Videographics VIDEOGRAPHICS was curated by media artist Paul Wong from the Archive on the occasion of the centre’s 40th anniversary in 2013. Wong’s homage recalled the original 1973 poster wall created by Michael Goldberg at 261 Powell Street, the homebase for Video Inn (The Satellite Video Exchange Society) from 1973 to 1986. These were critical years in the organization’s development as a leading center of independent media and video art. Wong was one of S.V.E.S.’ founding members and a mentee of Michael Goldberg, whose social, political and aesthetic influence on the Society was crucial to its future trajectory.

VIDEOGRAPHICS is a first helical scan of VIVO posters and graphics, a process of recording and creating digital memory. Far from nostalgically rewinding and pausing on the past, this mixed media installation conveyed the traces left by the analog era in its transition to the digital world.


PAUL WONG (1)Curator: Paul Wong

As a self-invented video pioneer and one of Canada’s most renowned multimedia artists, Paul Wong is an award-winning artist, curator, and organizer of events and public interventions since the mid-1970s. Known particularly for his tough engagement with issues of race, sex and death, Wong’s work is varied and eclectic, ranging from conceptual performances to complex narratives, meshing video, photography, installation and performance with rare Chinese-Canadian meets cutting edge counter culture perspectives.

Winner of the Bell Canada Award in Video Art in 1992, Wong was also the first recipient of the Transforming Art Award from the Asian Heritage Foundation in 2002. In 2003 he was the inaugural winner of the Trailblazer Expressions Award, created by Heritage Canada, the National Film Board and CHUM Limited. Heralded as a “national treasure”, Wong was the 2005 recipient of the Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts and was the Canadian Spotlight Artist and also awarded Best Canadian Film or Video at the 2008 Reel Asian International Film Festival.

Paul Wong is the founding director of several artists groups including the Video In/VIVO (Satellite Video Exchange Society 1973) and On Main (On The Cutting Edge Production Society).


Video Component of Videographics
The video produced for this installation, and projected as a component of the poster collage, features Wong’s recollections of the events and artists central to VIVO’s history. Touching, smelling, reframing, zooming in and out of the printed paper surfaces allows the emergence of their stories as well as the  first questions about their preservation.


Camera: Kevin Doherty
Editing: Sebnem Ozpeta
Production Coordinator: John Brennan
Exhibition Coordinator: Elisa Ferrari