic workshops, international distribution services, and  published the magazine, Video Guide.


Halo Originally supported by the BC Film + Media Interactive Fund, and created with Travis Kirton, Halo is a new, large-scale interactive media-art installation that made its first appearance at Eyeo 2013. The sculptural component is 16′ x 8′ and features a wall of 72 RGB LED ‘Halo’ rings.

Halo was conceived entirely with open collaboration in mind. It’s a physical opportunity for anyone to create content: light, colour, audio, animation.


The Tangible Studio was established in 2006 and since then we’ve produced branded interactive experiences for companies including Ford, Verizon, ESPN, Heineken, Samsung, Nokia, Adidas and MTV. In the entertainment sector, we’ve collaborated with Blue Man Group, Sensation White, Arcade Fire, Green Day, Coldplay and Chemical Brothers.

Tangible also creates public artworks. CODE Live (2010 Winter Olympic Games), City of Turin, the Vancouver Aquarium, Siggraph, Cine Kid and Illuminate Yaletown are just some of the clients and venues we’ve produced installations for.

Our range of experiential products is available for rent or long-term licensing. It currently includes the Digital Graffiti Wall, Zygote Balls, Social Mosa (Twitter and Instagram Wall) and Telophase.

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, we operate globally. Tangible Interaction also has partner companies in the Netherlands, Italy, UAE and the UK.


Lianne is an animator and visual artist whose work integrates an interest in hand-drawn animation and digital technologies. As Operations Coordinator at VIVO, Lianne manages general inquiries, studio rentals, and volunteer coordination through info@vivomediaarts.com, or 604.872.8337 x1.