SyntheticSound: Experimental Music Chronicles From The Crista Dahl Media Library & Archive

SyntheticSound: Experimental Music Chronicles From The Crista Dahl Media Library & Archive



SyntheticSound: Experimental Music Chronicles From The Crista Dahl Media Library & Archive, Video Out Distribution

Screening: 7:30pm
Panel Discussion with Lief Hall, Gary Bourgeois and Alan Kollins: 9:15pm
Free admission

Following two much lauded screenings in Berlin, Video Out Distribution at VIVO Media Arts is pleased to present the local edition of SyntheticSound, a dynamic video program featuring experimental music as its source.

The program chronicles movements in music composition and performance, multi-media / video experimentation, technological advancements and subculture developments with works dating from the 1960s to the present. Rarely screened works featuring Terry Riley, Throbbing Gristle, Tunnel Canary; multiple Canadian musicians and video artists are highlighted. The archive’s oldest title, Music With Balls (1968), will be screened in all its live video editing glory! All titles culled from The Crista Dahl Media Library & Archive, housed, managed and loved by VIVO Media Arts Centre.

A panel discussion to follow featuring guest speakers Lief Hall, Gary Bourgeoisie and Alan Kollins. Moderated by Shauna Jean Doherty.

Program curated by Alan Kollins.
Program notes can be found here.
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Video program runs approximately 95 minutes.


  • Generic Video Art, excerpt: Androgina (Laurie McDonald, 1982. USA 01:00 min.)
  • Music For Stocking-Top, excerpt (COUM Transmissions, Cosey Fanni Tutti, 1974. UK 11:06 min.)
  • Music With Balls, excerpt (Arlo Action, Terry Riley, 1968. USA 05:22 min.)
  • 999 Live at Nashville Rooms, excerpt (Fantasy Factory, 1976. UK 05:40 min.)
  • The Temple of The Sacred Lady Crayon goes Percussion (Clark Nikolai, 1984. Canada 06:53 min.)
  • Tunnel Canary (Eric Lorenz, 2009. Canada 37:00 min.)
  • supa girl (Michael Venus, 2001. Canada 04:18 min.)
  • Sexnoys (Mathilde Geromine, 2006. Canada 01:29 min.)
  • Through The Holes (Elizabeth Vander Zaag, 1981. Canada 03:00 min.)
  • Cybernetic Love Triangle (Brendan Baudat, 2008. Canada 02:30 min.)
  • Mother and Babe (Lief Hall, 2011. Canada 01:14 min.)
  • It’s Hard to Get in My System (Duane Linklater, 2010. Canada 05:42 min.)
  • Generic Video Art Redux, excerpt: Androgina (Laurie McDonald, 1982. USA 01:03 min.)

Alan Kollins
 is a Vancouver based curator who has worked in artist run centres since 2003. He assisted in creating the fifty fifty arts collective (Victoria, BC) where he worked as a programmer and administrator for 7 years. Alan has worked as an administrator at VIVO Media Arts (Vancouver), Open Space Arts Society (Victoria, BC) and as a Distribution Assistant at Video Out Distribution (Vancouver, BC) where he helped maintain a video archive that dates back to 1973. Alan recently co-curated a retrospective screening of Canadian Queer cinema for the Out On Screen Film Festival (Vancouver, BC) in conjunction with the National Queer Database and the Crista Dahl Media Library and Archive at VIVO Media Arts. Alan earned a BA in Film Studies from the University of Victoria. He continues to explore an independent curatorial practice in the Vancouver region.


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