Our Donors

Thank you 

VIVO is extremely grateful to those who, through their donations to our programs and institution, support local media arts and artists.
Thank you for your generous gifts.

Gabriela Aceves Sepulveda,  Matilda Aslizadeh, Britney Bachmann, Jolene Ball, Lorna Boschman, Mariane Bourchiex-Laporte, Lorna Brown, Garth Caron, Allison Collins, Jen Crothers, Emma Curtis, Christine D’Onofrio, Crista Dahl, Ann Daskal, Elisa Ferrari, Daniel Gawthorp, Steven Gibson, James Goodman, Paige Gratland, Kevin Griffin, Linda Hastings, Emma Hendrix, Lois Klassen, Karen Knights,  Mark La Fleche, Don Larventz, David Lee, Ann MacLachlan, Lynda Manson, Heather McDermid, Bo Meyers, David Myers, Dominika Nasilowski, Wynne Palmer, Jan Peacock, Jennifer Pearson, Leon Phillips, Daphne Plessner, Shawn Preus,  Walter Quan, Shelly Rosenblum, Marina Roy, Jayce Salloum, Georgia Scott, Samuel Scott, Moira Simpson, Carol Steedman, Peggy Thompson, Frans Van de Ven, Rick Ward and our anonymous supporters.

VIVO would also like to thank the Telus Vancouver Community Board who has been a supporter of our youth education initiatives.