Verb Frau TV: Episode 14 with Dinka Pignon & Miša Savić

 Verb Frau TV: Episode 14 with Dinka Pignon & Miša Savić

DINKA PIGNON is an interdisciplinary media artist working with spatial video installation, ‘video sculpture’ and performance. Her experimental practice is characterized by a strong affinity for the phenomenal, liminal, conceptual and minimal. Her work is situated in the field of ‘mixed reality’, operating on the borderline between the real and the virtual. In her installations, large-scale video projections reshape the architecture of the space and create illusionary effects over objects. Built in this manner, some of her installations are made to serve as virtual environments for performance to take place, often inviting audience participation.
Over the last 30 years, Dinka has coordinated and curated interdisciplinary art events, festivals, experimental workshops and international art exchange programs. Devoted to artist-run culture, she has spent most of her working life in artist-run centers: 15 years at the Fylkingen for New Music & Intermedia Art in Stockholm and 10 years at VIVO Media Arts Center in Vancouver.

MIŠA SAVIĆ is a musician with a long association with the Student Culture Centre since the 1970s. He has long been interested in the connections between art and music, and, specifically, the ways the performance could influence music. Given that SKC was in close proximity to the Music Academy, where he was studying, he began hanging out there for the same reason his visual artist colleagues did – because it was a relatively free space, where young artists came to discuss various issues. He is well known for his  1976 minimalist composition, entitled Twenty-four Hours, which involved the artist playing one chord, consisting of six tones, repeatedly every second, for twenty four hours.

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