VIVO Presents: Paal Nilssen-Love and Ken Vandermark

VIVO Presents: Paal Nilssen-Love and Ken Vandermark


VIVO Media Arts presents
Paal Nilssen-Love & Ken Vandermark
Meredith Bates and Stefan Smulovitz
JP Carter + John Brennan
Sept 9
Doors at 8:30, Show at 9:30
Advance tickets $10 on Eventbrite, $15 at the door

Thanks to Coastal Jazz for their support

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“The high impact duo of Paal Nilssen-Love (drums) and Ken Vandermark (reeds) has been working together at an accelerated rate since 2002, and they have put out seven albums of exceptional and wide ranging improvised music since then. Though they have both worked in many critically acclaimed groups- from the Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet, Lean Left (with Terrie Hessels and Andy Moor of The Ex) to Double Tandem (with Dutch saxophonist, Ab Baars)- they have continued to return to their duo for more than a dozen years because it remains crucial to their creative output.

Nilssen-Love and Vandermark began this collaboration when they recorded their initial album,Dual Pleasure, for the label smalltownsupersound. Shortly afterward, they performed their first concert at the Molde International Jazz Festival. Since then, they’ve performed on an international basis every year- in Europe, North America, and Japan. Their approach to the duo context is ferocious in its intensity, combining extreme rhythmic velocity with formal deconstruction and re-assembly, and a freedom to use any genre at anytime. In many ways, Nilssen-Love and Vandermark are more open this setting than in any of their other playing situations, creating a unique approach to improvised music that is riveting for both its ideas and execution.

In September of 2015 their duo will hit the road in the United States, performing in the Midwest and on the West Coast to celebrate the release of their eighth album, a co-production from their labels: PNL Records and Audiographic Records, recorded live during a blistering performance in Antwerp during their European tour of October, 2013. ” –

“For the past eleven years, Meredith has been pursuing a career as a freelance violinist and violist, experienced in a wide variety of musical genres, from classical music to jazz, and encompassing many folk idioms. She has been performing and recording extensively with a number of ensembles, some of which include Pugs and Crows, the Kamloops Symphony, Ford Pier and Strength of Materials String Quartet, Gentle Party, C.R. Avery and the Legal Tender String Quartet, Sean Cronin’s Very Good, the Prince George Symphony, Sound Circus, and Dixie’s Death Pool. Meredith has also performed and recorded in the past with musicians such as Annie Lou, Joseph Blood, The Vancouver Island Symphony, The Luscious, The Contemporary Lovers, The Shannon Scott Quintet, The Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra, Dyad, Mark Berube, The Fugitives, Debra Jean and The Means, Rodney Decroo, Rae Spoon, and Ivan Coyote, to name a few.” –

Stefan Smulovitz is a highly accomplished musician (viola & laptop) and an award-winning composer. As a software developer he created Kenaxis, a major innovation in the use of the computer as a real-time instrument. His virtuosic command of Kenaxis has resulted in an international reputation for Smulovitz, who regularly performs with the world’s leading improvisers and composes for ensembles ranging from orchestras to string quartets to solo instruments with electronics.”

“JP Carter is a Juno award-winning trumpet player and composer from Vancouver, BC, with over 28 years of playing experience. Carter’s singular approach to the trumpet and versatility as an improvisor and composer make him a vital contributor to the Vancouver music community. JP incorporates a variety of techniques into his trumpet playing, utilizing and experimenting with acoustic (traditional, extended) and electronic (effected, amplified) methods to create a wide spectrum of sound. Currently a member of several Vancouver-based groups, including Destroyer, Dan Mangan + Blacksmith, Fond of Tigers, Tony Wilson 6tet, Mary Margaret O’Hara & Peggy Lee’s Beautiful Tool, Gordon Grdina’s Haram, Michael Blake’s Variety Hour, and Orkestra Futura (NOW Orchestra), JP’s main projects as a composer/performer continue to be Inhabitants, Aeroplane Trio, and Carsick. These three long-standing original projects have all released albums on Vancouver’s Drip Audio label” –

John Brennan is a Canadian drummer, sound artist and curator based out of Vancouver. Best known for curating his renowned concert series “Destroy Vancouver”, Brennan has also been very active on the world stage as an accomplished improviser collaborating with the likes of William Hooker, Wally Shoup, Chris Cogburn, Nate Wooley, DJ Olive, Josh Zubot, Ellwood Epps and many others.  Brennan approaches his playing in a textural style focusing his attention on the sonic capabilities of the drum set rather then relying on a beat oriented approach.  Graduating from Concordia in Montreal with a degree in Electroacoustics in 2005, Brennan began experimenting with bridging the sound art/noise communities and idea’s with the Jazz communities.  Since 2008 he has toured Europe, Japan, and North America numerous times and is now focusing most of his attention on recording/touring with his new duo Atlanteans with Bryce Janssens.

Our new venue will be refurbished for wheelchair access, but not before this event. There are five steps past the entrance door (each is a foot deep and seven inches high, with hand rails to the left and right). There are two undesignated, one-stall bathrooms (one with a urinal). Please contact us if other information is required and we will update this notice accordingly. | 604 872 8337