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Satellite Video Exchange Society

VIVO Media Arts Centre was incorporated as The Satellite Video Exchange Society (SVES) in 1973. The SVES has been known to the public as Video Inn, Video In, and Video In Studios.


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SVES fonds

The SVES fonds include the organizational history of the Society created by the SVES or its pre-incorporation activities. These include:

The internal records of The Satellite Video Exchange Society (1973-)

MATRIX International Video Exchange Conference & Festival (1973)

The International Video Exchange Network (1971-1978)

          Video Guide Magazine (1978-1992)

Media Artist and Activist Documentation Files (MAAD)

Legacy technology and technical manuals (1971-)

Programming documentation (1973-)

Files related to external membership organizations: Vancouver Artists League (VAL), Independent Film & Video Alliance (IFVA), Association of  National Non-Profit Artist-run Centres (ANNPAC), Coalition for the Right To View (CRTV).

          Special Collections (detailed below)

Special Collections

Special Collections include the print and video collections instituted at our founding and central to our originating mandate, the Video Out Distribution video collection, other Vancouver media organizations, and the personal archives of artists and activists. These include:

SVES Collections


Time & Space Publications Library (1960s-) – P

Video Library & Archive (1968-) – M
     Media Producer Name List 
     Searchable video database

Video Out Distribution  (1980-) – M


Media Centres, Collectives & Initiatives


1973 Matrix International Video Conference & Festival  –  M-P-T

Canada Dance – M

CURRENT Feminist Electronic Art Symposium 
– M-P-T

First Nations Video Collective – M-T

Gayblevision Society  –  M-T

Metro Media Society – M-P-T

Pacific Association of Artist-Run Centres

Renegade Library   – P

Vancouver Status of Women
 Woman Alive TV Series  – M

Women In Focus Society – M-T-P

Artists & Activists


Crista Dahl – M-P-T

Sara Diamond– M-P-T-E

Margaret Dragu  – M-P-T

John Grayson  – P

Lenore Herb – M-P-T-E

Terry Ketler  – M-T

Mary Anne McEwen – M-P-T-E

Joe Sarahan – M-T

Meg Torwl  – M-P-T-E

Key to Content Scope in Special Collections

M – Media   (video, film or photographs – analogue and/or digital)
P – Publications   (books, periodicals, catalogues, posters, promotional materials, zines)
T – Textual Records  (correspondence, CVs, other paper records)
E – Ephemera  (objects)


To in-person or remote access contact:

Archivist (Syr Reifsteck) –

Archive Manager (Karen Knights) –