GBV Episode 39

Episode: 39
Duration: 31:11
Airing date: 5, 19 September 1983

Record date: 24 August 1983
Episode Producers: Don Durrell, Warren Jensen, Barry Spillman
Accession: GV-039

‘Vancouver We Did It!’

00:36-01:30 Intro to an episode highlighting significant moments in the fight for LGBT rights in British Columbia 1980-1983

02:50-07:05 Footage from 1983 Gay Parade and statements by Alicia Lawrence (Ex-BC Human Rights Officer), Tim Agg (VGCC ),  Bruce York (Vancouver Alderman).

09:54-14:02 Pride Week acknowledgements: ‘Ukranian –Punk’ band; Pride organizers – George Moore (MC), Tim Agg (VCC), Bob Guild (Pride Week Coordinator), Lynne Jones (Parade Chairperson), Gerry Brunet (Gayfest Organizer).

Awards: ‘Best Banner’ Lesbian Mothers Defense Fund; ‘Best Costume’ Tiny, from Neighbours; ‘Best Performing Group’ Sisters of Misconception;  ‘Most Outrageous Costume’ The French Maids; ‘Best Float’ Little Sisters Book and Art Emporium; Castle Hotel Trophy for the Best Overall Entry’ John Barley’s; ‘SEARCH Community Service Award’ Jim Trenholme

14:02-20:08 Musicians including Nadean Davenport.

20:09- Interviews at Vancouver’s 1983 Gay Games with Tom Waddell (Organizer 1982 San Francisco Gay Olympics) and athletes. Montage of Games coverage.

26:27-27-28 Medal presentation to Burt Curry, Rick Amalon, Richard Dopson, Ralph Boswell for their determination and work on behalf of the Gay Summer Games.

27:29-30:20  Gregg Cutts speech

30:21  Credits (Gayblevision brought to you by Steve Barlow, Don Durrell, Ted Fraser, Colleen French, Warren Jensen, Bill Kobewka, Mary Anne McEwen, Barry Spillman; Edited by Don Durrell, Warren Jensen, Barry Spillman; Producer: Barry Spillman)