No Rest for the Restless by Kent Tate (2017)

No Rest for the Restless by Kent Tate (2017)

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No Rest for the Restless
Artist: Kent Tate
Year: 2017
Duration: 00:07:00
Country: Canada

Some stories appear complete, while others do not. Some stories are remembered, while others are forgotten. Some stories obscure, while others reveal. This is a story drawn from my impressions of our hallucinatory world. A subconscious response to the recognition that we are in the midst of the “Anthropocene period” and the “Holocene extinction.” An tumultuous age in which this planet is being transformed into something we may, or may not yet imagine.

Kent Tate Biography:

Kent Tate is an award winning artist/filmmaker whose work explores the dichotomy between tranquility and activity in our natural and manufactured worlds. Time, motion and stillness are intertwined through his movies to act like a fulcrum upon which the environmental, social and philosophical aspects of his projects are held in dynamic balance. Kent is currently filming a new project in the Interior Plateau of British Columbia where he is searching for worlds that have passed, worlds that are present, and worlds that are yet to be.