POV Mentorship: UPDATE

POV Mentorship: UPDATE

Thanks so much to everyone that applied for the POV Mentorship at VIVO and Science World. We’ve received some really great applications and can’t wait to get the ball rolling. We have experienced some technical difficulties in the application process and some of the applicants’ information didn’t actually come through. As a result, we are extending the deadline for the application to Thursday, September 25th.

If you applied for the mentorship, please confirm that we received your information by emailing Emily at education(at)vivomediaarts.com. If you would like to apply, please check out the application and send requirements to Emily via email. We’d love to hear from you!



photo by Jonathan Dy


Pietro Sammarco is the Education Coordinator at VIVO. Talk to him if you want to host or attend a workshop, or want to get involved in a special project. In addition to running the education department at VIVO, he also teaches audio production, records bands, does music and sound for film, DJ's karaoke, and performs music with several groups.