Seeking Emerging Artists to participate in an Upcoming Mentorship

Calling all experimenters with light, code, sculpture, kinetics, neologisms and all manners of dynamic structures to partake in a sincere mentorship with Brady Ciel Marks

VIVO and Brady Ciel Marks are seeking emerging artists between 18 and 24 years to participate in a 4 week-long mentorship this fall. Students will experiment with the 3D POV (Persistence of Vision) Display with Marks, which consists of a rotating panel of LEDs that forms dynamic, interactive 3D images. The final student piece will be part of a show at Science World called, “Light: Illuminating Art and Science”, with up to 3000 visitors  per day.

The POV 3D display was conceived in 2009 after a SLAB event at VIVO. SLAB: Making Things that Do Things, was a hands-on workshop that involved a series of experiments with multimedia programming, real-time media manipulation, circuit bending and physical computing. The POV was initially funded by the BC Arts Council Innovations Grant and has been exhibited at Points of Vision: Beyond the Second Dimension, the VIVO Open House, and Vancouver Mini Maker Faire.

The display has been programmed to create a Laboratory for Synthetic Psychology, Interactive 3D Drawing and 3D Pong.

Many thanks to BC Arts Council for supporting this mentorship program.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Dy

Interested in Participating?

UPDATE: The hourly commitment is ~27-32 hours for the whole month, and will be taking place on evenings and weekends. There is still flexibility in the schedule so don’t let limited availability get in the way of your application. This mentorship is also FREE.

We are looking for youth ages 18-24 who fit the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrated Commitment to a Media Artist Practice
  2. Aptitude with Digital Media and Computer Literacy
  3. Strong Interested in Programming

To apply, please fill out the application form below, which includes a request for the following materials:

  1. Letter of Intent, Describing what they would like to get out of the experience and how they see the mentorships benefiting their practice
  2. CV / Resume or Biographic Statement
  3. Index of Support Material, Describing Works, and if possible relevance to mentorship.
  4. Support Material May Include
    1. 1-5 Photographs of Exhibited Work
    2. Up to 5 Minutes of Audio Work (if appropriate)
    3. Up to 5 Minutes of Video Documentation or Examples Work (if appropriate)

LINK to application.

Application Deadline: September 18th.

If you have any questions, please email Emily at education(at)

Applicants Should Be Available in Vancouver, BC, Canada

15 October, 2014 to 15 November, 2014

Mentor: Brady Marks

Brady is an artist working in sound, light and interactive sculpture. Based in Vancouver, Canada and holds an M.Sc in Interactive Arts from Simon Fraser University (SFU). She hosts a monthly sound art radio show, teaches at VIVO Media Arts Centre, and volunteers with The Rock and Roll Camp for Girls. She also plays music in the Vancouver Electronic Ensemble and DJs regularly.

Her work is often collaborative, bringing Generative and Interactive perspectives to the collaborations. Her solo projects question impending cultural forces, such as surveillance, remediation and technological determinism, and allow the audience to step sidewards to view these forces with greater freedom. She works with technology and against technological thinking.

Twitter: @furiousgrncloud, Web:

Light: Illuminating Science and Art

This mentorship will be taking place as part of the Science World Exhibition, “Light: Illuminating Science and Art” which takes up the subject of light, luminescence and perception through the lens of abstraction, scientific and creative inquiry, and aesthetics. Works included in the exhibition will explore topics such as the visibility and invisibility of colour, light and heat waves, sounds and patterns, embodied and affect experience and the persistence of vision.

Opening October 11th