Soap Opera With Chocolates by Elizabeth Milton (2015)

Soap Opera With Chocolates by Elizabeth Milton (2015)

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Soap Opera With Chocolates
Artist: Elizabeth Milton
Year: 2015
Duration: 00:10:29
Country: Canada

Soap Opera With Chocolates is the third installment in Milton’s Breakdown Series (2013-2015). Within these videoworks, Milton performs the role of a melodramatic woman who finds herself trapped within in a cycle of overwhelming emotion. Mirroring the emotional collapse of the central character, the surrounding set and props enact a surreal breakdown and transform into new objects and materials associated with the gaudy glamor of consumer culture.

Filmed within the hidden confines of a suburban chain hotel’s Roman Theme Room, Soap Opera With Chocolates centers around a weeping woman having a bubble-bath and emotionally eating chocolates. The narrative soon spins into an operatic performance of altered identity as the shiny allure of accumulating chocolate wrappers drape the character in a golden skin and transform themselves into the garish glitter of a sequins gown.

Excerpt of Soap Opera With Chocolates by Elizabeth Milton:

Elizabeth Milton Biography:
Elizabeth Milton is a Vancouver-based performance and media artist who utilizes character-play to investigate constructions of identity and affective expression. Exploring the performative experience of inhabiting fictional personas, Milton adopts characters scripted by the heightened fantasies and garish excesses of popular culture as well as the more intimate landscape of her daily life. Often involving amateur and professional performers, her video and photo-based works aim to critically investigate the possibilities and tensions inherent in collaboration. Throughout her practice participants have included: family members, actors, hypnotists, psychiatrists, students, musicians and fellow artists. Drawing from acting methods, psychoanalytic theory and comedy, her work explores how strategies of self-transformation may be used to challenge and articulate the distorted sense of reality that consumes our culture of simulation.

Milton holds an MFA in Studio Art from the University of British Columbia (2007) and a BFA in Visual Art from Simon Fraser University (2003). She instructs courses in Studio Art at the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University and Langara College in Vancouver, BC.


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