On Wednesday, May 20th Video Out will host a screening of 7 international works that are newly in distribution at VIVO Media Arts Centre. Doors are at 7:00 pm and the screening will begin at 7:30 pm. VIVO is located at 2625 Kaslo St. A 4 minute walk from Renfrew Station. Admission is free and so is popcorn!

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Screening Schedule

“Dadaloop” by Francesca Fini, Italy (2015) 10:00 3D animation
A surrealist wedding cake, a futurist banquet, a baroque orgy of colours and flavours, a ratatouille of images in which food becomes a dream – or nightmare – and the reflection of schizophrenic diets in the claustrophobic frame of a self-portrait. For best viewing conditions please wear 3d anaglyph glasses.

“Hang In There” by Leslie Supnet, Toronto (2009) 3:19 Animation
A Winnie-the-Pooh-type figure terrorizes a pair of children.

“Sun Moon Stars Rain” by Leslie Supnet, Toronto (2009) 3:20 Digitized Super 8 
A two-dimensional study of celestial figures reminiscent of a Norman McLaren film.

“Killing Time” by Frederick Cummings, Vancouver (2015) 1:00 Digital Video
This short work is an experimental video scored by a song written by the artist entitled “Killing Time”. It was shot in the summer of 2014 on the sea wall near English Bay in Vancouver at approximately 4:30 in the morning. Only the crows and the ducks were present for the performance – not a very tough crowd to please.  In the artist’s words, “This song is in response to a man who dumped me and just wanted to be friends when he found out I am HIV + and do “drag,”.  I have forgiven him now but at the time I was very wounded and angry and I believe that comes out in the lyrics”.

“Line in the Sand Trailer” by Tomas Borsa and Jean-Philippe Marquis, Vancouver (2015)
5:00 min Digital Video
Line In The Sand is a new feature-length documentary which provides a candid glimpse at the widespread grassroots opposition to the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline. Shot over the course of two years, and released in the midst of renewed debate over the federal government’s efforts to further limit public dissent, Line In The Sand examines the political backdrop of the project, the visceral connection to land felt by those who live in it’s path, and lays bare the lengths to which many are willing to go to protect their sense of place and identity.

“winnipeg stories: sacrificial moments” by Clint Enns, Toronto (2008) 4:38 Digitized Super 8
An homage to the city of Winnipeg, created from the discarded footage of others, shows a fleeting memory of the past, slowly deteriorating as time goes by, in an emotional study of all that can be left behind.

“Three” by Leah Kenney, Rachel Lum, Elizabeth Stephens, and Nora Brownell, Vancouver (2014) 5:39 Digital Video
*Winner of Best Picture for this year’s Reel2Real Festival
Living with obsessive compulsive disorder takes its toll. Takes its toll. Takes its toll.


A 25:00 minute screening of a Gayblevision compilation with an introduction by Karen Knights.
Gayblevision was Canada’s first gay and les­bian cable-access show produced out of West End Cable 10 from 1980-1986. This compilation will feature highlights from the Gayblevision collection which is now being digitized at the VIVO archive.

See you there!

Image: from “Dadaloop” by Francesca Fini (2015)


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