Slab 6 Expanding the Theremin Group Exhibition

Slab 6 Expanding the Theremin Group Exhibition

Slab 6 Expanding the Theremin Group Exhibition

FRIDAY MAY 18, 2012 – 8:00PM – SATURDAY MAY 19, 2012 – 10:00PM

slab_6The performance takes place on Friday May 18th at 8pm

The exhibition will remain open to the public on Saturday May 19th from 1-10pm.

Ricarda McDonald, Wynne Palmer, Suzanne Klassen, Gonzalo Almendrades, Keith Lim, John Robinson, Deanne Peters, Nike Hatzidimou

The SLAB is a Studio LAB and a community of practice for electronic media artists and technology enthusiasts. We foster experimentation and provide artists with the means and motivation to develop their art unconstrained by new media conventions and assumed ways of using technology. SLAB facilitates collaborative projects, offering workshops and providing artists with mentorship and technical assistance. Blurring the lines between experimentation, creation and public presentation, SLAB events are risk-sharing experiences for both the artists and the audiences.

This exhibition showcases the experimental findings of 8 SLAB participants brought together to explore the capabilities of the theremin, interfacing it with audio visual devices, electronics, lights and mechanics to produce interactive works for public display.

This workshop series is a collaboration between VIVO and Media Arts Committee (MAC). VIVO Media Arts gratefully acknowledges the VIVO instructors David Leith, Rob Symmers and Meryln Chipman for their enthusiasm towards this project. 


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