Youth Mentorship Series



The Youth Mentorship Series at VIVO gives emerging artists (ages 18-24 years) an opportunity to develop skills in performance and experimental art practices, while collaborating with established artists in a media arts setting. The focus of this series is to integrate youth into artist-run centre culture in order to foster the next generation of local media artists in Vancouver. Mentorships so far have included coding for the 3d POV mentorship at Science World, and a Career Development mentorship with a final, student-led exhibition at the end. Each mentorship was offered free of charge and included skill development with exhibition opportunities in a supportive, media-arts environment. This program has been funded by the BC Arts Council Youth Engagement Program and the TELUS Community Board, with support from the Coastal Jazz Society.


Applications Now Open: Learn Max MSP or Processing on Halo

VIVO and artists Alex Beim (of Tangible Interaction), Leó Stefansson and Niel McLaren, are seeking emerging artists between 18 and 24 years, to participate in a 4 week-long mentorship this fall, as part of  The Youth Mentorship Series. This series integrates youth (18-24 years) into artist-run centre culture, in order to foster the next generation of local media artists in Vancouver. Students will create new algorithms for HALO, an interactive media art installation, originally built by Tangible Interaction in 2013.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 3.53.39 PMMentees will be learning either Max MSP or Processing. No previous programming experience required – just a strong desire and commitment to learn. The final piece will be included in an exhibition focussed on algorithmically-generated art.

Halo can be used by creative developers of all stripes; expert coding skills are not required. Participants will need a laptop with their chosen development environment installed.

Learn more about the program and apply by following this link.







Past Mentorships


Laptop Ensemble & Theremin Orchestra

This mentorship was led by VETO members Wynne Palmer and Justin Devries, Laptop Ensemble members Kiran Bhumber and Norah Lorway, with the theremin build by Rob Symmers and Dave Leith.

More on the mentorship in the videos below. The poster was designed by Martin Reisle, and videos by Jonathan Nunes.


3D POV Mentorship at Science World:

This mentorship was led by Brady Marks, inventor of the 3D POV (Persistence of Vision), which consists of a rotating panel of LEDs that forms dynamic, interactive 3d images. 2 mentees worked with Brady and learned to program using this Persistence of Vision device. To learn more about the mentorship, please watch the video below:


Photos by Jonathan Dy; Video by Chris Bentzon

Career Development Mentorship:

SKINCorieMatt3PicWynnePalmerSmall SKINMarchienVeenPicMarchienVeenSmall skin-forweb

Photos by Wynne Palmer and Zee Kesler; L to R: Art by Corie Waugh, Marchien Veen, Crista Dahl


Photos by Zee Kesler, Featuring art by Marchien Veen (Upper) and Zandi Dandizette (Lower)

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 1.39.17 PM

This mentorship was led by Wynne Palmer, who presented a behind-the-scenes look at how an artist-run centre works. Youth received a tour of the Crista Dahl Media Library and Archive with Crista Dahl herself, and had the opportunity to work with artists Matt Troy andVincent Parker. Through lecture and discussion, Wynne guided students through the requirements and practices for today’s working media artist. Topics covered included: proposal and CV writing, portfolio preparation, funding options, networking, social media and business practices, and much more. Finally, students created their very own media art show, which was held on the conclusion of the mentorship.

Final Exhibition Poster:



Students hard at work:


Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 3.48.43 PM SKINSetUpAnchi2PicWynnePalmerSmall


Photos by Wynne Palmer . L to R: Alanna Ho, Zandi Dandizette, Marchien Veen and Corie Waugh. Anchi Lin setting up for the show.