Verb Frau Television Verb Woman TV: Season 1 Episodes 1 – 15

Verb Frau Television Verb Woman TV: Season 1 Episodes 1 – 15

Introduction to VERB FRAU TV

Artist Margaret Dragu, aka Verb Woman/Verb Frau, investigates contemporary performance art practice through conversations with international artists, from the new and emerging to the senior and famous.  Season 1 is a collection of 15 episodes edited from VERB FRAU Live Streaming TV Broadcasts during her Big European Tour (Berlin and Belgrade), of May 2013.

These downloadable episodes may vary in technical quality by contemporary standards but their ad hoc, low-fidelity attributes are often an integral component of their production process and aesthetic design.

Download VERB FRAU TV: Itunes> VIVO Channel

Margaret Dragu is celebrating her fourth decade as a performance artist. She has presented work across Canada, the US and Europe. She has a multi-personae dis-order operating as Lady Justice, VERB Woman, and Nuestra Senora del Pan. In 2012 she received the Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts. Margaret is also a film/video artist, writer, choreographer, fitness instructor and a famous cleaning lady:

Special thanks to Month of Performance Art Berlin, Performer Stammtisch, Or Gallery Berlin, European Centre for Culture and Debate – GRAD Belgrade, and the Canada Council for the Arts.