The Sunday Gang Presents: AFTERNOON AT THE ARCHIVE

A series of Sunday openings at the Crista Dahl Media Library & Archive
Next edition: Stay Tuned!


Have a tour of the Crista Dahl Media Library & Archives, see the print and video collections from more than 45 years of Video Art, politics, and social change, and learn about opportunities to participate in supporting and preserving this unique collection.

The Sunday Gang is a working group of the VIVO Archive Committee.  The Gang’s core members are Crista Dahl, Daryl Lacey, Colin Preston, Luc Duff, and Frans Van de Ven. We look forward to seeing you this Sunday!

The Crista Dahl Media Library & Archive
houses Western Canada’s foremost repository of videotapes by artists and activists. Spanning over 45 years of production, its 7000 media titles reflect the rich history of media art from Canada and abroad. In addition to video, the collection includes related publications, photographs, film, audiotapes, Special Collections featuring Vancouver media centres, collectives, and artists, an extensive equipment archive, artist files, and the records of the Satellite Video Exchange Society.