Mastic by Sara Gold
Still from “Mastic” by Sara Gold (2015)

On Wednesday, June 8th Video Out will host a screening of works newly in distribution at VIVO Media Arts Centre selected based on the Call for Submissions “Fresh Feminism”.

The program will include video works from India, USA, and Canada which aesthetically and conceptually illustrate contemporary notions of feminism from a variety of perspectives.


Bluebonnet by Blair Bogin (2015) (15:00) USA
A documentary-based cross of performance and improv circling the separate sufferings and celebrations of several young women. This experimental narrative unfurls the process of spiritual & psychological development by virtue of a feminist frame of mind.

I’m Crazy by Blair Bogin (2015) (1:00) USA
A Xerox animation over a phone call with a friend.

Mastic by Sara Gold (2015) (3:51) CANADA
We find our subject preparing a tea of opium poppies which shows itself to be the coal tar resin, mastic. She pours and drinks the tea, only to find herself moments later in grass surrounded by hallucinatory visions of lush green forest. Subtle symbolism and connections link this short peice together, through references to the industrial revolution to peak oil, addiction to and abuse of resources and the failed war on drugs. Canada is in a particular spotlight in this piece. Everything swirls together in a beautifully composed short music video, backed by driving yet sludgy experimental techno, reflecting the consistency of the main focus of the piece and its title, Mastic.

Anywhere But Here by Shubhangi Singh (2014) (13:33) INDIA
Anywhere But Here explores the meaning of home while attempting to break away from the romantic nostalgia that nests within it’s traditional definitions. In the process, this piece attempts to arrive at new understandings of an abode; in relation with one’s own forever-in-transition identity.

Pink Noise by Charlotte Clermont (2015) (9:02) MONTREAL

Pink Noise is a performance filmed on Super 8. Originally in black and white, the image has been tinted pink. Built around an improvised exploration, Elise and I engage our senses: the erotic smell of her hair, the delicacy of our hands playing with the buttons on my dress, and the pressure, humidity and heat felt on my fingers inside her mouth. The soundtrack produces an ambiguous ambiance and contrasts with the innocence of our interactions.

Recitations not from memory by Sunita Prasad (2014) (18:00) INDIA
Recitations not from memory is an experiment in recounting gendered experience, and particularly gender discrimination, within the urban Indian context. The video features non-actor men reciting true experiences of gender discrimination that where imparted by women in anonymous interviews. The slippage that occurs when the men recount these stories as their own, unrehearsed and via a teleprompter, registers subtle reactions and interpretations within their performances and de-centers assumptions about which experiences belong to which bodies.


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