Hands Across the Sky ايادي عبر السماء

Hands Across the Sky ايادي عبر السماء

love, intimacy and (com)passion, in a geopolitical context
A monthly series of video, film, performance and ceremony events
Project curator/artist-in-residence Jayce Salloum

Curated by Dima Alansari + Cathy Busby
Featuring/works by
Dima Alansari, Cathy Busby, Dima Mikhayel Matta, Eric Sanderson, Charlene Vickers

Let us take you on a journey that starts in Vancouver and lands in Lebanon. With Hands Across the Sky ايادي عبر السماء, we raise our hands, reaching out in celebration, in urgency and in gratitude. Performance, sound, film, and poetry will be our means as we delve into expressions of trauma, particularly for women and girls, and how we carry on, remembering and healing our embodied selves. There will be time for conversation and we’ll serve Palestinian food.
We extend a warm welcome to all.
~ Dima Alansari + Cathy Busby

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DIMA ALANSARI is an actor, theatre and filmmaker originally from Al Quds, Palestine. Dima was born in Beirut, Lebanon where she is currently acting in a 4 month long performance of Kafas (Cage) a story of 5 women written by Joumanna Haddad and directed by Lina Abyad. Dima has also produced and co- created and performed in her first theatre play in Canada Return Home which premiered in Toronto & Kitchener for SummerWorks Theatre Festival and IMPACT 2015 and she will be co-performing This is Not A Conversation, a play about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict with co- writers and co-producers Itai Erdal and Ker Wells at the Spark Festival February 2017 in Victoria, Vancouver Island. Whilst in Canada for the past 6 years, Dima has produced and directed several documentaries and short videos about various cultures and peoples that share space and place in Vancouver; working with various community centres, Aboriginal incubators and think tanks as well as Immigrant community facilitators.

CATHY BUSBY grew up in the suburbs of Toronto and as a teenager, moved to the Yukon to be part of an alternative school and community. She gravitated to social justice movements and was able to develop her critical and creative skills and perspectives at art school graduating from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1984. She completed an MA in Media Studies, a PhD in Communication (Concordia University, Montreal, 1992; 1999) and was a Fulbright Scholar at New York University (1995-96). She is currently teaching in Visual Art at UBC and lives in Vancouver. Her art process expands the traditional visual arts presentation context to include other cultural and civic possibilities: a former pickle factory / artist centre in Beijing (2007; 2008), the Laneway Commissions in Melbourne, Australia (2009), the Institute of Art, Religion and Social Justice at Union Theological Seminary in New York City (2012). Her works are a number of collections including National Gallery of Canada.

thirstDays is a project conceived as the rain falls and covers us in a slick substance transduced from the skies, moist. How can this, how can we, contribute to the establishing of a momentum that may have once been here in waves or pieces but over time was squandered, and defeated, with the imposition of capital triumphantly declaring its colonial (un)consciousness in our enclave by the water. Surrounded by a possible serene beauty, grief and sadness, love and hate, what encounters do we inscribe into our psyches and into our beings, what can art do to fulfil a mandate of hope and agency. What can we contribute.

The project takes inspiration from the patterns of existence to look at the mechanisms which we are part of, and relate them to all we end up being, sharing, denying, repressing and preserving. We seek that which compels us: love, intimacy and (com)passion, explorations of the commons/(un)commons; empathy and subjectivities; nourishing sites and situations; modes of agency; and subjectivities of place.
We insist on diversity and threads of collaboration, strands of ‘collectivity’/affinity, emphasizing works that have a specificity of location with resonances/meanings for others within reach and beyond. There is a socio-psycho imperative here at this site – Vancouver – grounded in what is missing and manoeuvering the gaps while referencing the historic in the present(ness) – and of the moment – with the critical reimagining of the repressed and the projection of empathy and action. – Jayce Salloum

JAYCE SALLOUM, a grandson of Syrian immigrants from the Bekaa Valley (Lebanon) was born and raised on Sylix (Okanagan) territory in Kelowna, BC. His work has been exhibited in a wide array of venues, from the smallest unnamed storefronts in his dtes (downtown eastside) Vancouver neighbourhood to institutions such as the Musée du Louvre, Museum of Modern Art, Centre Georges Pompidou, National Gallery of Canada, Bienal De La Havana, Sharjah Biennial, Biennale of Sydney and the Rotterdam International Film Festival. Salloum is a recipient of the 2014 Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts.