Past mentorships

Past mentorship projects

Here’s a list of mentorships that have been previously offered at VIVO.



Halo by Tangible Interaction was a project featuring mentoring artists Neil McLaren and Leó Stefánsson, and taking place in the Fall 2016.

Mentees included Bryce Duyvewaardt, Ronald Ho, Harley Small, Sydney Thorne, Corine Bond, Melody Wang and Shavonne Yu.
Special thanks to BC Arts Council for making this project possible.

Video by Nancy Lee.

This mentorship project created by VIVO’s previous education coordinator, Emily Smith



 VIVO Young Makers Club



VIVO Young Makers Club brought together youth, ages  13-18 together in a supportive, collaborative environment to proactively investigate the mechanics, aesthetics and cultural meaning of technology within a contemporary art framework. Participants were invited to share their work in a variety of public and online venue throughout the year.

VIVO thanks TELUS Vancouver Community Board for their generous support to VIVO’s new Youth Camps


Maker Camp: Theremin Build Presented by Wynne Palmer (2014)

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 4.43.36 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 4.44.46 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 4.58.21 PM 

The week-long workshop included around 24 participants and included activities like how to build a rube goldberg machine, an introduction to Raspberry Pi, and more. These photos are from the theremin build, where students built their own light theremins while Wynne Palmer,  a member of the Vancouver Experimental Theremin Orchestra showed off her theremin that was built at a SLAB event at VIVO.

Partnership between VIVO Young Makers Club, Michael Smith Labs, Vancouver Maker Foundation, UBC Physics and Astronomy, UBC Engineering Physics, and GEERing Up.

Maker Mash-up at the Vancouver Public Library (2014)

IMG_3820 finished_forweb making_forweb

VIVO Young Makers Club teamed up withMaker Mobile and the DIY club at the Mount Pleasant branch of Vancouver Public Library to teach a class about building electronic gadgets. The 2 hour workshop, led by Andrew Milne and Simon Lyons of Maker Mobile  involved learning how to build a “brush bot” (A simple robot that uses a pager motor to move around), and a “trip wire” using a clothespin, string, tinfoil, and a battery-powered noisemaker. Andrew and Simon then set up a “Trip wire obstacle course” where students tried to navigate around the trip wire without making the buzzers activate.

Intro to Soft Circuits (2013)

softcircuits  circuits  1546306_616492758423930_1463370413_n

In this 2-part workshop, students learned the basics of sewing and embroidery techniques for use in wearable electronics. With a needle, a bit of conductive thread and some LEDs, youth learned the basics of electronics, sewing, and creative problem-solving.

¡VIVO la revolutión! Making your Message (2013)

videorev  space  exhibition


In August 2013, youth were invited to spend a week at VIVO immersed in the hands-on creation of documentaries, news, commercials, music videos, public service announcements, viral videos and/or other mediums for creating persuasive messaging.

This one-week intensive is ideal for youth interested in media arts, video and filmmaking, and activism. Students found and shared examples of how digital media is used to influence what we buy, what we do, what we think and who we are through the internet, social media, TV and advertising. With increased media literacy and an understanding of techniques used to powerfully tell a story, students created scripts, filmed, edited, and disseminated their own stories about the issues they care about.

Read more about the workshop and exhibition on VANDOCUMENT.


Hacking the Home: An Introduction to Creative Electronics (2013)

raspbpi   soldering   skateboards

Youth 13-18 worked with instructors and students to conceptualize, problem-solve, develop and make their own creative electronics projects. The small camp size allowed instructors to work with a variety of skill levels and give individual attention.

The week began with a hands-on introduction to basic electronics and making small, fun projects that were completed in the first day. Students then selected and designed their own projects using technologies such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, RFID, solar panels, cell phones, LEDS, lasers, temperature sensors and more. This camp was a wonderful way for youth to understand the rapidly changing technologies that surround them by empowering them to create with and bend the technologies for their own uses.

Read more about the workshop and exhibition on VANDOCUMENT.



Vancouver Experimental Theremin Orchestra (VETO)


The Vancouver Experimental Theremin Orchestra (VETO) was formed by the participants in a theremin building workshop held at VIVO in the summer of 2011. VETO was formed out of and continues to be supported by the Education Program at VIVO Media Arts Centre. VETO has performed for the Signal + Noise Festival, The Xenakis Festival for Vancouver New Music, for Interactive Futures: Animal Influence (, among other events.



“POV”: Persistence-Of-Vision

“POV”: Persistence-Of-Vision Volumetric Display is a 3D platform designed at VIVO Media Arts Centre by artist Brady Marks. Marks is a sonic designer, programmer, and innovator, holding degrees in Computer Science and Interactive Arts and Technology.

Video by: Chris Benzon; Photos by Jonathan Dy





SLAB: 2007-2012 (Studio LAB) – “making things that do things”

A hands-on workshop series in visual multimedia programming, real-time media manipuluation, circuit bending, physical computing, and all you need to know to get your art to move.