Jeremy Todd’s 9 Month Labour Of Love Coming To An End

Jeremy Todd was hired this April (2014) as interim Outreach and Distribution Coordinator with a mandate to oversee a review and reorganization of Video Out. Jeremy has applied his unique skills, fresh eye, and boundless energy to the project, resulting in a significant overhaul of the department.

Over the eight months of his tenure, in consultation with out-going distributor Sharon Bradley and longtime staff members Sebnem Ozpeta and Alan Kollins, Jeremy has overseen improvements to Video Out’s internal administration and cataloguing systems, expanded Video Out’s online presence, and improved access and efficiency of curatorial preview and exhibition traffic through the establishment of a new online video clearinghouse utilizing Vimeo Pro services.

With a goal of maximizing financial benefits for artists and making best use of Video Out’s human resources, recent distribution efforts have focused on paid screenings and particular non-paid contexts with profile, freeing up staff to pursue development of future special projects.

Jeremy’s efforts in the area of Outreach have raised the visibility of VO producers and provided opportunities for the local community to learn more about their work. On November 13th, he will host the second of his Recent Acquisitions Screening series, highlighting video recently acquired for distribution. Screenings are eclectic, feature artists on-site whenever possible, and provide the audience with an opportunity for Q&A.

Engaging and informative interviews with the artists are also featured on Video Out’s new Conversations blog on VIVO’s website HERE.

The public is now able to follow the activities of Video Out at the “Distribution News and Outreach” blog HERE.

In addition, Jeremy has moved forward two extremely important Video Out initiatives inherited from Sharon: the VIVO Channel and CCIMAD. 12 episodes of Margaret Dragu’s podcast series, Verb Frau TV, have been launched on the VIVO Channel podcast and her second series, Art Talking Women, Season One, will launch in December. Jeremy has also taken on Sharon’s leadership role at CCIMAD, a national coalition of film and video distributors developing a national digital platform for independent works of Canadian film and video.

With these new and continuing initiatives solidly underway, Jeremy is looking forward to a slightly less hectic schedule and returning to his interdisciplinary art practice. He’ll also continue teaching at the Vancouver Film School Foundation Visual Art & Design Department and enjoy more time with his wife, artist Natasha McHardy, and their almost two-year-old son Emory.

Jeremy will remain engaged with VIVO and Video Out outreach initiatives as a member and volunteer, and will assist with training our incoming, permanent Video Out Distributor as required.

VIVO is grateful for Jeremy’s enthusiastic and skillful re-tooling of Video Out, a critical service for media artists since 1980. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors and look forward to ongoing creative collaborations.

Stay tuned for the upcoming job posting for Video Out Distributor.

November 10, 2014.