The H2a-XLR hydrophone is designed to work with any PA system or recording device that offers a balanced, phantom-powered, microphone input. It uses the same low-noise, robust transducer assembly as our H1 hydrophone, but includes a low noise internal buffer amp. Operation is very simple: just connect to your mic preamp, switch on phantom power and use. No additional power supply is required.


Rental Rate
Daily - Extended Rate: CA$12.00
Daily - Member Rate: CA$17.00
Daily - Commercial Rate: CA$22.00

This balanced, passive hydrophone is perfect for ultra low-noise, high-gain recording. Made with shielded black cable, a large 35mm brass piezoelectric head coated in black non-toxic rubber, and a male XLR output plug. Can be used for all kinds of underwater listening and recording, including detecting swimming pool leaks. Can also be used outside of water as a normal contact microphone. Can be safely frozen or boiled. Use with an amplifier for best results. Extremely rugged!

Rental Rate
Daily - Extended Rate: CA$10.00
Daily - Member Rate: CA$15.00
Daily - Commercial Rate: CA$20.00