Move Update

Move Update

March 28, 2014
Last May, VIVO was given notice that 1965 Main Street had been sold and was slated for demolition in 2014. We were given one year’s notice to vacate. Given the high rate of dislocation faced by arts centres in Vancouver due to ongoing redevelopment, VIVO is committed to purchasing its own property.

We struck a Building Committee to facilitate our search and have considered a number of possible properties. We made financial arrangements with a lender, partnered with Catalyst Community Development, been in discussion around co-habitation with a number of naturally-aligned organizations (Moving Images Distribution and VANDOCUMENT are currently on board), secured a City of Vancouver Cultural Infrastructure Grant to enlist a team of experts, and applied to the Mount Pleasant Production Spaces Grant for Rize Alliance Development monies.

While we wait for the results of that grant, we are continuing to pursue all options for purchase.


When is VIVO leaving 1965 Main Street?
VIVO has been in discussion with our new landlords regarding our tenancy. We are currently renting on a month to month basis and have been told it is likely we can remain at 1965 through August. There is a slight chance that a further extension may be possible.

What are your immediate plans for relocation?
VIVO’s Board is currently looking for a suitable short-term lease situation (1-2 years). This would serve as a transitional space as we leave 1965 and anticipate a purchase in the next year or so.

Where will the new VIVO be located?
That depends on several factors. If we receive sufficient funds from the City, we can remain within or close to the boundaries of Mount Pleasant. However, the premium paid to own property in Mount Pleasant over other areas – such as the DTES, Grandview-Woodlands or Hastings Sunrise for instance – is significant. For this reason, the aforementioned neighbourhoods remain viable options for our future home.

Is there a chance VIVO will close for good?
NONE! VIVO is healthy and enthusiastic about our future! We have moved three times in our 40 year history; each move making the organization stronger and more relevant.

Will there be disruptions in VIVO’s programming?
VIVO is still planning exhibitions and workshops though the quantity will decrease slightly and there may be periods when not all our services are available. We do need to take some time to work on the numerous administrative tasks required for such a
transition. Expect to find us AT LARGE during our transition – meaning events will be hosted out of house at other venues.

What are your plans for the new VIVO?
VIVO envisions a dynamic, organic, and creative hub for inter-disciplinary artistic practice. Until all funding is confirmed and geographic location settled, we are making plans suitable for facilities between 5,000 and 8,000 square feet in size. Obviously, the size of our chosen space will impact what aspects of our vision can be realized, but here are some of our ideas:

A New Model of Creative Space for Contemporary Media Art Production: VIVO is aiming for a 24 hour, inclusive, artist-driven access model to meet the access needs of, and flexibility required by contemporary media artists. We would provide professional, discrete, production spaces that reflect the diversity of media art production; and state-of-the art screening facilities for private use. We will also address artists’ desire for collaborative work and social space where like-minded individuals can share, participate and learn.

A Collaborative Community Model for the Preservation, Dissemination and Promotion of Media Art: This relocation provides an opportunity to provide secure, climate controlled storage and to make digitization and preservation services accessible for Vancouver artists and organizations.

A Showcase for Media Arts: Our aim is a purpose-built exhibition space with increased audience capacity and comfort. Combined with the new gallery space, micro-cinema, and through our community partnerships, we hope to draw new audiences and increase public awareness of, and support for, Vancouver artists.

What if I have more questions?
Seek us out tonight! All staff and Board members have name tags so you can seek us out. We’re happy to share more and get you input. Otherwise, contact us at VIVO: or 604-872-8337

How can I help VIVO?

There are many ways our friends can help us transition to our next space:

• Let us know if you see a suitable property.

• Spread the word! Let your friends know that VIVO’s looking for a space, donors, volunteers & sponsors.

• Volunteer to help with our move. There’s a lot to do!

• Not a member yet? JOIN US!

• Donate! Seriously.
A gift to your centre makes a difference.

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