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Celebration ’90 Opening Ceremonies – Part 2 (raw footage)

Episode: Celebration ’90 Opening Ceremonies – Part 2 (raw footage)
Duration: 21:11
Record date: August 4, 1990
Accession: MAM-GG-016


00:00 – 07:39 – Continuation of Lorraine Segato’s “Giving It All We Got” and sings “Phoenix”
07:40 – 08:40 – Robin Tyler thanks the staff and volunteers, producers of the show. Tyler welcomes back the Celebration ’90 Festival Chorus
08:41 – 09:57 – Tyler welcomes back The Celebration ’90 Festival Chorus under the direction of Carole White, featuring soloist Colleen Whinton and Vancouver Baritone Garry Dahl, invites the audience to watch the screening of runners Penny O’Neil and Kent Knutsen lighting the Gay Games Torch at Vancouver’s Peace Flame, and welcomes back Svend Robinson for the Official Gay Games Declaration
09:58-13:00 – Celebration ’90 Chorus singing and screening of runners Kent Knutsen and Penny O’Neil running with Gay Games Torch
13:00 – 13:58 – Torch bearers enter B.C. Place and pass the torch to Woolly Taylor and Marlene Wong who light the Celebration ’90 Flame
13:59 – 14:49 – Svend Robinson gives the Gay Games Official Declaration
14:50 – 18:44 – Amanda Hughes sings “Reach for the Sky”
18:46 – 19:30 – Robin Tyler returns to stage to wish the athletes her best and to thank Vancouver for welcoming the Gay Games to the city
19:30 – 21:11 – Closing remarks thanking the B.C. Place Stadium employees and mentions the sale of the Opening Ceremonies video produced by Forward Focus Ltd.