The Sunday Gang Presents

The Sunday Gang Presents

A series of Sunday openings at the Crista Dahl Media Library & Archive
Next edition: This Sunday, February 25th. Noon – 4 PM @ VIVO


Browse the print collection, choose the videos you want to watch from over 45 years of Video Art and activist documentaries, and pick the brains of the Sunday Gang about the Crista Dahl Media Library & Archive and all things media.

The Sunday Gang
is a working group of the VIVO Archive Committee dedicated to increasing access to the collection through improved collection management and Sunday openings. The Gang’s core members – Crista Dahl, Daryl Lacey, Colin Preston and Luc Duff – are video artists and archivists eager to connect the public to this fantastic collection.
They’re always on the look-out for new members!

The Crista Dahl Media Library & Archive
houses Western Canada’s foremost repository of videotapes by artists and activists. Spanning over 45 years of production, its 7000 media titles reflect the rich history of media art from Canada and abroad. In addition to video, the collection includes related publications, photographs, film, audiotapes, Special Collections featuring Vancouver media centres, collectives, and artists, an extensive equipment archive, artist files, and the records of the Satellite Video Exchange Society.