Textual Materials

The following textual materials are samples from the Mary Anne McEwen Fond. Her collection includeswritings by McEwen about her video projects, Celebration ’90 and Gayblevison, scripts, camera logs, correspondence, budgets, artist releases, publications, documents, and ephemera. More materials will be added as they are digitized.

Celebration ’90 publications are posted here with the permission of Richard Dopson, representing the now disbanded Metropolitan Vancouver Arts & Athletics Society.

Follow red links to PDFs . To view the Mary Anne McEwen fond in person or to make a research enquiry, contact the CDMLA at library(at)vivomediaarts.com

Official Program of Celebration ’90 Gay Games III & Cultural Festival

Published by Metro Vancouver Arts & Athletics Association
Design, layout, computer graphics and production: Sandra Robinson, ARTWOMAN GRAPHICS
Illustrations: Maggie Kernoghan
Editor: Sarah Temple


Come Celebrate With Us Brochure

A brochure soliciting annual memberships in support of the Gay Games III.  Publication date unknown.

Legacy Documentary Proposal

Outlines the project, anticipated audience, revenue streams, and dissemination strategies. It includes bios of the principals and budget.