VIDEO BAR | Decanter

VIDEO BAR | Decanter


A project by Jesse Scott and Leó Stefánsson

FRIDAY OCT 25, 2013 – 8:00pm -11:59pm


Decanter is a generative audio environment fuelled by the act of pouring beer.

Utilizing realtime camera capture, computer vision techniques and custom software, Decanter will turn the Video Bar into an immersive audio environment. By the simple interaction of ordering a beer, sonicizing the act of pouring itself, Jesse and Leó aim to draw attention to the labour and material conditions that fuel the party.

Beer, the lubricant of all social interaction, meets interactive media art.
The only way to experience the work is to drink more beer – bottoms up!

JESSE SCOTT is a new media artist, producer, coder, designer, visualist, curator, writer, and blogger. Under various aliases and operating within several artist collectives, he produces work for live performance, for site-specific actions, for listening, for viewing, for reading… his work has spanned the domains of a/v performance, locative media, telematics, improvisational practice, urban projection, installation design, public workshops, and the written word.

LEÓ STEFÁNSSON graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2011 and will soon complete the MAA Visual Arts program at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. In his work Leó explores the relationship between mind and matter and their common denominators; frequency and amplitude. Mental states can be distinguished and identified by extracting a list of frequencies contained in the brain’s electrical signal, and physical states (objects, things) can be described in the same terms by analyzing the acoustic space. Leó uses a range of programming tools and electronics to construct systems of translation between consciousness, matter, light and sound.