VIVO at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire!

We’re excited to announce that we will have a booth in the dark zone for the second year at the 5th annual Vancouver Mini Maker Faire happening this weekend – June 6th and 7th.

Maker Faire is an annual event to celebrate arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the Do-it-Yourself (DIY) mindset. Maker’s Faire occurred around the world, including Tokyo, Rome, Detroit, Taxes and other major cities you can think of. It is a great platform for making often invisible DIY people to showcase their works to the community. Learn from each other, inspired by each other, befriend of each other.

Featured Works:

Permanent Deviation:

Live coding is happening on Permanent Deviation on Saturday and Sunday. Join us at the booth at 2:30 on either day to code with us. hashtag: #vivopd

Permanent Deviation is an online Processing compiler and simultaneous participatory exhibition space created and designed by Julie Gendron, in association with Brady Marks.

Permanent Deviation provides an online space that can be described as an exquisite corpse, graffiti wall, training ground for making generative art using the Processing** programming language. Coders must use the code of the last participant in a set amount of time to generate a new art object. In this way, each participant’s code acts as the baseline from which the next coder has to work.

3d POV:

The 3d POV You was originally conceived in 2009, after a SLAB event at VIVO. The workshop consisted of experiments with multimedia programming, media manipulation in real time, circuit bending and physical computing. We Are With You was initially funded by the BC Arts Council Innovations Grant and has recently been funded by BC Arts Council for a Youth Mentorship.

Theremin and Demo by the Laptop Ensemble:

We are currently facilitating 2 mentorships at VIVO – we’ve started a Laptop Ensemble and we’re growing the Vancouver Experimental Theremin Orchestra with some new members. Wynne will be on-side throughout the weekend to demonstrate her theremin, and Kiran and Norah will be at the faire on Sunday to show off their controllers.

These mentorships are made possible by the drive and talent of some amazing artists! Kiran Bhumber along with Norah Lorweg (Leading the Laptop Ensemble), and for the theremins, Wynne Palmer, Justin Devries, Rob Symmers and David Leith. Thanks to TELUS Vancouver Community BoardVancouver International Jazz Festival and BC Arts Council for making these mentorships possible

Projection Mapping:

A few words on how it was made from Fran:

Stephanie Wan and Frances Breden created this piece by modelling geometric, crystal-like structures in Maya and sent that 3d model into Pepakura, which ‘unwrapped’ the model into a flat surface, sort of like what a map is compared to a globe.  They traced this flat surface onto bristol board, and then folded all the board up into the shape of the structure, like origami. The animation was created in Maya that included the virtual 3D model of the structure, and then mapped a projection of that animation onto the different faces of the structure, with matching animations on the screen behind it.

Fran originally learned how to do projection mapping at VIVO Media Arts Centre and has participated in our youth mentorship program. This piece was created for a class at SFU in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology. We have our next projection mapping workshop coming up in September which is taught by Stuart Ward. To learn more about the workshop, you can register via Eventbrite.