Lenore Herb Archive

Lenore HerbLenore Herb Archive

Lenore Herb (1947-2010) AKA Doreen Gray, was an artist, activist and provocateur in Vancouver’s art and environmentalist communities. She was a videographer, photographer, writer, curator, arts administrator, social and environmental activist, and an archivist (notably for bill bissett).

Lenore was directly involved with blewointmentpress (1960s +), Pacific Cinema (1970s-1980s) and Metro Media (1979-1985), as well as a participant in the Sound Gallery and Trips Festival, the Floating Free School, and Knowplace Free School. She worked to stop the Ashcroft/Cache Creek hazardous waste incinerator, was President of SPEC (the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation, 1990-1995), on the Board of Directors for the Recycling Council of British Columbia (1990-1994), and on the management committee of the British Columbia Environmental Network.


The Lenore Herb Archive includes over 400 videotapes (including her recordings of Vancouver’s punk and poetry scenes); photographic materials; original writing and art; Metro Media’s mail and Xerox art collections; posters from Metro Media and punk concerts (1970s-1980s); The Push Society (c1983) and Metro Media (1979-1985) organization files; Lenore’s personal print archive that includes environmental, poetry, art and miscellaneous counter-culture publications.

In addition to Saphira and Taliesin, VIVO would like to thank all Lenore’s friends who have worked so hard to ensure the legacy of this important collection, including Michelle Normoyle, Diane Keenlyside, Dennis Mills, Jaime Clay, and many others. We would also like to thank those who have been helping the CDMLA Committee catalogue the archive: Elysia Bourne (videos); Alexandra Bischoff (Metro Media documents and timeline); Stéphane Bernard (posters and collection cataloguing).

This collection is currently being catalogued. Please contact us at library (at) vivomediaarts.com for information on the content of, and access to, the collection.
The CDMLA continues to catalogue the material and is developing a plan for its long-term preservation. We are soliciting donations towards preservation of the collection, in particular, for digitizing Lenore’s video works. You can designate your gift be used specifically for the Lenore Herb Archive. All donations are eligible for a charitable tax receipt.