VIDEO BAR | Esoteric as in Learning

VIDEO BAR | Esoteric as in Learning

Esoteric As In Learning
Curated by Heidi Nagtegaal

May 30, 2013 – 8:00pm -11:59pm


Doors open @ 8 PM

RADIO PLAY, installation with tape deck and headphones, Neal Rockwell, 20 mins, 2009
White Voyage, screenshot, Mary Rothlisberger & Lisa Lipton, poster, 2010

New Work by Future Proof, 20 mins, 2013
Under a Railway Overpass Waiting for the Rain to Stop, Neal Rockwell, Montreal, 20 mins, 2012
White Voyage, Mary Rothlisberger & Lisa Lipton, Death Valley/Palouse WA/Halifax NS, 20 mins, 2013
New Works, Lisa Lipton, USA, 20 mins, 2013

Live Performance by Lisa Lipton, USA, 30 mins
Live Performance by Julia Feltham, Halifax, 30-60 mins
Debut, Mathew Arthur, live music + dj, Vancouver until close

Esoteric As In Learning explores what perception can mean, and what it means to perceive. How do we view things? What are we looking for? And how does the gaze affect the viewing? Obvious questions, but ones that never cease needing asking. Neal Rockwell, Lisa Lipton, Mary Rothlisberger, Future Proof (Patrick Cruz and Jabari Jordan-Walker) investigate this through a series of short video & audio works, each 20 mins in length. Live performances to follow.

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HEIDI NAGTEGAAL is an artist, writer and facilitator living in Vancouver, BC. After receiving her BFA from ECUAD in 2005, Nagtegaal has gone on to found local arts initiatives such as the Hammock Residency and Headbands and Bracelets, parallel to her own practice. She has recently exhibited in the Tate Modern (London, UK) for the No Soul For Sale: A Festival of Independents, with the Western Front, Äkkigalleria (Jyväskylä, Finland), Vancouver Art Gallery, Burnaby Art Gallery, Richmond Art Gallery, CSA, Signal and Noise, and portable gallery spaces worldwide.