VIDEO BAR: IO Sound Presents Subliminal Sleepless

VIDEO BAR: IO Sound Presents Subliminal Sleepless

IO Sound Presents Subliminal Sleepless

SEPT 6, 2012 – 10:00PM -SEPT 7, 2012 – 1:00AM


Ambient social. Main St. SWARM Afterparty. Free


IO SOUND is a sonic platform for the transmission of strange sounds from the offworld —  a conceptual label for sound-art, radio-art, and experimental electronic performance that invites artists to collaborate in improvised performance. IO SOUND is also a concept that explores interstellar communication through the impulsive life of undead machines. Artists in this performance include:

s*, cnoc:n:conc, ssiess, and gscot
with visual realisation by cato comte

SUBLIMINAL SLEEPLESS is the first collective transmission of IO SOUND, delving into industrial atmospheres, strange circuitry, and offworld ambience.

IO members will perform in a series of overlapping, improvised sets, generating a continuous unfolding of interactions between ever-changing players and machines. Complementing this sonic mandala will be a phase shift of projected IO iconography, visualized in the transformation of IO symbols through their yantric permutations, a play of light and shadow set against the vast reaches of interstellar space.



IO.SOUND // off orbit from exoteric systems // transmissions from alien frequencies // decompiled drifts of static // encoded recordings from submerged civilizations // long obsolete traces of deep water sonar // motion captures of invisible interference // analogue loops of haunted sound // electromagnetic traces of the dead // IO.SOUND is hear to provide // for the craven ear // and the depleted body // disorganised sound .


gscot ––– you’d think that being born in Scotland, having lived in Iran, and then next door to the projects in Toronto, gscot would be a celtic, middle eastern, hip hop hybrid. Nope. How about a vast and influential parental record collection? No. (Unless Johnny Matheson, The Carpenters, and the worst-album-by-Rod-Stewart-ever count). gscot just likes computers, things with knobs, and kittens. gscot continues to be 1⁄2 of coin gutter, mostly by accident.

Cnoc:n:conc ––– aka Vancouver native Katrina McGee, has been making noise/ audio / radio art since 1997. A former member of experimental band Arts and Crafts, Katrina played noise electronics at venues from the Western Front to the Purple Onion. From 1997-2000 Katrina was co-host of CiTR 101.9FM’s noiz-r, making collaborative soundscapes / noises / rackets and loops with saibot and Enahs, including CiTR’s first worldwide net-performance with Vienna’s Kunstradio for the “24 Hours of Radio Art” celebration of Art’s Birthday.

ssiess ––– (aka Alexander Bell) has spent a lifetime collecting fragments from around the world. These fragments are assembled to create a dialogue of spaces. It all started in the late ‘90s with a private and profound love affair between ssiess, a field recording setup, and 12 portable cd players, taking over ambient rooms to perform all night environmental audio mixes for the pleasure of fur-clad euphoric ravers. When he is not creating audio, ssiess creates as a painter and photographer. He has also been known to work with installation, net art, and 8-bit visuals.
s* ––– heteronym of an offworld entity and an eclectic improviser with broken machines, turntables, reel-to-reels, and acoustic-electronic instrumentation, s* has performed across the planet as part of a life-long mission to raise the ritual sound of undead frequencies. Interventionist strategies have included surveillance manipulations of public radio, erratic sculpture using obsolete technologies, interactive sound installations in locative wireless networks, sonic occupations of crown land, and the establishment of temporary rhythm machines in abandoned warehouses. Attempts to escape consciousness via sound have been explored during 17 years of persistent interventions through sound and word. s* is an unconscious collaborator with microsound composer tomas phillips (if not, winter, and/OAR, 2005), noise improviser katherine kline of dreamcatcher (glyphs of erebus sublime, IO SOUND, 2012), radio-artist a.j. cornell (1981/1999, IO SOUND, 2012) and composer matthijs vincent kouw (THUNDERKLAP, IO SOUND, 2012). Experiments in Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), recorded as Tactical Tape Loop Division, were commissioned by New Radio and Performing Arts in 2008 and remixed by Richard Chartier, i8u, coingutter, t. phillips, scant intone, and Jeff Carey on unearthed from airwaves (IO SOUND, 2011). s* has performed worldwide, from the New Forms to the MUTEK and No Placard festivals, with events at STEIM, SAT, OfficeOps, eXperimental Intermedia, and Eyebeam, with work featured by the CBC, BURN.FM, Soundfjord, and Kunstradio. IO.SOUND is its imprint. 


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