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What Remains: Meg Torwl

Meg at 17.

AQWAI: 11.5 minutes. 2006

Images and music


AQUA – WATER – WAI – WATER – AWA – RIVER. AQWAI opens in Vancouver’s Fall with abstract images of rain, reflecting on leaf-filled puddles, winter Sunshine Coast beaches, lakes, and snow. To spring at the seas edge on Ayhus Island, light playing on the ocean floor, sea grass and shellfish beds, taking us underwater to Hawaiian coral and fish. Drawing to a close in summer, with the pebbled alpine streams, of Manning Park BC; Tongariro National Park, and Te Waipounamu – Aotearoa.

Music: Spacious by Tony Riparetti   and Micheal Gibian; water and chimes.

From the chapbook
“Transit of Venus”,
Meg Torwl,
Integrial Media, 2012.
A collection of poems
about love,
public transit,
and life transitions.

bliss too




leads the way


sun, lying

ayhus island

blue – sea – mountains






I can imagine


passing over


you rub the double-headed-

serpent tattoo

on your pregnant belly


a tarot reading:

much sorrow

obstacles to overcome

balancing fire and water

manifesting externally

green creative art

dream stakes

Other materials

Written and read poems 1984-2013, published writings list, SFU writing workshop materials.